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Some practise questions for GK are:

  1. One picture would be given asking who is the artist?
  2. In 1992 the world’s final was won by whom?
  3. Which country achieved 0% growth rate?
  4. In which year Mother Teresa was born?
  5. In which country the European parliament meet?

Reasoning Questions include:

  1. Permutations and combination
  2. Mirror image
  3. Blood relations
  4. One passage with two questions
  5. Sentence making and assumptions
  6. Find the missing number
  7. Number Series

Technical Questions would be like:

  1. Switching theory
  2. Network design
  3. Circuit diagrams
  4. Digital and analog signals
  5. Which one is false?
  6. If the mean for failure hour is 10,000 and 20 is the mean for the repair hour.If the printer has been used by 120 customer,then find its availability?
  7. You are given two arrays that are sorted find the kth maximum element in both?
  8. What is the method of finding the next ancestor in a binary search tree?
  9. How efficiently can million integers be sorted?

Interview questions for HAL:

I.            Introduce yourself briefly?

II.            Tell us about your projects?

III.            What are your hobbies?

IV.            Something related to programming?

V.            What are your strengths and weaknesses?

For clearing the written test one need to be skilled in technical questions. In this placement drive more weightage is given to the written test then to the personal interview because here they give importance to your academic  knowledge. All these guidelines can help in throwing light for aspirants.

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  3. Dinesh says:

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