Difference between DBMS and File Management System

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Following are the questions and answers based on the difference between DBMS and file management system-

Ques 1. Define dbms and file management system ?
Ans- Database management system (DBMS) is a collection of interrelated data and a set of programs to access those data. Some of the very well known DBMS are Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, dBASE, FoxPro, IBM dB2, SQLite etc.

A file management system is an abstraction to store, retrieve, management and update a set of files. A File Management System keep track on the files and also manage them. Let’s take an example of hierarchical Management System using its directories manage the different files in a tree structure.

File Management Systems and DBMS

DBMS and File Management

Ques 2. What are the disadvantages of file management system over DBMS ?
Ans- The disadvantages of file management systems over DBMS are:
a) Data redundancy and inconsistency
b) Difficulty in accessing data
c) Data isolation
d) Integrity problems
e) Atomicity problems
f) Concurrent access anomalies

Ques 3.  Which have more quick response DBMS or file management system ? how ?
Ans- Fast response to information requests: Because data are integrated into a single database,
complex requests can be handled much more rapidly if the data were located in separate,
non-integrated files. In many businesses, faster response means better customer service.

Ques 4. How DBMS provide program data insulation and data abstraction?
Ans- DBMS provide following levels of data abstraction
a) Physical level
b) logical level
c) view level

Ques 5. Is there any difference between DBMS and file management system in terms of ACID properties?
Ans- DBMS ensures data integrity by managing transactions through ACID test = atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability. While such integrity is absent in file management system.

Ques 6. What are the advantages of DBMS over file management system ?
Ans- The advantages of DBMS over file management system are:
a) Control redundancy
b) Restrict unauthorized access
c) Provide multiple user interfaces
d) Enforce integrity constraints.
e) Provide backup and recover

Ques 7. What are basic differences between DBMS and file management system ?
Ans- These are basic differences between DBMS and file management
1) Flexibility
2) Fast response to information requests
3) Multiple access
4) Lower user training costs
5) Less storage

Ques 8. Is there any goal differences in file management system and DBMS ?
Ans- Following are the goal differences between File Management System and DBMS-
1) Data Management- An FMS should provide data management services to the application. Generality with respect to storage devices. The FMS data abstractions and access methods should remain unchanged irrespective of the devices involved in data storage.
2) Validity- An FMS should guarantee that at any given moment the stored data reflect the operations performed on them.
3) Protection- Illegal or potentially dangerous operations on the data should be controlled by the FMS.
4) Concurrency- In multiprogramming systems, concurrent access to the data should be allowed with minimal differences.
5) Performance- Compromise data access speed and data transfer rate with functionality.

Ques 9. Which one take utilization of resources DBMS or file management system and how ?
Ans- Database is multi user and provides utilization of resources whereas in file management there is no utilization of resources.

Ques 10. How data redundancy is controlled in DBMS while not in file management system ?
Ans- It reduces data redundancy (duplication of data) and maximizes database integrity (data without errors). So DBMS is less redundant than file management system.

You can also download these interview questions on DBMS Vs File Management System in pdf from here Interview Questions and Answers on Difference between DBMS and File Management System.pdf

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