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1. Which one, of the following statements about all the four of Spongilla, Leech, Dolphin and Penguin is correct.
1) Spongilla has special collared cells called choanocytes, not found in the remaining three
2) All are bilaterally symmetrical
3) Penguin is homoiothermic while the remaining three are poikilothermic
4) Leech is a fresh water form while all others atemaririe

2. Which one of the following statements about human sperm incorrect?
1) Acrosome servesas a sensory structure leading the sperm towards the ovum
2) Acrosome serves no particular function
3) Acrosome has a conical pointed structure used for piercing and penetrating the egg, resulting in fertilisation
4) The sperm lysins in the acrosome dissolve the egg envelope facilitating fertilisation

3. The nerve centres which control the body temperature and the urge for eating are contained in
1) Cerebellum
2) Thalamus
3) Hypothalamus
4) Pons

4. What is true about RBCs in humans ?
1) They frarisport about 80 per cent oxygen only and the rest; 20 per cent of it is transported in dissolved state in blood plasma
2) They do not carry CO2 at all
3) They carry about 20–25 per cent of CO2
4) They do not carry CO2 at all. They carry about 20-25 per cent of CO2. They transport 99.5 percent of O2

5. Which one of the following is used as vector for cloning genes into higher organisms?
1) Rhizopus nigriccans
2) Retrovirus
3) Baculovirus
4) Salmonella typhimurium

6. Select the two corret statements out of the four (a–d) given below about lac operon.
1) Glucose or galactose may bind with the repressor and inactivate it
2) In the absence of lactose the repressor binds with the operator region
3) The z-gene codes for permease
4) This was elucidated by Francois Jacob and Jacque Monod

7. The scutellum observed in a grain of wheat or maize is comparable to which part of the seed in other monocotyledons ?
1) Aleurone layer
2) Plumule
3) Cotyledons
4) Endosperm

8. Ringworm in humans is caused by:
1) Nematodes
2) Viruses
3) Bacteria
4) Fungi

9. The technical term used for the androecium in a flower of China rose (Hibiscus rosasinensis) is:
1) Polyandrous
2) Polyadelphous
3) Monadelphous
4) Diadelphous

10. Which one of the following is an example of ex-situ conservation ?
1) Sacred groves
2) National park
3) Wildlife sanctuary
4) Seed bank

11. Wind pollinated flowers are :
1) large producing abundant nectar and pollen
2) small, producing nectar and dry pollen
3) small, brightly coloured, producing large number of pollen grains
4) small, producing large number of dry pollen grains

12. Keel is characteristic of the flowers of :
1) Calotropis
2) Bean
3) Gulmohur
4) Cassia

13. The biomass available for consumption by the herbivores and the decomposers is called :
1) Standing crop
2) Gross primary productivity
3) Net primary productivity
4) Secondary productivity

14. Seminal plasma in human males is rich in :
1) DNA and testosterone
2) ribose and potassium
3) fructose and calcium
4) glucose and calcium

15. The principal nitrogenouse excretory compound in humans is synthesised:
1) in liver and also eliminated by the same through bile
2) in the liver, but eliminated mostly through kidneys
3) in kidneys but eliminated mostly through liver
4) in kidneys as well as eliminated by kidneys

16. Darwin’s finches are a good example of :
1) Adaptive radiation
2) Convergent evolution
3) Industrial melanism
4) Connecting link

17. Which one of the following statements about morula in humans is corect?
1) It has more or less equal quantity of cytoplasm and DNA as in uncleaved zygote
2) It has more cytoplasm and more DNA than an uncleaved zygote
3) It has almost equal quantity of cytoplams as an uncleaved zygote but much more DNA
4) It has far less cytoplasm as well as less DNA than in an uncleaved zygote

18. An element playing important role in nitrogen fixation is :
1) Manganese
2) Zinc
3) Molybdenum
4) Copper

19. The two gases making highest relative contribution to the greenhouse gases are :
1) CFC5 and N2O
2) CO2 and N2O
3) CO2 and CH4
4) CH4 and N2O

20. Toxic agents present in food which interfere with thyroxine synthesis lead to the development of :
1) simple goitre
2) thyrotoxicosis
3) toxic goitre
4) cretinism

21. In unilocular ovary with a single ovule the placentation is :
1) Free Central
2) Axile
3) Marginal
4) Basal

22. Apomictic embryos in citrus arise from :
1) Antipodal cells
2) Diploid egg
3) Synergids
4) Maternal sporophytic tissue in ovule

23. Which one of the following has its own DNA ?
1) Lysosome
2) Peroxisome
3) Mitochondria
4) Dictyosome

24. The kind of epithelium which forms the inner walls of blood vessels is :
1) ciliated columnar epithelum
2) squamous epithelium
3) cuboidal epithelium
4) columnar epithelium

25. Transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of another flower of the same plant is called:
1) Karyogamy
2) Autogamy
3) Xenogamy
4) Gitnogamy

26. The second maturation division of the mammalian ovum occurs :
1) Until the nucleus of the sperm has fused with that of the ovum
2) In the Graafian follicle following the first maturation division
3) Shortly after ovulation before the ovum makes entry into the Fallopian tube
4) Until after the ovum has been penetrated by a sperm

27. Which one of the following is not used in organic farming ?
1) Oscillatoria
2) Snail
3) Glomus
4) Earthworm

28. Which two of the following changes (a-d) usually tend to occur in the plain dwellers when they move to high altitudes (3,500 m or more)?
(a) Increase in red blood cell size
(b) Increase in red blood cell production
(c) Increased breathing rate
(d) Increase in thrombocyte count
Changes occurring are:
1) (a) and (d)
2) (a) and (b)
3) (b) and (c)
4) (c) and (d)

29. A renewable exhaustible natural resource is :
1) Minerals
2) Forest
3) Coal
4) Petroleum

30. Select the correct statement from the following :
1) Biogas commonly called gobar gas, is pure methane
2) Activated sludge-sediment in settlement tanks of sewage treatment plant is a rich source of aerobic bacteria
3) Biogas is produced by the activity of aerobic bacteria on animal waste
4) Methanobacterium is an aerobic bacterium found in rumen of cattle

31. The permissible use of the teachnique amniocentesis is for :
1) transfer of embryo into the uterus of a surrogate mother
2) detecting any genetic abnormality
3) detecting sex of the unborn foetus
4) artificial insemination

32. The main arena of various types of activities of a cell is :
1) Cytoplasm
2) Nucleus
3) Plasma membrane
4) Mitochondrian

33. Phototropic curvature is the result of uneven distribution of :
1) Cytokinins
2) Auxin
3) Gibberellins
4) Phytochorme

34. Listed below are four respiratory capacities (a-d) and four jumbled respiratory volumes of a normal human adult :
Respiratory capacities Respiratory volumes
(a) Residual volume 2500 mL
(b) Vital capacity 3500 mL
(c) Inspiratory reserve 1200 mL
(d) Inspiratory capacity 4500 mL
Which one of the following is the correct matching of two capacities and volumes ?
1) (d) 3500 mL (a) 1200 mL

2) (a) 4500 mL (b) 3500 mL

3) (b) 2500 mL (c) 4500 mL

4) (c) 1200 mL (d) 2500 mL

35. The signals for parturition originate from :
1) oxytocin released from maternal pituitary
2) fully developed foetus only
3) placenta only
4) placenta as well as fully developed foetus

36. Select the correct statement from the ones given below with respect to dihybrid cross
1) Genes loosely linked on the same chromosome show similar recombinations as the tightly linked ones
2) Tightly linked genes on the same chromosome show very few recombinations
3) Tightly linked genes on the same chromosome show higher recombinations
4) Genes far apart on the same chromosome show very few recombinations

37. Restriction endonucleases are enzymes which:
1) restrict the action of the enzyme DNA polymerase
2) remove nucleotides from the ends of the DNA molecule
3) make cuts at specific positions within the DNA molecule
4) recognize a specific nucleotide sequence for binding of DNA ligase

38. The part of Fallopian tube closest to the ovary is :
1) Cervix
2) Ampulla
3) Isthmus
4) Infundibulum

39. ABO blood groups in humans are controlled by the gene I. It has three alleles-AA, IB and i. Since there are three different alleles, six different genotypes are possible. How many phenotypes can occur ?
1) Four
2) Two
3) Three
4) One

40. dB is a standard abbreviation used for the quantitative expression of
1) the dominant Bacilus in a culture
2) a certain pesticide
3) the density of bacteria in a medium
4) a particular pollutant

41. The one aspect which is not a salient feature of genetic code, is its being :
1) Universal
2) Specific
3) Degenerate
4) Ambiguous

42. The genotype of a plant showing the dominant phenotype can be determined by :
1) Pedigree analysis
2) Back cross
3) Test cross
4) Dihybrid cross

43. Which one of the following does not follow the central dogma of molecular biology ?
1) Chlamydomonas
2) HIV
3) Pea
4) Mucor

44. Consider the following four statements (a-d) regarding kidney transplant and select the two correct ones out of these.
(a) Even if a kidney transplant is proper the recipient may need to take immuno-suppressants for a long time
(b) The cell-mediated immune response is responsible for the graft rejection
(c) The B-lymphocytes are responsible for rejection of the graft
(d) The acceptance or rejection of a kidney transplant depends on specific interferons
The two correct statements are :
1) (a) and (c)
2) (a) and (b)
3) (b) and (c)
4) (c) and (d)

45. An improved variety of transgenic basmati rice :
1) is completely resistant to all insect pests and diseases of paddy
2) gives high yield but has no characterisitic aroma
3) does not require chemical fertilizers and growth hormones
4) gives high yield and is rich in vitamin A

46. Heartwood differs from sapwood in :
1) Having dead and non-conducting elements
2) Being susceptible to pests and pathogens
3) Presence of rays and fibres
4) Absence of vessels and parenchyma

47. Which one of the following palindromic base sequences in DNA can be easily cut at about the middle by sonie particular restriction enzyme?
1) 5’—–GAATTC——3’
2) 5’—–GACGTA——3’
3) 5’—–CGTTCG——3’
4) 5’—–GATATG——3’

48. DNA or RNA segment tagged with a radioactive molecule is called :
1) Clone
2) Plasmid
3) Vector
4) Probe

49. The first movements of the foetus and appearance of hair on its head are usually observed during which month of pregnancy.
1) Sixth month
2) Third month
3) Fourth month
4) Fifth month

50. Which one of the following is not a micronutrient ?
1) Zinc
2) Boron
3) Molybdenum
4) Magnesium

51. PGA as the first CO2 fixation product was discovered in photosynthesis of :
1) Angiosperm
2) Alga
3) Bryophyte
4) Gymnosperm

52. Single-celled eukaryotes are included in :
1) Archaea
2) Monera
3) Protista
4) Fungi

53. Which one of the following symbols and its representation, used in human pedigree analysis is correct ?
1) □ = unaffected female
2) ♦ = male affected
3) = mating between relatives
4) ○ = unaffected male

54. Which stages of cell division do the following figures A and B represent respectively ?

Fig. A Fig. B
(1) Late Anaphase Prophase
(2) Prophase Anaphase
(3) Mataphase Telophae
(4) Telophase Metaphase

1) (1)
2) (2)
3) (3)
4) (4)

55. Study the four statements (a-d) given below and select the two Correct ones our of them :
(a) A lion eating a deer and a sparrow feeding on grain are ecologically similar in being consumers
(b) Predator star fish Pisaster helps in main training species diversity of some invertebrates
(c) Predators ultimately lead to the extinction of prey species
(d) Production of chemicals such as nicotine, strychnine by the plants are metabolic dis
The two correct statements are :
1) (a) and (d)
2) (a) and (b)
3) (b) and (c)
4) (c) and (d)

56. The figure given below is a diagrammatic representation of response of organisms to a biotic factors. What do a, b and c represent respectively ?

1) partial regulator conformer regulator
2) regulator conformer partial regulator
3) conformer regulator partial regulator
4) regulator partial conformer regulator

57. Ovary is half-inferior in the flowers of :
1) Brinjal
2) Cucumber
3) Guava
4) Plum

58. Male and female gametophytes are independent and free-living in :
1) Pinus
2) Sphagnum
3) Mustard
4) Castor

59. Photoperiodism was first characterised in :
1) Tomato
2) Cotton
3) Tobacco
4) Potato

60. Injury to adrenal cortex is not likely to affect the secretion of which one of the following ?
1) Adrenaline
2) Cortisol
3) Aldosterone
4) Both Androstenedione and Dehydroepiandrosterone

61. Coiling of garden pea tendrils around any support is an example of :
1) Thigmotropism
2) Thermotaxis
3) Thigmotaxis
4) Thigmonasty

62. Genetic engineering has been successfully used for producing :
1) transgenic Cow-Rosie which produces high fat milk for making ghee
2) animals like bulls for farm work as they have super power
3) transgenic mice for testing safety of polio vaccine before use in humans
4) transgenic models for studying new treatments for certain cardiac diseases

63. Which one of the following kinds of animals are triploblastic ?
1) Ctenophores
2) Corals
3) Flat worms
4) Sponges

64. Some hyperthermophilic organisms that grow in highly acidic (pH2) habitats belong to the two groups:
1) Protists and mosses
2) Liverworts and yeasts
3) Eubacteria and archaea
4) Cyanobacteria and diatoms

65. C4 plants are more efficient in photosynthesis than C3 plants due to :
1) Presence of thin cuticle
2) Lower rate of photorespiration
3) Higher leaf area
4) Presence of larger number of chloroplasts in the leaf cells

66. The chief water conducting elements of xylem in gymnosperms are :
1) Transfusion tissue
2) Tracheids
3) Vessels
4) Fibres

67. Cu ions released from copper-releasing Intra Uterine Devices (IUDs) :
1) suppress sperm motility
2) prevent ovulation
3) make uterus unsuitable for implantation
4) increase phagocytosis of sperms

68. Sertoli cells are found in :
1) seminiferous tubules and provide nutrition to germ cells
2) pancreas and secrete cholecystokinin
3) ovaries and secrete progesterone
4) adrenal cortex and secrete adrenaline

69. Which one of the following structures between two adjacent cells in an effective transport pathway ?
1) Endoplasmic reticulum
2) Plasmalemma
3) Plasmodesmata
4) Plastoquinones

70. The genetically-modified (GM) brinjal in India has been developed for :
1) Enhancing mineral content
2) Drought-resistance
3) Insect-resistance
4) Enhancing shelf life

71. Algae have cell wall made up of :
1) Pectins cellulose and proteins
2) Cellulose, cellulose and proteins
3) Cellulose, galactans and mannans
4) Hemicellulose, pectins and proteins

72. Which one of the following is one of the characteristics of a biological community ?
1) Mortality
2) Sex-ratio
3) Stratification
4) Natality

73. One example of animals having a single opening to the outside that serves both as mouth as well as anus is :
1) Ascidia
2) Fasciola
3) Octopus
4) Asterias

74. Satellite DNA is useful tool in :
1) Forensic science
2) Genetic engineering
3) Organ transplantation
4) Sex determination

75. One of the free-living, anaerobic nitrogen-fixer is :
1) Rhizobium
2) Azotobacter
3) Beijenickia
4) Rhodospirillum

76. A common biocontrol agent for the control of plant diseases in :
1) Glomus
2) Trichoderma
3) Baculovirus
4) Bacillus thuringiensis

77. Which one of the following cannot be explained on the basis of Mendel’s Law of Dominance ?
1) Alleles do not show any blending and both the characters recover as such in F2 generation
2) Factors occur in pairs
3) The discrete unit controlling a particular character is called a factor
4) Out of one pair of factors one is dominant, and the other recessive

78. Virus envelope is known as :
1) Nucleoprotein
2) Core
3) Capsid
4) Virion

79. If for some reason our goblet cells are non-functional, this will adversely affect :
1) maturation of sperms
2) smooth movement of food down the intestine
3) production of somatostatin
4) secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands

80. Which one of the following statements about certain given animals is correct ?
1) Insects are pseudocoelomates
2) Flat worms (Platyhelminthes) are coelomates
3) Round worms (Aschelminthes) are pseudocoelomates
4) Molluses are acoelomates

81. Breeding of crops with high levels of minerals, vitamins and proteins is called :
1) Biomagnification
2) Micropropagation
3) Somatic hybridisation
4) Biofortification

82. Widal test is used for the diagnosis of :
1) Tuberculosis
2) Typhoid
3) Malaria
4) Pneumonia

83. The common nitrogen-fixer in paddy fields is :
1) Oscillatoria
2) Frankia
3) Rhizobium
4) Azospirillum

84. The energy-releasing metabolic process in which substrate is oxidised without an external electron acceptor is called :
1) Aerobic respiration
2) Photorespiration
3) Glycolysis
4) Fermentation

85. Which one of the following statements is correct with respect to AIDS ?
1) AIDS patients are being fully cured cent per cent with proper care and nutrition
2) The causative HIV retrovirus enters helper T-lymphocytes thus reducing their numbers
3) The HIV can be transmitted through eating food together with an infected person
4) Drug addicts are least susceptible to HIV in fection

86. Which one of the following statement in regard to the excretion by the human kidneys is correct ?
1) Nearly 99 per cent of the glomerular filtrate is reabsobed by the renal tubules
2) Ascending limb of Loop of Henle is imperme able to electrolytes
3) Descending limb of Loop of Henle is imperme able to water
4) Distal convoluted tubule is incapable of reab sorbing HCO3–

87. Some of the characteristics of Bt cotton are :
1) High yield and production of toxic protein crystals which kill dipteran pests
2) High yield and resistance to bollworms
3) Long fibre and resistance to aphids
4) Medium yield, long fibre and resistance to beetle pests

88. In vitro fertilisation is a technique that involves transfer of which one of the following into the fallopian tube ?
1) Embryo of 32 cell stage
2) Zygote only
3) Embryo only, upto 8 cell stage
4) Either zygote or early embryo upto 8 cell stage

89. During mitosis ER and nucleolus begin to disappear at :
1) Late metaphase
2) Early prophase
3) Late prophase
4) Early metaphase

90. The plasma membrane consists mainly of :
1) proteins embedded in a polymer of glucose molecuse
2) proteins embedded in a carbohydrate bilayer
3) phospholipids embedded in a protein bilayer
4) proteins embedded in a phospholipid bilayer

91. Which one of the following is not a lateral meristem ?
1) Phellogen
2) Intercalary meristem
3) Intrafascicular cambium
4) Interfascicular cambium

92. Membrane-bound organelles are absent in :
1) Chlamydomonas
2) Plasmodium
3) Saccharomyces
4) Streptococcus

93. Infectious proteins are present in :
1) Viroids
2) Satellite viruses
3) Gemini viruses
4) Prions

94. Vasa efferentia are the ductules leading from :
1) Vas deferens to epididymis
2) Epididymis to urethra
3) Testicular lobules to rete testis
4) Rete testis to vas deferens

95. If due to some injury the chordae tendinae of the tricuspid valve of the human heart is partially non-functional, what will be the immediate effect ?
1) The blood will tend to flow back into the left atrium
2) The flow of blood into the pulmonary artery will be reduced
3) The flow of blood into the aorta will be slowed down
4) The ‘pacemaker’ will stop working

96. Low Ca++ in the body fluid may be the cause of :
1) Angina pectoris
2) Gout
3) Tetany
4) Anaemia

97. Carrier ions like Na+ facilitate the absorption of substances like :
1) fatty acids and glycerol
2) fructose and some amino acids
3) amino acids and glucose
4) glucose and fatty acids

98. Select the correct statement from the ones given below :
1) Chewing tobacco lowers blood pressure and heart rate
2) Cocaine is given to patients after surgery as it stimulates recovery
3) Barbiturates when given to criminals make them tell the truth
4) Morphine is often given to persons who have undergone surgery as a pain killer

99. Stirred-tank bioreactors have been designed for :
1) Ensuring anaerobic conditions in the culture vessel
2) Availability of oxygen throughout the process
3) Addition of preservatives to the product
4) Purification of the product

100. Which one of the following pairs is incorrectly matched ?
1) Corpusluteum – Relaxin (secretion)
2) Insulin – Diabetes mellitus (disease)
3) Glucagon – Beta cells (source)
4) Somatostatin – Delta cells (source)


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