Abacus infotech

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Abacus infotech
Abacus Infotech is a Security Company. Abacus Infotech, provides solutions For Time Attendance, Hand Metal Detector, Access Control, Fire Alarm System ,CCTV Surveillance System & other Software solutions for industries of all kind.
Placement criteria of Abacus infotech
[1]Written test ->intended to measure knowledge, skill, aptitude classification in many other topics.
The written test consisted of 30 questions and the time is 30 min.
[1]10-C questions
[2]Group Discussion
Group Discussion in Abacus is very easy. It is not a GD actually. They give a particular topic and ask u to talk for 2 minutes. Each and every person will get their chance .They don’t bother what u talk but they see how u talk.My topic was UR MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN COLLEGE and sometimes the current topics.
[3]Technical Interview
Technical Interview is a bit tough for CSE and IT. But for all other branches it is fine. They ask about the basics in your subject. If u will IT student than u had an interview for 15-20 minutes, but for other branches it went for 3-5 minutes. So if your from CSE or IT be perfect with C, C++ JAVA. Of course it depends on your resume.

[4]HR interview
HR interview is also easy like GD.

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  1. Pallavi sinha says:

    wan a detail abt selectn procedure of Abacus infotech go thru it……..it will surely help to achieve ur goal.

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