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  • Chapterwise Class X Chemistry Formulas

    Jan 22, 18 • 2554 Views • Board Sample Papers4 Comments

    Class X chemistry formulas Class X chemistry formulas basic syllabus of Chemistry in class 10th comprises of ‘Chemical Reactions and equations’,’ Acids, bases and salts’ and ‘Metals and Non – metals’. The formulae

  • Cyber Crime Investigation

    Nov 13, 13 • 2442 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    A global study has found that the cyber attackers with each of its successful attack are inflicting heavy financial losses to organisations, be it a small sized organisation, medium sized or large sized. The losses that happen are due to the theft of

  • Computer Crime-Yet Another Forms

    Nov 9, 13 • 3283 Views • Group DiscussionNo Comments

    Computer crime is going vast day by day. There are now a number of ways in which the computer attackers can have impact on the lives of other individuals . So, computer crime and some of their forms are upcoming topic for group discussion which are to be

  • World Cyber Crime Cases

    Nov 8, 13 • 4324 Views • Opinion1 Comment

    The Cyber Crime is affecting our society on its root level. Individuals are being affected by it in each and every part  of the world. Some of the cases to showcase their impact are described in here. To start with, which is a very popular social

  • Online Frauds : Trading and Sharing Frauds

    Oct 22, 13 • 1008 Views • GeneralNo Comments

    A number of recent online frauds cases demonstrate the extent to which this  medium creates potential for vast losses. Consider the scenario in which the victim’s account passwords are stolen and his accounts are misused for making fraudulent bank

  • Cyber Crime – Is it a real threat to World ?

    Oct 21, 13 • 4983 Views • Engineering Notes, GeneralNo Comments

    Cyber Crime – A Real Threat  To The World !! Today’s world have become more and more dependent on the use of computers and networks and they have become central to each and every field existing, so the grown importance of the computers have lead

  • Class 9 Chemistry Formulae

    Sep 4, 13 • 2504 Views • Notes3 Comments

    Class IX, the pre-board class keeps the foundation of class XI, syllabus being similar. Hence one should start its preparation at the earliest. will be helping you in doing so. Keeping notes is easy when every formula is available on a single

  • Formulae of Class X Physics from Electricity and Magnetic Effects of Current

    Sep 4, 13 • 66832 Views • Notes108 Comments

    Clas X is the first phase for every student to face the burden of a national level competition. Here is helping you to revise and keep notes of some important formulae, topics and chapters. The post describes some formulae of Class X physics

  • Does Film Media Violence Cause Violent Crime?

    Jan 25, 13 • 4747 Views • Group Discussion28 Comments

    Violence in the media has been a concern over a long period of time. People raise concerns about scenes of violence in films, television and other forms of media and this have lead to several laws being passed, each restricting content in television, films

  • Is Globalization Really Necessary?

    Jan 19, 13 • 13563 Views • Group Discussion15 Comments

    National economic development is powered by competition and competition is powered by Globalization. Globalization, in its broader terms, is a combination of integrity in technological, socio-cultural, political and economical components. It brings together