Advance Solar Water Heater

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Advance solar water heater is a conventional heating system that is used to get hot water by the action of sunlight. It is an enhancement in solar water heaters as it is independent of seasons and function all round the clock that is all the days and nights irrespective of adverse weather conditions. Even, it can work in an environment below one fifty degree Celsius.


The main principle on which solar water heater works is the conversion of light energy into Solar Water Heating Systemheat energy. Even the advance solar water heater uses the same principle as its base.


There are several special components used in the advance solar water heater which makes its functionality advance over other simple solar water heaters. The main components are as follows:

  • Aluminium panels
  • Compressors
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Expansion valve

All these components combine together in an organized fashion to smoothen the functioning of advance solar water heaters.

Solar Off Grid Application

Working Principle:

Following are the main steps that are carried out in the water heater circuit to convert the simple water present in cylinder into hot water.Working Principle of solar water heater

  1. The  sun rays from the atmosphere fall over the aluminum panels.
  2. These aluminum panels absorb the sunlight energy into the special kind of fluid that circulates through all these panels.
  3. These fluids on leaving the panels pass through compressors.
  4. The compressors compress the fluid and convert them into hot gas.
  5. There is a coil that is present in the water cylinder, hot gas flow through this coil and increases its temperature. Thereby making the water in the cylinder to heat and returning hot water.
  6. The hot gas then goes back into fluid and then aluminum panels through the expansion valves present inside the water heater circuit.
  7. The same process continues  again and again automatically to yield the hot water.

Solar Thermal


As ,this water heater is an enhancement in old solar water heaters. Thus ,it overcome all the limitations of  them and provides a lot of benefits.

  • It has a very good thermal efficiency.
  • It is compatible to work in critical environment like wind ,rain etc.
  • Only 8 kg weight panels makes it light weight.
  • It is a source of green energy and produce carbon less emissions.
  • Its economical to use in domestic applications
  • Because of being less weight, these can easily be mounted on walls.

Hot Water Cylinder


Everything that is having a lot of pros has some cons too. Some of the cons are as follows. The work is being carried out over them to remove these cons as soon as possible.

  • There is a chance of back losses to occur in them.
  • Complex circuit.
  • It does not valid for long time.

Uses of Solar Water Heater:

Advance solar water heater has wide  no. of applications like these are used in food factories, hotels, clinics and shopping malls for producing large volume of hot water at cheaper rate.

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