Indian Education System Needs Serious Reforms

Jan 25 • Opinion • 11707 Views • 55 Comments on Indian Education System Needs Serious Reforms

Indian Education System Needs Serious Reforms

Our Indian  Education System needs serious reforms and changes. India needs reforms from basic itself. The preferred choice of learning is memorizing facts. Here to judge the student’s talent has only one parameter i.e. percentage in board examination. So students just mug up and indeed Indian education is spoon feeding.

Indian education system

Need for reforms in education system

There is no practical knowledge in our education system. Our education system mainly focuses on theoretical knowledge. Some basic theoretical knowledge is needed but our education system focuses more on the theoretical knowledge. The Indian education and social systems are very hard on kids and completely ignore their feelings, opinions and ambitions. Kids are pushed to study from the age of 3. Non performers are treated as dolts and ostracized by parents and society. My opinion is this, our education must be all round developer. It should be based on creative rather than mugging. Practical or Visualize education must be promoted.

In India we say IIT’s and IIM’s are the best institutions. To get admissions in these institutions one has to do lot of hard work all throughout days and nights. Those who get admissions in these institutions, it’s a boon to them.

But if we consider the global level, where do these institutions stand??

According to “THE TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION” only two institutions in India are among the top 200 universities. They are IIT-Delhi at 154th rank and IIT-Bombay at 174th rank . No other universities from India, whereas in United States, there are 58 universities in that list and Harvard University at the top most. In UK, there are 29 universities, in china there are 8 and in Japan there are 9 universities.

There was a joke to describe the situation of Indian Education System –

A student is sitting idly in class while others are furiously jotting down the professor’s words.

Professor:  why are you not taking notes??

Student: I already have it from my grandfather.

What I m trying to tell is we are following the same algorithm again and again. And  we are expecting a wonderful result. If we want to get the desired output, we have to make changes in that algorithm and execute it. Or else we will keep on saying that India is a developing country.

To put in a nutshell –

India Reforming its education will become Developed from Developing.

Indian Education system in needs serious reforms and the steps that should be undertaken are:

  • Despite having the desire and skills, thousands of students in the country were not able to pursue higher education. Only 15 per cent of the students in the country have access to higher education. This situation should change. The Central and State governments should work towards making the higher education accessible to all.
  • The varsities were burdened with the conduct of examinations, evaluation and publication of results. This needs a change. The universities should take up more research, publish research papers and bring in more innovative technologies.
  • According to a global survey conducted in 74 countries, India was ranked 73rd in terms of quality of education, while China got the top spot. We need to do more to improve the quality of our school education.

Thus, it is high time that we take certain steps immediately so that not only the level of education is increased which will enhance an individual’s knowledge but also it will in turn lead to the up liftman of the country that we really need and certainly India will become one of the best in terms of education and soon it will be a developed nation. Hence, it can be rightly said that Indian Education System Needs Serious Reforms.

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55 Responses to Indian Education System Needs Serious Reforms

  1. Atul Kumar Shukla says:

    Yes this is the time to ammendment of education system today.Today in education system the institutions wants to keep the records of good result anyway so that they provide only theory knowledge not practicals an etc.
    This system can not enhance the talant and skills of students,so that they should be change the environment of current system of education and this will help to upgrade the education system.

  2. sakshi chaudhary says:

    yes, I too agree with the fact that India education system need a reformation….students in our education system are always ready to run after marks and percentage rather than learning new thing ,,,,and students are not really responsible for this. our society,parents,neighbour force them to adopt this nature of running after marks and percentage…..As one who got good marks is assumed to be more intelligent as compared to other!!!!!
    such students have only bookish knowledge and they even dont know how to use them in practical life and its not a good thing so it must require an improvement…..

  3. patlakshi says:

    Yes i do think education system should be reformed. Nowadays educations system is nothing but a mere business. scrutinizing has become more important than learning. The general education system is focused only on examinations rather than training students for the future and really testing their knowledge. Because of this, students are forced to take tests that show only their retention powers, not their actual capacity or knowledge. So engineers today cannot do actual work in technology and doctors do not go to people who need their services.

  4. absolutely correct………gov should take serious action for that..

  5. Indian eduation system is poorely affected by the politics and the people who r sitting behind the curtain wil never try to reform the system only they wil give us reservation rather than any improvement.when we were studying in high school we never know our frnds belongs from which caste until n unles they pay les fee and other relaxation thn others.
    India needs a strong revolution where candidates should be judged by their merit nt by religion and govt should open more number of world clas institue n universities against the top most universities of world.we are eagerly waiting for the day when there is no any need to migrate marvellous students frm here n people come here frm other countries for pursuing their higher studies and research like USA, UK n other countries.

    • Indian education system defin8ly without a doubt needs reforms. but we cannot expect such things to happen overnight. our education should be more practical based. n politics should be kept away 4m it. nw a days education in india z da best business and this is wat z harming us adversely. the quota system for example, the reservation in my opinion should b made 4 d underprivileged students rather than the reservation being barely based on a person’s caste!

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