Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?????

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are we Indians quality concious

Are Indians less quality concious

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?????

Are Indians Less Quality Conscious who knows at least not Me , i do not want to say that but as much we will take this quickly that we need to get off it. The very fact of being quality conscious depends upon ones financial status. Means no person will buy a product of inferior quality intentionally.I think every one wants to wear Armani as suite , Rolex as watch , Ferrari as car but what matters is money.

India is a country where Vertu even sales with Nokia 1100 , origanals have same market size that of duplicates by revenue. Those who can afford goes for quality else pocket size matters

Some one had rightly said “Money is not God but For God sake its not less than God”

If someone is buying a product of poor quality, then it may be because of that individual’s lack of knowledge, or may be that person is obsessed by some particular brand or it may that his financial condition is weak.

When it comes to financial condition, even though the person is poor he will try to get best deal within his budget. So one can’t say that he is compromising with quality, because that is the best he can afford!

The best example of quality consciousness we get to see in our daily life is the scene in a vegetable market. There we can see people fetching and arguing with vendors for good quality in least possible price.
Indians are not having less quality consciousness. India is a fastest developing country in the world. In India, there 3 kinds of people living they are.

1. RICH PEOPLE-wants to buy quality products.

2. MIDDLE CLASS-wants to buy a product which depends on their income status.

3. POOR CLASS-always wants to buy more number of products by using low amount of pelf.

In India people try to buy products within their budget. They does not buy less quality products intentionally. In India most of the population comes under middle class and poor class families whose income is not much. Most of them cannot even arrange meals twice a day. It is not because of their lack of knowledge or understanding about quality but it is due to their low income that they cannot afford best quality products. It is because of their income that they have to compromise with the quality of product.

In India, most of the people are uneducated so they don’t know the quality of products & villages are backbone of the India which is depends on the agriculture of villages.
Being quality conscious is not just about buying branded items, but it is about getting best deal in ones budget. And Indians do it very well !!

My point is that our people are neither quality conscious nor quantity conscious. Depending upon their standard of living, they decide which will suites their life. They are thinking about their future and spend according to the products they buy. For example, our people consider quality on health based products and quantity on use and throw products. The two things that conclude the quality consciousness of Indians are illiteracy and poverty.
Finally Indian people are well planned humans.

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10 Responses to Are Indians Less Quality Conscious?????

  1. Deshitha says:


  2. Deshitha says:
  3. sachin pratap says:

  4. Neha S says:

    Its not we INDIANS are less quality conscious, the fact is that there is only a limited no of people (Hi class) who can afford the best quality, whereas the middle class and the lower division people they too opt for the best quality for which they are able to pay. Moreover a quality cannot be generalized it depends from person to person, something that is of high quality to me cannot be for someone else.

  5. Rashmi Rani says:

    Hi friends, in my point of view Indians are less quality conscious because good quality product requires high price in general, but as we know that in India their are all three types of class-rich, middle, poor, but last two class ie middle and poor class of people are more in our country. So they can’t afford such a high price, so they are bound to manage with those product which has less price or brand-less product. But i think just to agree with this point will not help,we need to improve the lifestyle of middle class and poor class people. So that they are not bound to depend on brand less products and first look for quality and then the price.

    Their would be one more reason that today still there are lots of uneducated people in our country and prefer to follow their tradition as well as quality doesn’t mean to them anything but only quantity, they even don’t know about branded product and used to of buying priceless things.

  6. Ritika says:

    See, its not the “indians” who are less conscious about the quality; but its the collective categoey of the people who have limited amount to spend & target to have a sufficient quantity……, thus compromising on quality!
    Indians have a history of the people for whom luxuries were everything, but this history had the characters whi were exquisitely rich.

  7. Ankita Prajapati says:

    Indians are not so much quality conscious in comparison to western countries. But the reason behind it is obvious because most of us do not have enough resources to spend on branded things. Another thing I would like to say that we are still on the way of mahatma Gandhi simple living high thought….

  8. sakshi chaudhary says:

    In India, most of the people are uneducated so they don’t know the quality of products ….but now a days media is playing a important role to aware the society ….

  9. Saurabh Singh says:

    Yes it is right we think first about quantity and then about cost and after that quality comes..but it varies according to people living standard and status in society…

  10. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Indians rely mostly on cost.. most of the populace covers the section of middle class families and they easily compromise upon quality for cost!

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