Business Ethics – An Outlook

Feb 5 • Group Discussion • 3018 Views • 16 Comments on Business Ethics – An Outlook

Ethic is one of the most important things. To set up any kind of business, the basic thing that one needs to understand is the client need and happiness.

Ethics are an integral part of any business association that seeks to survive and increase in the long run.  Business ethics are the base of  any good  corporate  culture.  If going ethical you can no longer stay on that top position.

Nowadays business is going business for business they don’t have ethics in their business. Many  corporate giants  will be  unethical in  one or the other  way and would add numbers to the revenues just to get more exposure or increases sales.

Ethics is not at all a passing fashion in business. Because every business runs on the consistency of customers on their product. A business man can earn profit with unethical rules of their business but only for a short time. Trust of customers totally depends on Ethics. Unethical things may work for short term profit but for long term profit business should follow ethics.

Being ethical should always be fire in the heart of a business men in the business world and also other people which helps in building a slight but the most important relations and people which is quite indispensable for the expansion of an organization.
Ethics is a concealed and always driving force for every corporate individual which can be proved through the development we gain till now in business sector. So ethics is never a passing fashion.


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16 Responses to Business Ethics – An Outlook

  1. Ethical means doing what is morally right.Behaving ethically in business is widely regarded as good business practice.

  2. following ethics in business is a essential thing. but nowadays most of them not consider about ethics.

  3. Dinesh says:

    To me now a days those who think differently is the one who reach the landmark called as SUCCESS

    so following the ethics is not going to help any current businessman to survive in the market, so they have to think differently (out of the ethics) ,that means they have to create their own ethics with the knowledge of experience

    so day by day the new ethics are coming up by overtaking the older ones so definitely it’s a passing fashion

  4. without ethics they can grow more but sure they will fall soon… great person in business markets follow the ethics

  5. patlakshi says:

    No, its just not mere fashion its creates healthy environment that help the one to work efficiently.

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