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All the question are of the 20 marks and attempt any five questions selecting at least one from each unit :


Question 1 What is production technology? brief the application of it in the industries and relate it to the new advance manufacturing technology.

Question 2 – How the lathe is specified? List the operation performed in the lathe and the precautions can be taken to avoid the failure in the design of a lathe.

UNIT- 2                                     

Question 3- What is the molding process and explain the difference between the sand molding and  injection or pressure molding and also state the advantage and disadvantages of the both processes by taking the suitable examples.

Question 4- Discuss the effect of the cutting speed , feed rate , and the geometry of the tools in the material removal process. give the example of the geometry of the twist drill and mention the process of calculating the power in the drilling operation.


Question 5- What is the Taylor equation of tool life ? Discuss the mechanism of tool wear and suggest the modification if possible in the Taylor equation relating it with the modern equation of the tool life.

Question 6- What are comparators? Describe the Principle and working of the electrical comparators . State clearly the advantages, limitation and application of the comparators.

UNIT – 4

Question 7- Discuss the various type of the chip formations during the metal cutting process and give the reasons that why the discontinuous chips are preferred over the continuous chips. and more over explain the discontinuous chips with built up edges.

PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGYQuestion 8- What is the use of the sine bar in measuring the taper angels of taper plug gauges with the help of a neat sketch. Describe the working principle of it . Give the limitations and application of the sine bar  and state the the difference from the other devices and also give the examples for the same to justify your answer.

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  1. Sample papers are very much helpful. Important questions are mentioned this helps us to a greater extent.

  2. sample papers are always a real help in the time of exams.. And as far as this subject is considered these questions are important and this may also help some students to test their knowledge who are not actually giving the exams.

    • This is a good practice to solve the sample question papers before the exam. And I liked the sample paper-production technology-1. It is definitely going to be of great help. But i have just one question….where are the questions of unit-5.

  3. Production engineering is really a very good career prospects for those interested in industrial jobs or in production sectors. This set of questions is helpful for the mechanical students aspiring to be in core sectors.

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