Description of AMCAT Exam

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Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT)  is a test which is conducted by Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt. Ltd, which is a assessment technology pioneer in India, a full spectrum of assessments including Languages, Aptitude, Skill and Personality assessment.Aspiring Minds’ conducts AMCAT claims to be-India’s Largest Employability Test creating one of the most extensive and reliable assessment data bank enabling equal opportunity hiring of entry level talent across the Industry. AMCAT is a 2.5 hour test which adapts to the student responses like GRE or GMAT. AMCAT,an any time anywhere standardized test becomes hard for the smart student and easy for the not so smart student giving a assessment scores.

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One thing is for sure that Exams like that of AMCAT only tells you what are you good at and No one can no this better than you so never feel that AMCAT gives you opportunity to face interview rathe you pay to know yourself , how absurd. Any ways you can judge yourself better than AMCAT. To check yourself free of cost check yourself by giving Online Test for AMCAT where you can get sample paper of AMCAT why wasting your money on assessment but yes , if AMCAT sends you for interview or provides you opportunity then its worth.

Now a days many test are appearing like that of AMCAT like RSAT and others and due to which AMCAT is loosing its charm but then even AMCAT has maintained its credibility among students who are not able to get proper job according to their choice through campus placement.


Description of AMCAT Exam

AMCAT is recognized by many companies-

  • Sonata Software
  • Genpact
  • InoxApp
  • HCL Technologies
  • iGate and many more.


This AMCAT test is only for Engineering and MBA students. So in this they do not have any difference among the stream which you have chosen. So whether  you are from IT or Non-IT everyone who taken up AMCAT test and with good score will have a chance for getting the job. Even  if a Non-IT student perform well in the computer programming module but not shown good result in English module will also get a fair chance to get short-listed by companies for further interview process.


  • Adaptive Modules of AMCAT are;
  • English and Comprehension
  • Logical Ability
  • Quantitative Skills(Non-Technical)
  • Quantitative Skills(Technical)
  • Financial Services
  • Computer Programming Principle and Algorithm
  • Computer Literacy
  • Electronic and Semiconductor
  • IT Infrastructure

The AMCAT results will be delivered after seventh day of exam.

  • Placement: AMCAT improves the placement record for college & improve s student employ-ability of a student is now busted myth even among colleges , Colleges considered AMCAT score as placement guarantee score but reality was that AMCAT can only tell you where your students are but in actual you need solution “How to improve” AMCAT does not give you this , so colleges need a basic performance upraisal model , which may give students and colleges a model through which they can increase emloy bility of there students not just know it. For details visit AMCAT Alternative.
  •  Visibility: College gets visibility to companies, leading to long-term relationships.
  • Feedback: College gets a feedback report regarding skills of students and suggestion on how to improve employability of students in the future.
  • Accessibility: AMCAT provides easy access to jobs from mass-recruiting companies that do not visit the campus.
  • Increased Job Chances: Multi-dimensional test uncovers candidates’ strengths and enhances job chances.
  • Job in multiple Profile: Opportunity for job in diverse sectors &various profiles


AMCAT provides engineers detailed input on their employability for entry level in jobs in IT services, IT Products, KPOs, BPOs, IT Infrastructure and core manufacturing companies. The diagnostics and job match allow the candidates to identify their weaknesses and plan the appropriate training to improve employability in their sectors.

In a recent development , what we have experienced is that , AMCAT is indulged in sales of information of candidates data to companies which are selling JOB offers. Once you take AMCAT test you get mails from different consultants , who can specify your AMCAT ID and call you for a JOB and ask money for it.  Ruva customer services PVT LTD does not say that AMCAT sends those companies to students to get money but AMCAT sales students data to companies without verifying credibility of companies and thus , if you get JOB call or mail after taking AMCAT test , please verify yourself about credibility of company.

In a recent drive of Cognizant , students who had appeared in AMCAT had got interview call or in better words , we can say that candidates were informed that interview is being conducted for students who have secured certain marks of AMCAT exam but after reaching in drive , candidates were asked again for written test and shortlisting was done in that , which clearly shows devaluation of AMCAT exam results. This drive was conducted at Galgotia university Noida.

For AMCAT Sample paper in pdf form follow the given links: 
1) Aspiring Minds Placement Papers
2) Aspiring Minds Sample Papers

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MyAmcat or AMCAT of Aspiring minds has been trying to compete with its competetiors like E-Litmus , which is very famous in southern part of country and many students feel E-Litmus to be a better source to get placed than that of their colleges placement sessions but AMCAT of aspiring minds has not been able to make a mark in eyes of corporate , I remember from my own instance when , I was contacted by team of Aspiring minds to hire candidates on basis of AMCAT marks and , I thought to give it a try but I was not convinced with marks offered to students and I found variation in exam , some time a student with good subject knowledge has got less marks in first AMCAT test and when they appear for second time , their marks increases.

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