The Advantages Of ECSA Certification

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All modern organizations conduct their operations and business processes through computers today. Hence the security of the IT infrastructure is of utmost importance to any small, medium or large scale enterprise. In order to secure the enterprise’s data and other confidential information, a modern-day cyber security professional needs to have a world-class IT security expertise. The ECSA certification is a step taken in the same direction and makes you immediately suitable for a number or cyber security related tasks.

While you can get the ECSA training and certification from a number of online sources, only those that have received the “EC council Circle of Excellence” award are reputed and trustworthy. ECSA certification proves that you possess excellent penetration skills, can prevent any kind of hacking, and makes you recognized as an EC Council Certified Security Analyst. The exam is conducted online on the web portal of the EC council, and there is also a “report writing” part of the course which further enhances your pen-writing capabilities. There is one other course that you should do before appearing for the ECSA exam, and it is called as the EHC (Ethical Hacker Course). Successful completion of the EHC course proves that you have ample of previous knowledge and skills to pass the ECSA test successfully.

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There are a number of advantages offered by the low-cost ECSA certification. These include:

Writing the penetration reports

The course teaches you how to write a comprehensive and detailed report on the whole penetration tests that you conducted. The process flow that you will write will have the necessary inputs that will help all to understand where the IT infrastructure needs improvements and which areas are safe.

Testing cyber security

Ethical Hacking - Koenig Solutions

ECSA offers you ample of skills and helps you to test all kinds of modern IT infrastructures and networks, the new and old computer operating systems and the new application tools and environments.

Overcoming the real world situations

You will be able to do the “penetration testing” on all kinds of security systems related to cyber security, when you join the certification course. The experience will be much like the real world situations. The “hands-on” testing and learning approach will help you to understand the systems better, and in time you will be a reputed and trustworthy professional in the field.

Cost effective

The ECSA certification costs only $ 300. The cost is very low in comparison to the skills and knowledge you get, and the repute you amalgamate in your resume. The marginal investment will pay heavily when you ask for a promotion.

Industry accepted

All the industrial segments and companies fully recognize the ECSA certification. It is not of those software learning programs that needs you nowhere, the pen-testing procedures and standards reign over 44 domains, which makes the course quite comprehensive and standardized.

Cover all the latest and advanced topics

ECSA does not confine itself to the cyber and computer security only. It covers the security of cloud, mobiles, and the virtual machines as well. It hence makes you proficient and expert enough to test all kinds of security threats, and make your IT infrastructure invincible in the modern day scenario. It covers the “National Training Standard for the System Certifiers” and the “National Information Assurance Training for the Information System Security Officers”.

Globally recognized

ECSA is recognized globally as one of the best qualifications that a cyber security professional could possess. The certification will get you a job instantly in any organization you like.

Hike in pay

The ECSA certification will help you get and instant salary hike in any organization you are working in. It will also improve your chances of getting a promotion by making you eligible for the LPT certification.

Constant learning

As ECSA adopts a real world hands-on testing approach, you constantly analyze and evaluate the various outcomes that erupt out of the security testing procedures, tools, and techniques.

Learn at your own time

The EC council offers the essay student a privilege to learn at any time. The ECSA lab tools and exercises can be accessed at any time (24*7) by the student. Hence ECSA helps you to accumulate expertise and skills in a functional and safe environment whenever you like.

Guided learning

You will get the various supporting tools, the detailed tasks, and other additional learning and practice materials, and will be able to follow a step-by-step approach. You will be able to launch and follow all kinds of hacking and testing procedures that you want. Further, as all the target machines are thoroughly virtualized, you can easily control them, and also reset them as per your wishes without needing any kind of administrative or instruction support, or interaction.

ECSA brings to you the skill-based competencies and also is the platform from where you can be LPT certified. The ECSAv9 is better defined, and only the students who possess the required eligibility skills and certifications can appear for it. The certification is a must when you want to work in the best of companies and environments and wish to take the real world challenges head-on.

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