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  • GRE syllabus 2018

    GRE Exam Syllabus 2018

    Feb 15, 18 • 72066 Views • GRE Syllabus9 Comments

    GRE syllabus 2017 You know what they say-an International Degree is always an International degree. In this article we have tried to bring GRE Syllabus 2018 for you. Want to study abroad? Fascinated by the foreign universities’ huge campus and world-class

  • elitmus


    Jan 17, 18 • 15060 Views • Resources37 Comments

    elitmus Introduction–   1.  It is an aptitude test. 2. It is pen and paper test, no longer administered online. 3. This test is designed to complete in 2hours. As in the present scenario, every person have only one need .that need is called MONEY ,So

  • Basic Networking questions

    Jan 15, 18 • 8485 Views • Engineering, Engineering Notes, Engineering Sample Papers, Gate, General Knowledge, Resources, software testing4 Comments

    During any interview generally candidates of CS & IT and Electronics & Telecommunication background have to face questions from networking therefore candidates must prepare some networking interview questions.These are basic networking questions that

  • Top Colleges for BAMS

    Top Colleges for BAMS and its future prospect

    Apr 27, 17 • 33374 Views • Medical, Top Colleges47 Comments

    (B.A.M.S.) Bachelor of Ayurveda and Surgery  BAMS, Medicine and Surgery is a medical degree made for those who have studied about  the  modern medicine and traditional Ayurveda. It is 5 ½ years course. (4 ½ year course and 1-year internship) But

  • Sample paper of Bank Clerical exam

    Apr 18, 17 • 7004 Views • Bank Sample Papers13 Comments

    Sample paper of Bank clerical exam  consists of 25 Numerical Ability questions.These questions will be really helpful for any bank clerical exam. What should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following questions ? 1. 21363 + 37 + 5637 + 219 + 8 +


    Mar 4, 17 • 24148 Views • Engineering Notes7 Comments

    Interview questions on OPAMP  1) What is CMRR? Ans CMRR is defined as the ratio of differential voltage gain (Ad) to common mode voltage gain (Acm). The formula for CMRR is given below: CMRR = Ad/Acm 2) What is characteristic of Ideal OPAMP? Important

  • medical colleges in Delhi

    Top medical colleges in Delhi

    Jan 27, 17 • 45162 Views • Medical, Top Colleges43 Comments

    Delhi is the capital of India and hence it has always remained as a hub of education. In its long history, many top-notch medical colleges  have been established here. Some of them conduct entrance exams of their own while others are affiliated to Delhi

  • SSC Power Coaching In Noida

    Interview Questions on Microprocessor with Answers and pdf

    Sep 22, 15 • 92219 Views • Resources88 Comments

    Introduction Candidates preparing for any recruitment or interview and have added microprocessor in to their resumes and looking for a good set of interview questions on microprocessor as initial preparation. In this section, we have provided a set of

  • Analog Communication Interview Questions and Answers

    Sep 15, 15 • 114930 Views • Engineering Notes, Notes51 Comments

    Introduction Analog Communication is a data transmitting technique in which information signal is transmitted in analog nature. This always utilizes continuous signals to transmit data which may obtained from audio, image, video etc. An Analog signal is a

  • Indian Army UES-25

    Feb 12, 15 • 25165 Views • Resources19 Comments

                        Introduction to Indian Army : UES-25 Indian Army is a component of Indian Armed forces which ensures National security and defense. The primary concern of establishing Indian Army is to Provide security from external