AIMS Test for Management Admissions- ATMA Syllabus with PDF

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ATMA (AIMS test for management admissions) is mainly conducted to provide the opportunities to candidates who want to get enrolled into various management institutes of India. Association of India management schools (AIMS) conduct this test for taking admission into post graduate programs in management  and computer applications- master of business administration(MBA), post graduate diploma in management(PGDM and master of computer application). Over 100 B schools are associated with this exam.


  • Students having Bachelor’s degree in any discipline are eligible for this exam.
  • Also students who are appearing for their final year examinations can also apply for this exam.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.

AMAT Exam Pattern and Format:


ATMA Exam Pattern

Total number of Questions: 170

Time Duration: 180 minutes.

Correct attempt: 1 mark for each correct answer.

Incorrect attempt: Each wrong answer 1/3rd marks will be deducted.

SectionTopicNo. of QuestionAlloted Times(Minutes)
1Analytical Reasoning Skills3030
2Verbal Skills2530
3Quantitative Skills3030
4Verbal Skills2530
5Analytical Reasoning Skills3030
6Quantitative Skills3030

ATMA Syllabus:

The Test contains Questions on three abilities or skills.  These are:

  • Analytical Reasoning Skills
  • Quantitative Skills
  • Verbal Skills

I. Analytical Reasoning Skills

The Questions on Analytical Skills check the logical thinking abilities of a candidate. This section tests the ability of the candidate to determine the truth  behind any conclusion based on certain rules.  Data are present in the form of tables , graphs and charts .This part includes :

Graphs can be Column Bar Graphs, graphs, Line charts, Pie Chart, Graphs representing Area, Venn diagram, etc. Critical reasoning, Visual reasoning, Assumption-Premise-Conclusion, Assertion and reasons, Statements and assumptions, identifying valid inferences , identifying Strong arguments and Weak arguments, Statements and conclusions, Cause and Effect, Identifying Probably true, Probably false, definitely true, definitely false kind of statement, Linear arrangements, Matrix arrangements. Puzzles, Syllogisms, Functions, Family tree – identifying relationship among group of people, Symbol Based problems, Coding and decoding , Sequencing , identifying next number in series, etc.

II. Quantitative Skills

AIMS Test for Management Admission Exam

Syllabus of AIMS Test for Management Admission Exam

This section measures candidates ability to reason quantitatively, solve Quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data. This section includes:

  • Problem-Solving
  • Data Sufficiency

Problem – Solving and Data Sufficiency Questions require basic knowledge of:

  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary algebra
  • Commonly known concepts of Geometry

III. Verbal Skills

Verbal Skills section measures your ability to read and comprehend written material in English language. This section tests your recognition of correct grammatical usage, vocabulary, and familiarities with words clearly and briefly. Verbal sections include:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Sentence Correction
  • Word meaning – antonyms, synonyms, analogies – your ability to recognize relationships      among words and concepts, parallel relationships, etc.
  • Sentence completions – your ability to recognize words or phrases that both logically and stylistically complete the meaning of a sentence etc.

Preparation Tips:

Speed and Accuracy: Increase  your speed and accuracy. For this solve as many sample papers and take as many mock tests as possible and observe the time taken to solve each section.

Concentration: Concentration is very important for any exams.

Time Management: The most important value provided by the comprehensive test is an idea of our strengths and weakness. So prepare a time table and allot time to each subject / topic .

Finding Traps: You should avoid false positives or false negatives i.e. you shouldn’t leave easy questions thinking they are hard and attempt hard questions thinking they are easy. lots of puzzles / quizzes to improve your reasoning and analytical skills.

You can also download the syllabus in PDF form.

Click here to download: Syllabus for AIMS Test for Management Admissions

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