CBSE class 11 Biology Sample papers

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 08.  Define GLUT-4. What is its function?                                                                          

 Section – B

09.   Give out line classification of kingdom fungi.

 10.   Show the floral formula and floral diagram  of solanceae

 11.  Give the total number of pairs of motor and sensory nerves in a human being.

 12.  Give two examples of endomembarane  related cell organelle?  

13. The adenine in a DNA molecule is 10%, Find out the amount of guanine

 14. Why is Kreb’s cycle ?

15.  Describe the functions of the plastids.and name their types

16.  Draw the erythrocytic cycle of malarial parasite in a human being.  

OR Define & give example and some characteristic of chrysophytes.

17.   give the zoological name and phylum of any 5 animal. Give two unique feature of their phylum .                                                                         Section – C

18.  What are different types of neurons?

19.   How enzyme inhibitor affect the enzymes.How sulfa drugs help in inhibition of bacterial growth. 20.  What is meant by biological nitrogen fixation? Give chemical reaction of nitrogen conversion in to ammonia. Give role of leghemoglobin in nitrogen fixation

. 21` What is this phenomenon of lateral buds ?

22.   Why this plant is said to have dimorphic chloroplasts.

23.  What are ERV and IRV?

24.  Give the full form of ADH. Name the gland that secretes it.  What is the disease caused due to the failure of  its secretion? 25.  Where does the  Calvin cycle cycle takes place in a cell. 26. . Give two diagnostic  characters of chordata. OR What is  gymnosperms.?

Section – D

 27.  Describe various steps of cardiac cycle with reference of heart sounds.                                                                               OR What is stomata & define various theories related to it.

28.  (i) . Give one example of this vascular bundle.

(ii)  What are the functions of mast cell.

(iii)  Define cork?                                                                        

   OR What is the role of lymph heart in  circulation of lymph in the digestive system of a forg draw its diagram also ? There is no lymph heart in human being than how circulation of lymph takes place in human being.

29Describe the sequence of the events in mitosis. and elaborate it

OR Describe the electron microscope structure of biomembrane and the two models proposed to explain.                

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