Is Backwardness consequence of our Political System or its other way round

Dec 16 • Opinion • 2300 Views • 77 Comments on Is Backwardness consequence of our Political System or its other way round

Is Backwardness consequence of our Political System or its other way round

Backwardness of our country is not totally the consequence of our political system after all we get the political environment as we are. Our leaders come from us only so to blame politician is easiest methodology we have adopted for.

After the dawn of independence the economic and growth of our country was the major issue for our country and  after the globalization  it was a major concern. But at that time we have not at the survival position.

If we talk about the last two decades The system of coalition government especially has initiated a new tactics of saving the government rather than reviving the country. India has enough potential to grow but its leaders have even bigger bellies than that. Our political system dilutes the accountability and parties blame each other for any mis governance. But at the same time I would like to point out that the mindset and awareness of citizens also play a significant role in any country’s growth. In India most of the people treat themselves as just a statistics on a census chart and keep blaming politician for every small issue. They must understand their importance. I believe ctive and justified use of the political right given to citizens can improve country’s growth.

We can’t just blame the political system. We can see the present situation of voters who have no choice to elect better among the candidates for their constituency. Certain reforms should be brought such that the candidate stood for election shouldn’t have at-least a single case filed against him and investigating agencies like CBI should be given autonomous power as against under control under government. We can see many CBI cases haven’t been solved yet due to peer political pressure under the vested interests of the leaders. So we have to wake up and strive to take up an oath to remove corruption at the root level and thus ensuring the development of the country.

Our politics is not corrupt but who leads they are corrupt. Politics is a weapon that we can fight to corruption. Because if you are in politics so you are free their, only you have to give a command not request. So my point is if your honest and faith full and have the quality to lead the nation so from that place you can do it very well because our nation want to best and honest leader who can lead to our country.

A system is as good as the people manning the system. The people manning a system are as good as the principles a society holds dear. If the public holds dear to their hearts TRUTH and good values as much as Mahatma Gandhi did then our nation would not have faced separation and then wars and the politics would have run keeping the dirt out.

And the conclusion arises from all of that we can not just blame our politics or politician but a normal citizen can understand their responsibility towards our nation to build it corruption free, developed and try to move it to a new path of success.

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77 Responses to Is Backwardness consequence of our Political System or its other way round

  1. Jaita Saha says:

    i think they are interrelated

  2. Bharti Pandey says:

    I dnt think its really our political system responsible for it…..But it is we as individual .As we are only reponsible for making them what they r…..Are we dumb to not realize what they are doing to us … playing party politics to win over votes….Hope we realize our reponsibility guyyyyyyzzzz……Really appreciate this article….can prove to be an eyeopener:))

  3. patlakshi says:

    Whether it be corruption, dishonesty each and every time we blame our political system. But we fail to accept that our political system is made by us only . So whatever happens we are only responsible for it. And if it is the case of backwardness then i think our education system is more responsible than our political .Because more no of people living in rural areas are illeterate.

  4. astha vaish says:

    No, Backwardness of our country is not totally the consequence of our political system…other factors are also responsible for this…

  5. Isita Pal says:

    its informative…..

    • Poor Political System, a consequence of Backwardness
      A Politician gets his Seat because of votes, votes given by us, the Indian Citizens. If we would remain backward and unaware about the person we are voting for, then only our country’s control will fall into wrong hands. And then comes the other way around, these wrong persons making the country go towards backward direction.
      On the other side : a well aware citizen will vote for the right person, or in some case will himself stand for the responsibility to take the charge in his own hands.
      Consequently, the system will work efficiently and give an exponential rise to the country’s growth.

    • yes…. the consequence behind the backwardness for our country is our politician…..
      our country was the best ruled colony of britishers in 18’s .it was having the largest railway line in world,it was the largest producer of wheat and tea…. but what happened after our independence it was just the rulers change and they (our politician) was unable to cope up with that. the country was same,the people was same only the change was the 1947 jahawarlal nheru become our 1st prime minister dividing the country in two nation(india and pakistan).he has declared jammu kashmir as independent state which has given both the nation terrorism and still there are no ways to resolve the issue….. crime rates are increasing per year and our goverment has no control on it…
      and i thionk today individual is performing his duty well than in delhi gang rape our huge crowd emerged on road and india gate but goverment has respond to none …. the victim has given her statement the criminal were caught but still waitin for what….
      so… our leader(politician) yes…. they are the people responsible for country backwardness…

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