A Gandhian State selling liquor is an anomaly !

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi..was a very humble and true man…who was always ready to serve others. He walked on the path of “RIGHT”.  Gandhi ji became famous by fighting for the civil rights of Muslim and Hindu Indians in South Africa. He was born and raised in “Gujrat” as a baniya ! He was known as “FATHER OF THE NATION”..!!

Gandhi ji was totally against consumption of liquor and selling of other such products. Accorrding to him, spending money over buying and consuming liquor was a crime.In the earlier day..mostly 60-70 years back their were only a few…such as 1 on a scale of 10 who consumed liquor.

But now a days the consumption of liquor and uch drugs has heavily increased. Now from old to young ..most of the people have started consuming liquor and drugs which harm them. Even the teens and the youth tody have started consuming these, taking it as a trend these days.The youth parties nowadays in pubs and bars are very common and so they think that they are grown enough and so they have each and every right to consume these drugs ! They are of 21st century and if they will not consume these then others might tease them and call them orthodox…so they start intake f such things and get addicted to it after some time!

When a person from small town or village comes to a new city … in the start he/she might feel a bit uncomfortable..but after few days he/she starts taking things normally and feels that such intakes are very common and in fashion so they try to copy it and harm themselves !! People must understand the bad affects of such things…. There are soo many diseases which are caused due to consumption of these. Not only diseases but accidents also…people consume alcohol and drive at times in such unconsciousness which leads to major accidents.

The number of rape cases happening…most of them are because people consume alcohol and are not in their senses…and harm the girl…This spoils the entire life of the innocent girl !

Gandhi ji’s policy was non violence..but the consumption of liquor have made people violent in behavior. The intake not only harms the person himself/herself but also his/her family and children…

Consuming liquor once or twice in months is a bit okay .. but consuming it on a regular basis is very wrong. One should not be addicted to it !

We are the youth and generation of today…If we will consume such things and that to so much heavily..then what will our children learn ??

We all should walk on the path Gandhi ji taught us..!!

Selling liquor in a Gandhian state is not an anomaly at all because stopping the sale of such products is not a solution but keeping a restriction on ourself is very important..so that we do not overdose ourself with such things..!!


It will still be “BEST” to follow :-



Hence we all should be the ones who come into the category of non-drinkers.


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