Question Papers of Class 12th Physics

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This is the paper pattern of the board physics question papers. Now, let’s move on to the questions in the question papers. But before starting to attempt the question paper in your exam, you need to read the general instructions given carefully first.

*Attempt all the objective type questions given below each of 1 Mark.

Q.1 What is the quality factor of series L-R circuit?

a) Q=WLR
b) Q=RW/L
c) Q=WL/R
d) Q=R/WL

Q.2 Which gate makes all gates?

a) AND
b) OR
d) NOT

Q.3 Which capacitor is polarity dependent?

a) Ceramic
b) Electrolytic
C) Film capacitor
d) Both b and c

Q.4 Which Bridge Measure Resistance in Medium Range?

a) Kelvin Bridge
b) Ohms
c) Wheat stone
d) Both c and b

Q. 5 Which Gate is also known as Single Bubbled Ex-or Gate?

b) EX-OR

*Attempt 8 out of 10 questions from the following each of 5 marks.

Q.1 Explain any 2 out of the following 3 terms.

a) Zener Diode
b) Tunnel Diode
c) Led

Q.2 Explain Laws of Reflection.

Q.3 Explain Polarisation?

Q.4 Differentiate between Concave and Convex Lens?

Q.5 What do you mean by Drift Velocity?

Q.6 Draw i-v characteristics of p-n diode in both mode?

Q.7 Explain in brief the Application of Gauss Law?

Q.8 Explain Self and Mutual Induction?

Q.9 Derive the derivation for Point Charge?

Q.10 Explain the Biot Savart Law and its application.

*Attempt 3 out of 4 questions given below each of 10 marks;

Q.1 What do you mean by Cyclotron and list its uses?

Q.2 Explain Van de Graaff generator With Neat and Clean Diagram?

Q.3 Explain Ruther and Bohr Model.

Q.4 What do you mean by Optical Fibre And state its uses?

So here we are with this Class 12 Physics sample paper for different board. Now, if you want to download the sample board question paper of Physics in pdf, click this Class 12 Physics Board Question Paper.pdf

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  1. zulfiqar ali says:

    electrical appliances like generators ,transformer and motors ets

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    10 years isc question papers

  3. Solve this paper. It will be very helpful for 12th board students. However, 12th board exams is going to an end.
    “>Karnataka Board PUC Result 2015 (12th class result) will be declared in May month. Wait for result and best of luck for all to their results.

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