ABB HR interview questions with answers

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ABB one of the largest Robotics company of world had its head quarter at Zurich is worth 40 billion $ and has operating profit of about 3 billion $. Cracking the company’s recruitment process needs a proper knowledge of the questions asked. So to assist the aspirants we are providing here some of the frequently asked ABB HR interview questions with answers.  They are as follows:

ABB HR interview questions with answers

ABB interview questions

[1] What are your strengths?
1. I have apositive attitude
2. Helping nature
3. Always eager to learn new ideas

[2] Give example that you are hard working.

I am capable of doing hard work i.e. I can do that work without time management but intensity of hard worker is complete the work at any cost or condition. I don’t get disappointed of failure but I try try and try until i will complete that work. If possible give a good example.

[3] Have you ever lead a team?

Choose a team you had been assigned to from your previous work and explain your assigned project with that team. Explain how you have interacted with the other members of the team and played your role efficiently.

[4] For what you are regretting in your life?

Don’t use the line “I have no regrets”. This shows that you have wanted to try something. Answer this question smartly. Show them something positive and of high level that you have always wanted to do. Don’t try hard because you might end up with asking them the reason behind it.

[5] What is more important Process or output?

I feel both Process and Output are important in their own way. Without a good process, you can’t have a good out output and if you are not producing a good output then it means that your process was not good enough.

[6] What your parent said to you when you were coming here?

They just wished me all the best and asked me to give it my best shot.

[7 What will you mark as your achievement?

My achievements is to get a position where I can utilize the skills and knowledge that I have developed from my education, for the growth and success of the company and also to enhance my knowledge in the process.

[8] What challenges are you facing at this time?

Sir every day is a challenge. The challenge comes to us is only because we are capable of resolving that in the right way and in positive attitude. I have faced so many challenges in my personal & professional life, but I can not categorise them in tough, tougher or toughest.

[9] What will you do if you are not selected for ABB?

At present, my prime focus is that I will continue my try for career goal as if now it  is to work with a reputed organization and become an integral part of the company and also to enhance my technical and communication skills and gain working experience as well.

[10] Do you have any question for us?

This would be probably their last question and a really tricky one too. This asked is asked to judge the curiosity level of the candidate. Never say that ” I have got nothing to ask” or end up asking silly questions like “will you hire me?”. Try something like “What will be my role in the organisation?” or “Are the newbie’s allowed to apply their own ideas too?”

ABB Hr interview is somewhat tricky, so stay calm and focused always. Keep in mind some important points before coming to the interview and you can crack it.

We hope that set of ABB HR interview questions with answers provided in this blog may have assisted you in your need. Please give your valuable comments and suggestions such that it may help us to bring more and more precise information to you.

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    I have ABB ACH400 VFD’s on site and the door mount key pad cradle. The cradle’s are falling apart. Is there a solution for this.

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    These are some few questions which could really help you to crack ABB .

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    A very informative article regarding ABB. This gives you an idea for some of the questions asked during HR round of many companies..!!!! take help of this post and prepare yourself to get into a company you desire to be in !!!

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