Showing Violence and Crimes should not be Allowed in Films and TV

Feb 10 • Group Discussion • 2988 Views • 38 Comments on Showing Violence and Crimes should not be Allowed in Films and TV

Violence Should Not be Shown on Television

Some people believe violent movies and games should be banned but I personally believe violent movies and games should be allowed with guidance and warnings for different ages. For example a game or a movie normally has age limits, but parents must take care that their children don’t use movies and games that are not approved to use them.

Violence on TV

Violence on TV

Some people say that playing violent games or watching violent movies cause real violence. For example, if a young person comes and kills or injures someone in school or anywhere people might think that there bad behavior is the effect of playing violent games. But the important thing is that we should n’t punish the majority because of the action of a few. Violence movies and games should not be banned and it must be regulated although I think it has already been regulated. In addition, the point is that parents can’t blame the fast food industry for their inability to raise their child to be healthy, should they ban the adverts? Nowadays, most parents blame everything else except their inabilities of being good parents for their children problems.

Obviously it is clear that everyone could present a good argument about the affects of violent games and movies on children’s brain but do you think if you ban violence movies and games, how can you show the history of dictators such as Hitler? Also, how could you explain what terrorists are? In my opinion, if we ban the violence we lose a lot of things that might have benefits for us. Banning movies and games is cleaning the problem. It is better to solve the problem and not to clean it.

Group discussions

Showing Violence on TV should be banned

Finally Kids and teens use video games as recreation, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In some games they get ideas about how war is like, and some violence, like Pokemon games, are actually fantasy violence and should NOT be banned. With banning these games, video games companies might lose their jobs. In conclusion, banning violent movies and games is cleaning the problem and if governments ban it, a lot of companies will lose their jobs. Also the majority of people will lose their entertainment because of a few. In addition, for exploring the history and a lot of other beneficial things we need use violence in movies. At the end I recommend that it is better to not ban violence movies and games, only try to regulate the movies and let people decide about what they want to do.

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38 Responses to Showing Violence and Crimes should not be Allowed in Films and TV

  1. Watching violent movies is not the only reason for all the crimes and violence but it is one of the reason for the crime and violence. But doing the movies ban can not be the solve.. parents should restrict their children to watch the violent movies or games. .

  2. Banning the violent movies and games can change the people to do the worst job???NO its never possible.Before the adult age the parents should be careful their children are not watching this.In movies its is important to show violence if needed to make it realistic and to make it popular.But it should have a limit.In any movie or game crosses the limit then it should be banned.

  3. It’s unfair to entirely pass the buck on movies or television for depicting violence and crimes.It is the demand of the subject and the director has to introduce it as to make the plot appear realistic.There have been movies on patriotism and some epics like Mahabharat and Ramayan where you cannot do justice with the stories sans violence.It is the mindset of people that need to be changed to assimilate with the new environment.
    Obviously,excessiveness of anything can’t be entertained, and so there is censor board to keep the check on such proceedings.If it is found that it may hamper the tranquility of society, the censor board immediately snips such scenes.We see children being moulded on what they are fed,not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.Their tastes are built by what they are exposed to.Superficial forms of entertainment are always quickly digested,just like junk food.A healthy,balanced diet of wholesome entertainment is the need of the hour.

  4. Abhinav Shrivastava says:

    Yes….. I completly agree with this….all the movies and action game shuold be allowed as per the different age limit….i think this will play an important role for the non-voilence atmoshphere.

  5. yes ! it is similar to the movies we see.Every movie is given a different certificate so censorship of crime scenes is not the solution rather people should be sensitized!

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