10 Last minutesTips for SBI PO prelims 2018

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10 Last minutesTips for SBI PO prelims

hey guys, SBI PO Prelims is about to come. Today we will be sharing 10 Last  Last Minutes Tips For SBI PO Prelims.As we all know that the last operation plays important role for any examination. Preparing Last time with your understanding of the real skill tested in previous year  SBI PO Exam will help you alot to upgrade your score well.

1. Go through the exam pattern and the time allocation for the each section.

Keep in mind the time allocation for each section. While keeping in mind the time allocation you would be able to define your good strategy to score well in each section.

keep in mind the order of attempt tha you will be maintaining while giving the real examination. You are supposed to start with the most comfortable section. Make sure that you complete the 2 by third of the questions in that particular section.

Gradually move to the difficult section and in that difficult section also try to prioritise. Means decide which SBI PO question will take less time.

2. Don’t forget to solve mock test paper and its analyzation.

The important thing in solving the mock test is analysis. You are not supposed to solve many mocks rather if you solve even 2 mocks per day and analyse it properly it will help you alot in clearing the SBI PO examination.

3. Quickly Go through the important formula and tips and strategies

Could you revise the formulas that you have prepared during the preparation time. While preparing for the examination make it sure that you write down each formula in the copy in your own handwriting because it says that it is scientifically proven methodology that you can recall your own handwritten stuff very quickly.

Do not forget to revise it. Neither grammar rules. Made BD quant formulas. May it be the tips and tricks that you had developed or you had been taught during your coaching just jot it down in your own handwriting and revise it again and again.

4.GO through your notes and important questions

It’s very important to go through the important question in the last time. It will make you recognise the important concept involved in it. Understand that, your own handwritten notes will help you a lot even more than the textbook because you customised as per your own requirement.

5. Be prepared with all the necessary stuffs.

Be ready with the admit card, paper, ansals, eraser and whatever is required for the examination. Avoid having any mental distraction on the day of the examination. It’s always good to visit your examination centre in advance because it will help you getting the familarity with the surroundings and routes.

6. Keep your energy level up.

It’s very important to keep your mental peace and calm at the end time. Because the confident person is able to produce very good result. Understand that knowing less and having a good confidence will able to produce the good result in comparison to the person having the more knowledge and less confidence. So do not panic at the last time. Be confident with your preparation.

7. Get the complete sleep and the wonderful food.

Don’t become the all nighter just before the examination because it will reduce your efficiency during the exam.

8. Focus on every section of SBI PO exam

Donot focus on just one section. Donot focus on easy section or tough section. Try to develop balance between the two. Revise every section which comes in SBI PO examination along with its important topics. Even recall the most common type of pattern that comes in the real examination.

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9. Be aware of the negative marking in the SBI PO examination.

You should always know that for every incorrect answer 0.25 marks will be deducted. Make it sure your time the question you are 80% sure of.

10. Relax.

Keep yourself relax. Think of the war that could be possible. There are many options in the life. SBI PO is not only the one. If you prepare well even in the worst case if you do not succeed then do not lose hope. SBI PO is not the end of the life.

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