Delhi Rape Case Justice ?

Dec 21 • Group Discussion, Opinion • 4733 Views • 377 Comments on Delhi Rape Case Justice ?

Delhi Rape Case Justice

I think that hanging till death is not sufficient punishment because 3 out of those six criminal want that punishment,and if we give this to them it is like fulfill their will. i think made them impotent is quite good punishment and after some year of pain then we can give this punishment for end of those life.

violence on indian women

rape cases increasing

I know that the parents of that girl want a hard cruel punishment for those criminal and the whole world also want it so the punishment should be very cruel.

i want to now that how many of you are agreed with me or who is not and why with your opinion.

Some thing more needs to be done , it should not remain just delhi rape case , It should become an example for every one who feels wemen as there dolls but , DO Indian wemen also need to understand “Freedom comes with responsibility”

Adding to above point there can be a contradictory statement as well and that can be as Follows

Indian women are them selves responsible for current situation of theres and Now government is adding more to it

All women Auto

All women Bus

All women Train

All women BAnk

All women Post office  , what more?

This Topic has been of very High Important in different public Service Commission Exam like that of UPSC,RAS,BPSC, and MPBSC etc. As Essay Topic. 

This is not going to help , women in India need to check there attitude , I would ask what Nirbhahaya was doing at 11 PM in Night . How can we forget that Man is a social animal , we are not robots and if there is fire , we need to take a different route. Shouting for law and order problem for JUST women can not be a solution. No only women are suppressed but even men are suppressed by women , who will protect them??????????????

Again , This time a 5 year baby was raped brutally. What has happened to society , what we are upto , what we want from this. I donot understand.

Sushma swaraj wants to hang all and Javed Akhtar does not understand how westernization is responsible for this.

We do not understand importance of moral science. We need to those moral science books back.

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377 Responses to Delhi Rape Case Justice ?

  1. sakshi chaudhary says:

    Their should be no better option for them other than hanging them till death….and should be viewed across the country with the help of the media so that nobody will even think of doing such an criminal offence……

  2. Sayantika basu says:

    the rapists should go through the same pain as the victim

  3. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    i think its the worst crime i hav ever came to know. the culprits must be handed over to the public . Punishments like hang till death would be a very easy one . The rule must be made keeping in mind that those who make their mind to do these kind of shameless activity must think twice n more.

  4. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Totally agree with the statement given above..To hang them till death should not be sufficient for those spoiled evil monsters.Firstly to make them impotent and them hang them will be the good punishment for them .It was totally disgusting act by them and this act is followed in Bhubaneswar few days back. don’t no why there is so late decision is taken by government to declare their punishment.Their identity must not be kept hidden and they should be punished as soon as possible. !!!!!

  5. patlakshi says:

    Delhi rape case is the clear cut example of that INDEED WE ARE NOT AT ALL GOOD INDIAN CITIZEN. This cruelsome or i would not be wrong if i say this shameful act of those 6 people has made us realise that still our country do not respect girls , and for them we are just a mere toy by which they can do anything they want to. The culprits should be punished and punishment should be highly brutal by which no one would ever think of this evil act. One must realise that girls are not PARAYADHAN but RASHTRADHAN. This is the time where govt. must take some action and punish them who are responsible for ruining the life of young girl. This is the wake up cal India. WAKE UP INDIA!!! WAKE UP.

    • I do agree with u Patlakshi, criminal was also Indian. Actually it’s not only the rape case, It’s a harm of our culture. That’s is the girl who is suffering from the rape was alone, No one can listen her crime. now it’s duty not only of government but also of us that we stop that crime from base. Now we should stop to watch the movies just like Dabang and start to read Geeta, Mahabharat, Ramayan ect.

      • Dileep Jat says:

        I do agree with u Patlakshi, criminal was also Indian.
        one can listen her crime. now it’s duty not only of government but also of us that we stop

    • For me this is the shamefull situation for indian government and indian citizen too.And to come out with this situation all six rapist should be punished.And for them capital punishment is not the answer.To make this as a benchmark for others rapist they should be made imfertile and there faces should be broadcasted on each single T.V channels,So that others should know about it.And government should made fast track court for such cases,so that the criminal feel guilty about the thing they have done.

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