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SC/ST/OBC Reservation or any reservation on basis of caste system can be a matter of regular discussion but here are consequences which you may enjoy . One man behind this reservation was
Mr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who brought reservation that converse one caste to another. Reservation is a platform for certain section of society to help them grow at par others, and that step become the advantage for the politicians who don’t care about the very section but of their vote banks. Instead of Uniting India these tactics divide the nation among religion, caste and geographical basis and thus creating vote banks.

According to Wipro Chairman Mr. Azim Premji on reservation that.
He said “we have to adopt the job reservation in all other fields too. I really support PM and the other politicians for promoting such reservation issue for job.” Reservation SC/ST/OBC

Lets start job reservation with our Indian cricket team. 

what do you think about reservation

Is Reservation right for our country

  • 10%reservation for Muslim.
  • 30% reservation for SC/ST/OBC.
  • And thus rules of cricket should be modified.
  • Boundary circle for SC/ST player should be reduced. 
  • The hit shot which is 4 should be considered as 6. and a shot which is 6 should be taken as 8 runs.
  • SC/ST/OBC players scored 60 runs taken as Century. Likewise fast bowler like SHOAIB AKHTER should not bowls fast for SC/ST/OBC Player. Bowler can bowl maximum speed of 80 km/hr . For SC/ST/OBC delivery above this speed should be made illegal and signed as no ball.


  • I think it should not end here only rather while technological development if we reach on moon , we will claim that due to 60% reservation amongst our scientists we reached moon else we would have been at Mars.
  • Reservation must be also for doctors while treating patient , a dentist may be allowed to break 40% of patients tooth.
  • If by any means reservation have to be allowed then It should only be on the basis of economical background of a candidate not on basis of any caste

“Lets show the word that INDIA is a great Country, and lets be proud of being an Indian.”

We value your suggestions, feel free to comment below. Write your views through the suggestion and India to grow.

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  1. roshani mishra says:

    Reservation affect both people…that is the people without reservation and the people with reservation…

  2. mankeshwar tripathi says:

    Instead of giving reservations and playing slushy “vote-bank politics” the government should bolster the education system of school so that in future there is no need for any reservation!!!!!!!

  3. sakshi chaudhary says:

    reservation is not good by seeing the current status of INDIA,as their are few people who really need the reservation but our politicians uses this card for vote and this is bad and it should be stopped by considering
    as all the Indians are equal.

  4. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Truly said reservation in INDIA is not at all good .. It is just like kicking a deserving candidate out. This kind of rules should be stopped ASAP . Proper judgement should be performance based not caste based…..!!!!!!!!

    • Reservation is not good as we know but reservation can not be stopped because reservation is approved by government that their politician effect can remain consistently. Nobody want to loose his seat and it consistently increased. I think, in future people will be fight with each other, and government can’t be stopped them and that will be the solution. So government should stop that.

  5. patlakshi says:

    reservation should be banned because in this way we are really cutting out the real talent. Instead of hiring the people based upon their capability and potentialities we are judging them according to their religion, caste etc which is not good.

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