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  • dsp

    DSP Interview Questions And Answers

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    DSP Digital signal processing interview questions Q1.- Classify signals. Ans1. Continuous-time, continuous amplitude (Analog Signals) Discrete time, continuous amplitude Continuous time, discrete amplitude Discrete-time, discrete-amplitude Click on Whatapp


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    This information will be useful for those who are looking in a nutshell the steps involved to start a Private Limited company in India 1. First and foremost identify the Directors of the Company. Minimum of two directors need to present and Maximum of 8 is


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    Everyone want to be a success,something to be proud of. Some people want to be a rockstar, someone better student, some want a highly paid job while some may want a highly successful business like Google or Facebook. Dreams are limitless and so do the

  • About Blood Cancer

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    About Blood Cancer Blood Cancer is the disease in which the normal blood cell development is hindered by growth of an abnormal type of blood cells. These abnormal cells will grow uncontrollably and leads to the prevention of certain blood functions like

  • Medical College in Maharashtra

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    Medical colleges are the institutions which create miraculous medical professionals which maintain the lifeline of a country. There are thousands of medical colleges across India which create Doctors to nation. India is a Billion plus population country and

  • arts colleges in Delhi


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    TOP ARTS COLLEGES IN DELHI Delhi  is the national capital of India,stands on the Yamuna river.It is one of the four metro-cities of india. Delhi and its nearby region is called Delhi-NCR consists

  • Arts Colleges In TamilNadu

    Top Arts Colleges In TamilNadu

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    Top Arts Colleges In TamilNadu Out of 28 states in India, Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai is the largest city. It has the second largest state economy in India. The state has the highest number (10.56 per cent) of business enterprises and stands second in

  • Top Arts Colleges In Orissa

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    Odisha(or Orrisa) is situated on the North-East coast of India. It was known as Kalinga in ancient times and was popularly known for the bravery of its people in Ashoka’s time as it was the only place in the India which the great king Ashoka failed to

  • Top Arts Colleges In Punjab

    Top Arts Colleges In Punjab

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    Punjab is a state in the North-West of the Republic of India. Agriculture is the largest industry in Punjab. Punjab is the largest single producer of wheat in India. Other major industries include the manufacturing of scientific instruments, agricultural

  • list top arts colleges in Madhya Pradesh

    Top Arts Colleges In Madhya Pradesh

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    Madhya Pradesh (MP) known as “THE HEART OF INDIA” is a state in Central India and got this name due to its geographical location. It is the second largest state of our country and its capital is Bhopal. The state is rich in mineral resources, and