Audio Engineering Colleges in India

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List of Audio Engineering Colleges in India


Audio engineering is also called audio technology which requires an audio technician to be a specialist in a skilled trade that deals with the use of machinery and equipment for the recording, mixing and reproduction of sounds. The field draws on many artistic and vocational areas, including electronics, acoustics, psychoacoustics and music. An audio engineer is proficient with different types of recording media, such as analog tape, digital multi-track recorders and workstations and computer knowledge. With the coming of digital age, it is becoming more and more important for the audio technician to be versed in the understanding of software and hardware integration from synchronization to analog to digital transfers.

Audio engineering concerns the creative and practical aspects of sounds and music, in contrast with the formal engineering discipline known as acoustical engineering. Audio engineer uses machinery and records to record, synchronize mix or reproduce music, voices, sounds effects etc. He or she can work in the movie, music recording, theatre or video games industries. Audio engineers may also be called sound engineering technicians, recording engineers or sound engineers.


To become an audio engineer one can attend a vocational program that usually lasts about a year. A student must have basic knowledge in Physics and Mathematics as they have to undergo many calculations. Audio engineers also must gain much of their knowledge and skills through on-the- job training.

To become a successful audio engineer one should be well trained in any degree or diploma courses in audiography, sound recording, sound engineering and audio engineering. Audio engineers come from backgrounds such as fine arts, broadcasting, music or electronics. Many colleges and accredited institutions around the world offer degrees in audio engineering such as B. Sc in audio production.

Different Professional Branches

There are four distinct steps to commercial production of a recording which are recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Typically, each is performed by a sound engineer who specializes only in that part of production.

·         Studio Engineer

·         Recording Engineer

·         Assistant Engineer

·         Mixing Engineer

·         Mastering Engineer

·         Game Audio Designer Engineer

·         Live Sound Engineer

·         Foldback or Monitor Engineer

·         Systems Engineer

·         Audio Post Engineer


Job Prospects

One can find job opportunities in the field of movies, television, advertising, broad casting, live concerts, multimedia organizations, CD production, schools and so on.


Audio engineering is one of the careers that bring recognition along with money. Depending up on the hard work and efforts one puts in his work, he gets money. Most of the companies may pay the remuneration around and above Rs 10,000 per month to their audio engineers. A recognized engineer can easily get a high salary from the industry.

Audio Engineering Colleges in India:-

  • Indian Institute of Science- Bangalore
  • Indian  Maritime University- Tamil Nadu
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University- Delhi
  • International College for Girls- Rajasthan
  • Internatinal Maritime Institute- Uttar Pradesh

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14 Responses to Audio Engineering Colleges in India

  1. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    This is an important department of engineering that deals with the use of machinery and equipment for the recording, mixing and reproduction of sounds. Today it has a huge market demand. The sectors which are open for it, all are given into that article along with the details of the best colleges. So, i hope that before choosing that sector as career prospective, all have to go through that article once…

  2. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    AUDIO ENGINEERING also called audio technician, audio technologist, recording engineer, sound engineer, sound operator, or sound technician, is a specialist in a skilled trade that deals with the use of machinery and equipment for the recording, mixing and reproduction of sounds. The field draws on many artistic and vocational areas, including electronics, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and music….. although it sounds new but have a vast scope… Check this article out!!!! INFORMATIVE!!!!!

  3. shreya sarkar says:

    “Audio Engineering” the name itself sounds fascinating. It’s a new scope in engineering. This page gives a list of the Audio Engineering Colleges in India. Students who want to exploit this new and interesting field must certainly go through this page.


    Audio engineering although sound new,scope in this career is vast.This career is full of excitement and adventure.Engineers will deal with regulation of sound level,preparing recording sessions,mixing and editing voices,music etc.Students who want to take up this career should go the article above.

  5. aratrika sengupta says:

    Audio engineers are generally familiar with the design, installation, and/or operation of sound recording, sound reinforcement, or sound broadcasting equipment, including large and small format consoles. In the recording studio environment, the audio engineer records, edits, manipulates, mixes, or masters sound by technical means in order to realize an artist’s or record producer’s creative vision. While usually associated with music production, an audio engineer deals with sound for a wide range of applications, including post-production for video and film, live sound reinforcement, advertising, multimedia, and broadcasting. When referring to video games, an audio engineer may also be a computer programmer.
    New but interesting prospect of career and hence if interested to continue here, please refer to this list.

  6. Atif Pall says:

    If you want to excel in a career in sound production then your future starts here.
    With an emphasis on face-to-face tutorials and practical work, this Audio Engineering degree will equip you with hands-on experience and a solid foundation in the technical skills of studio, live and broadcast production.Interested students must go through the article .A nice piece of information containing some good colleges offering education in this field of technology.

  7. diya mukherjee says:

    audio engineering is a very uniqie topic and hasn’t been explored much. students interested in field, wants to explore this part of science can get the names of colleges that offers audio engineering in india.this article gives you the name of colleges of audio engineering along with the tails of those colleges.

  8. Vipin Sahu says:

    Audio engineering itself sounds unique.It deal’s with sound mixing,recording and reproduction.Today there is great demand for audio engineers in movies,music recording etc. This post is very helpful for those who really want to make carrer in audio engineering as it provides complete information regarding Colleges,branches that deals with audio engineering.

  9. Amit Kumar says:

    Audio/Sound engineers make high quality recordings of music, speech and sound effects in recording studios. They use complex electronic equipment to record sound for: commercial music recordings, radio, television, film and commercials, corporate videos, websites, computer, video and mobile games.As a sound engineer your work would involve planning recording sessions with producers and artists, setting up microphones and equipment in the studio, setting the right sound levels and dynamics, operating equipment for recording, mixing, mastering, sequencing and sampling, recording each instrument or item onto a separate track, monitoring and balancing sound levels, mixing tracks to produce a final ‘master’ track and logging tapes. Come, join in a course of audio engineer for a brighter future.

  10. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    Audio engineering is one of the most unique form engineering that any individual might have heard of. And very few people have the knowledge that the demand of audio engineers are very high irrespective of the rarity in the market. We all know that music is a very old form of entertainment and decade by decade we have just witnessed the advancement and innovation in field of music. This is the job of an audio engineer starting right from creating to mixing to recording using various equipment and their maintenance. Nowadays amplification is also included in this engineering. These colleges do a very remarkable job enhancing and promoting this type of engineering.

  11. Seema Mishra says:

    In India, the career options for sound engineers are vast.This is an exciting career that puts you right in the middle of the sound action. A sound engineer is the professional who is trained to make all audio sound as good as it can get. This means adjusting the pitch, tone, track, resonance, volume and many other variables. Sound engineers do a lot to improve all sorts of audio behind the scenes. Those aspiring to make a career in the field should have a keen interest and lobe for music. An audio engineer requires a combination of creativity, technical knowledge and an aptitude for working with electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems and equipment. So this article will guide you in choosing audio engineering as a career option and also pursuing it from a well recognized college.Go through this article.!!!

  12. Rashmi Rani says:

    Sound technicians are required to assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound.They identify the sound requirements for a given task or situation and perform the appropriate actions to produce this sound. Sound technicians of different types are required in a range of industries including film, broadcasting (radio or television), live performance (theatre, music, dance), advertising and audio recordings. Technicians often provide their knowledge and expertise, especially during events where audio equipment is a central component, such as concerts. If you are considering a career as an audio technician, the need for employees exists. So this article will guide you in choosing audio engineering as a career option and also pursuing it from a well recognized college.

  13. patlakshi says:

    audio engineering has become very popular nowadays. It has been emerged out to be quiet interesting branch in todays world.

  14. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Audio engineering deals with the making of analog audio and digital audio signals. This field of engineering is now emerging with many ideas. software as well as hardware both are designed in this field of engineering.It has come with many opportunities in commercial market !!!!!

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