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Advertising is the means of informing as well as influencing the general public to buy products or services through oral or visual messages.a product or service is advertised to create an awareness in the minds of the potential buyer.some of the commonly used media for advertising are tv,radio,television,newspapers ,magazines,bill boards,hoardings etc. as a result of economic liberalization and the changing social trends advertising industry has shown rapid growth in the last decade.

It is one of the aspects of mass is actually brand building through effective communication and is essentially a service helps to create demand,promote marketing system and boost economic growth.thus it forms the basis of marketing.

It plays a significant role in todays highly competitive world.a career in advertisementis quite glamourous and at the same time challenging with more and more agencies opening up everyday.whether its brands,companies,personalities or even voluntary or religious organizations,all of them use some form of advertising in order to be able to communicate with the target audience.the salary structure in advertising is quite high and if you have the knack for it one can reach the is an ideal profession for a creative individual who canhandle work pressure.

Today new areas are emerging within advertising like event management ,image management ,internet marketing etc.event management wherein events are marketed,image management wherein a particular profile of an organization is projected.internet marketing has also brought about a lot ofchanges in advertising as internet means that one is catering to a select group of audiences rather than a mass audiences.


There ere also specialized courses in advertising/mass communication at diploma level and post graduatelevel for which basic qualification is graduation.however, advertising is also offered as a subject for the graduate degree course in mass communication studies at certain institutions for which minimum qualification is 10 + 2 .in addition there are also certificate courses for which 10+2 is enough.

Job prospects

Career  opportunities in advertising include openings in private advertising agencies;advertising in private or publicsector companies ;in advertising sections of newspaper , journal,magazines;commercial sections of radio or research organization can also do freelancing.

Advertising field

Advertising fields offers a range of lucrative,interesting careers.The Job in this field categorized into two.executive and creative.executive side include client servicing ,market research ,media research.creative side consist of copywriters,scriptwriters.visualisers,photographers and typographers.

The executive department understand client needs, find new business and retain existing business, selects the appropriate media , analyses timing and placement of advertisements and negotiate the financial aspects of the deal.creative department creates the advertisement copy.they verbalises and visualizes the specific need of the client.

As ad  films are also a part of film making career options of films are related to this field.


job position and earnings in an agency vary with its size and turnover .accredited agencies have a large set up while small agencies may have just a handful of employees looking after all the variousjobs.the earnings range from 7000 for production managers to 8000 for copy writers up to 35,000 for general managers plus perks.


  • Diploma in advertising and marketing
  • Diploma in commercial art and adveritising
  • Mba advertising and marketing communications
  • Post graduate diploma in advertising
  • Post graduate diploma in advertising and marketing communications
  • Post graduate diploma in advertising management
  • Post graduate programme in advertising,media and marketing communications
  • Certificate course in advertising
  • B.a integrated course in advertising and sales promotion
  • Certificate curse in public relations and advertising
  • Certificate course in marketing and advertising

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