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Top Group Discussion Topics for Placement with tips and guidelines

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It is an activity of a group of 8 to 10 members which is conducted for 15-20 minutes. A topic is given for discussion to the members and GD is designed to Exchange thoughts and ideas of different members of different background and academic disciples over a concern topic.Now a days GD’s have become the essential part of placement criteria. It has now become the most useful tool to screen the candidates’ judge their potential as well as skills. By group discussions one can judge the candidate on the basis of a team player, leadership qualities, solution skills, Group dynamics, communication skills etc.

Basic Rules & Guidelines 

Placement Group Discussion Topics

Top Group Discussion Topics and Rules

  1. You must be loud and clear in your voice but should not shout.
  2. You must communicate and express your thoughts and views effectively.
  3. Don’t be harsh to the other members.
  4. Always be polite in your tone and try to convince members
  5. Don’t interrupt while others are speaking
  6. Listen carefully while others speaking.
  7. Never point fingers toward the participants.
  8. Never indicate the participants name.
  9. Never argue with other members present.

In this section, We have provided some of the GD topics which are asked during placement or during admission to Management colleges. Still if it contains any error please do let us know through your comments. Any type of suggestions will be highly appreciated.

To remain updated about up coming exams for job or any college prep , updated question papers and other JOB/CAT etc exams or any other exams where GD or interview is key to get through , you can join our group on whats app at 8130802212 or call 01143560050 or

Top Group Discussion topics : 

  • Aviation require better engineer or management : This topic is related to the latest crisis in the aviation sector. This kind of topic are related to the management practices and are solution seeking and problem finder.

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  • Save Wildlife-Need of the hour :  This kind of topics are suggestion type one asking suggestions about how to solve the problem. One can judge the participants as a social and rational being.
  • Flexibility of labor laws is the key to attracting more FDI :  These topic are related to the general knowledge of the participants which is judged in this kind of discussions.
  • Engineers Joining Management Is A National Waste : This kind of topic is given in the interviews specially foe technical students to judge their thinking over the efficiency of the work they can do.
  • We are not serious about saving Wildlife  : These topic is related to the General awareness which would help the members to know their views and also can be helpful for the audience.
  • Liberalization is leading to jobless growth : This is the important group discussion as it put down its concentration over recruiting the candidates for the job.
  • Business Ethics – An Outlook  : This GD topic would help the interviewer to judge the candidates on their strategy and tactics to handle the problem.
  • How To Deal With International Terrorism : This being the most important GD topic as it related to the problem that the whole world is facing. One must posses a very clear and concise data as by this kind of topic the interviewer judge the candidates on the data provided by them.
  • Is Management An Art or Science : This being the most common topic for the management candidate as it show the quality of candidate for being diplomatic in their response.
  • Religion is a Private Affair : By this kind of GD topics the interviewer turn toward the social being of the candidates and judge the candidate as rational being and broadness of the being in sense of religion.
  • The Objective of Management is to maximize profit : This is topic related to ask for the opinion of the candidates regarding the topic and looking for how they can justify their statements. So, that the interviewer can judge the candidates on the basis of the explanation of the situation.
  • Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience : This kind of topic is specially given in the interviews for the management entrance and as well as management placements to check their qualities for communicating what they know.
  • Are co-operatives relevant in today’s globalized environment :  This is a topic related to rural areas and based on the general knowledge and skills of the candidates.
  • Peace and Nonviolence is an outdated concept? : This kind of topic is given by the interviewer for getting the candidates screen of being constructive or destructive type of nature as a rational being.
  • Foreign Aid – An Addictive Drug :  A strong topic to test the knowledge levels of the candidates on the foreign policies and their effects on the lay man.
  • Economic freedom -Road to growth and prosperity :  Topic is given to check the knowledge of the candidates regarding the economical condition of the Country and policies to solve the economic crisis which check their decision making and leadership qualities.
  • Is the budgeting exercise of any use : This kind of topic helps the interviewer to screen the candidates on the basis on their knowledge and about the problem solving techniques.
  • Utilization of Privatization Proceeds : This topic is especially given to the students who are studying master’s as to screen them for being a efficient user or and effective user to the situation.
  • Indian Philosophy In The World : This kind of topics helps the interviewer to screen the students according to their knowledge levels.
  • Football Means To India : This topic helps the candidates to reveal their inner potential of being a knowledgeable being and participate actively to be a good team player.
  • Machine Over Man Or Man Over Machine : As a era of industrialization and its automation this topic helps the interviewer to screen the students on the basis of their leadership qualities and the efficient or effective build up of their mind set.
  • Indian Premier League- Has cricket lost its essence?  :  This is being the most burning issues for the recent few days as of being the spot fixing problem. this topic helps to reveal the knowledge level of the candidates and their thinking procedure to handle the problem.
  • CRITICISM IS GOOD :  This kind of topic gives the interviewer to screen the candidates knowledge on the basis of constructive or destructive thought and the behavior of the candidates regarding the thought of others. One must posses an optimistic thought to over come this type of group discussions.
  • Why women are paid less salary: Recently discussion have started on payment of salary to women , point is equal pay for equal work but EQUAL WORK. Payment is governed by market not by any company , you are paid for your contribution towards work not for mere attendance.

  • Article 370 for J&K: Article 370 has always been topic of discussion in India due to surplus power given to J&K on cost of public money from other part of country. Still J&K , the place of traitors does not certify India. Article 370 has been topic of group discussion and has been few top gd topics in job and college admissions, we have tried to discuss Artilce 370 for students here.

We try to keep you updated on group discussion topics being asked in exams of colleges or jobs but then even we know that we would have missed few important group discussion topics , if you think we are missing on any GD topic which you want from us please let us know by writing in comment section at bottom of this page. We will try to bring those topics of group discussion ASAP with your help. This help of your can be of help for many. Let Us Know what you want.

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Users can suggest any topic of their interest, will provide you the best.

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15 Responses to Top Group Discussion Topics for Placement with tips and guidelines

  1. But wanna input that you have a very decent web site , I like the pattern it actually stands out.

  2. akshay says:

    Great group discussion tips. Simple to follow and help most of the students preparing for cracking the interviews for job placement will get the advantage from this blog.
    Thank you

  3. Just wanna tell that this is invaluable , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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