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CBSE English sample paper for class 9

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4. ‘Using his power so evil will cease’:. Here ‘cease’ means……………….. a. begin b. become strong c. come to an end d. rule over everyone

5. A true leader is a man who possesses……………………………….. a. physical strength and daredevilry b. courage and conviction c. religious beliefs and faith d. strength and faith 15


Q4. Put the notice in a box. (4 marks)

Ashwani/ Aastha Sharma, in charge of the NSS Club of St. Andrew’s School, Kashipur, is asked to write a notice about a fair being organised by the club to collect articles & money for people affected by floods in Uttaranchal. The notice will be put up for students on the school notice board. Write the notice in around 40 words, including relevant details such as purpose of fair; kind of stalls-games, food etc; contributions accepted; fair timing etc. in your notice so that students may contribute generously. Do not give extra information.

Q5Write a paragraph based on the available data in 80-100 words. (6 marks)

Rising violence among youth is a cause for concern. A recent survey listed the reasons for this trend. Study the following graph showing causes for the growing violence against others and against self. 

Q6.Write an e-mail to your friend, describing your activities and telling him/her to join you when you go again this year, in about 150 words. (7 marks)

Last year, during your vacation, you went on an adventure camp that included activities like trekking, rafting, rock-climbing etc. 

Q7. write a the diary entry recalling the events at the birthday party. (8 marks) 

Manisha Jaiswal is a 15-year-old with an 8-year-old brother, Prabhat. Her mother, who really pampers Prabhat, insists Manisha take him along wherever she goes. Today, Prabhat accompanied Manisha to her friend, Nidhi’s birthday party, and to her embarrassment, misbehaved there. He spilt the cold drink on the sofa and threw a tantrum because he wanted to pull down the balloons. As Manisha, using ideas from the Unit ‘Childhood’ of your Main Course Book and your own ideas,  l growing needs l peer miralry l teenage problems l pressures


Q8. In the passage given below, some words are missing. Choose the correct word from the given options to complete the passage meaningfully. (½x8=4 marks)

The first test tube baby turtle (a) ___________ born last month in California. The story began (b) _________ a broken turtle egg (c) _________ on the seashore. Scientists (d) __________ to work carefully bringing up (e) ___________ baby turtle which has now (f) ___________. this winter the turtle (g). ___________ be returned (h) ___________ the sea.

(a) (i) was born (ii) were born (iii) is born (iv) are born
(b) (i) where (ii) which (iii) when (iv) who
(c) (i) is find (ii) was found (iii) are finding (iv) found
(d) (i) get (ii) are getting (iii) gets (iv) have got
(e) (i) a (ii) an (iii) are (iv) the
(f) (i) have grown (ii) is grown (iii) grown (iv) are grown
(g) (i) might (ii) could (iii) must (iv) would
(h) (i) to (ii) at (iii) in (iv) into

Q9. Using these notes complete the paragraph describing the famous Indian author R.K. Narayan by choosing from the given options. (1 × 4 = 4 marks)
R. K. Narayan l Birth-October 10, 1906, Chennai l Occupation-novelist, short-story writer l Father-headmaster l Brother-famous cartoonist, R.K. Laxman l Married-Rajam in 1939 l Notable work(s)-Swami and Friends l Died-May 13, 2001 (aged 94)

The famous novelist and short-story writer R.K. Narayan (a) …………………………………… His father (b) ……………………………………….. . His brother (c) ………………………………………. R.K. Laxman. In 1939 he married Rajam. One of (d) ………………………………………………….. Swami and Friends. He died on May 13, 2001 at the ripe age of ninety four.

(a) (i) was born in Chennai on October 10, 1906 (ii) born at Chennai on October 10, 1906 (iii) were born in Chennai on October 10, 1906 (iv) was born at Chennai in October 10, 1906
(b) (i) was a Headmaster (ii) was Headmaster (iii) was the Headmaster (iv) is a Headmaster
(c) (i) is a famous cartoonist (ii) is the famous cartoonist (iii) was the famous cartoonist (iv) was famous cartoonist
(d) (i) his notable work is (ii) his notable works are (iii) his notable works is (iv) his notable work is

Q10.Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences as shown. (1×4=4 marks)

streets /during/ can see/ slogans/ elections,/ supporters/ political parties/ the/ shouting /of/ in / we. During elections, we can see supporters of political parties shouting slogans in the streets.

a. on foot/ the/ greeting/ candidates/ walk/ the/ even / people.
b. opportunity/ they/ the/ of / catch/ shaking hands/ anyone/ meet/ they/ with.
c. their problems/ people/ their/ assure/ that / they / will / supporters.
d. to exercise/ votes / they/ candidates/ urge/them/ their/ in favour of their.

Q11. Read the conversation given below and complete the following passage by choosing the correct option. (4 marks)

Detective: What were you doing yesterday between 10-10.30 pm?
Bharat : I was walking my dog in the park.
Detective: Did you meet anyone in the park?
Bharat : I saw two men sitting on a bench.

The detective asked Bharat (a) ____________________________________. Manoj replied that (b) _______________________________________________. The detective then asked Bharat (c) ____________________________________________________ to which Bharat replied that (d) ______________________________________________________________________.

Q12. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction against the correct blank number in your answer sheet. The first one has been done for you as an example. (8x ½ = 4 marks) 

Incorrect Correct The passenger were waiting at e.g. (passenger passengers)
the station when five policemen rushing (a) ___________ ____________ into difference compartments of a (b) ___________ ____________ train. After sometimes one of them (c) ___________ ____________ comes out with two young men (d) ___________ ____________ and soon another policeman joined her. (e) ___________ ____________ The men which had been arrested (f) ___________ ____________ was been caught for a theft. (g) ___________ ____________ They had stealed two cars (h) ___________ ____________


Q13. A. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow by choosing the correct alternative. (3 marks)

I am beautiful pearls, plucked from the Crown of Ishtar by the daughter of Dawn To embellish the gardens.
1. What is being referred to as ‘pearls’ in the above lines?
a. rain drops b. flowers c. buds d. silver threads
2. Who is Ishtar?
a. Goddess of Dawn b. Goddess of Flowers c. Daughter of Dawn d. Goddess of Fertility
3. The two poetic devices used in the above lines are _______________
a. personification and allusion b. allusion and alliteration c. personification and metaphor d. simile and alliteration

Q13. B. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. (3 marks)

“Good-luck to you, Trevelyan,” I said. “And may you get the petunias for your princess!”
a. Who is being called Trevelyan? Why does he use this name?
b. What is the speaker’s tone at this time?
c. Who is the princess?

Q13. C. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. (3 marks)

‘Oh, Mon Dieu! It is hopeless, hopeless. We shall have nothing left. His estate is sold, his savings have gone. His furniture, everything. Were it not for my little dot we should starve! And now my beautiful-beautiful (sob) saltcellars. Ah, it is too much, too much.’
(a) Who speaks these lines? Who is she speaking about? (1)
(b) Why does the speaker say they will have nothing left? (1)
(c) What does ‘dot’ mean? (1)

Q14. Answer any four of the following questions. (2 x 4=8 marks)

(a) In what sense are men and women merely players on the stage of life?
(b) ‘Corporal Turnbull was a young man, but he was not a man to be trifled with’. Comment.
(c) “And another thing I call rotten is you having kept it from me all this time that you were ‘Young Porky,’ pa”. Bring out the irony in the above statement.
(d) What did the poet do in earlier days that has led to tooth decay?
(e) In what way is Rain’s coming to earth pleasure mixed with sorrow?

Q15. Compare and contrast the characters of John Pescud and the narrator in “The Best Seller.” (8 marks) Or Write an autobiography of rain. 

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