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What Is Banking : Banking is one in all the key drivers of the economy. It provides the liquidity required for families aaaaand businesses to take a position for the longer term. Bank loans and credit means that families haven’t got to save lots of up before reaching to faculty or shopping for a house, and firms will begin hiring now to make for future demand and growth. Credit has gotten a foul name, due to the 2008 monetary crisis, however that is solely as a result of it had been unregulated, used for consumption rather than investment, and allowed to make a bubble. Banks provides a secure place to save lots of excess money, called deposits. The results of deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, rather than sitting uselessly below the pad. Banks primarily create cash by charging higher interest rates on their loans than they buy deposits.

Imortance of Banking : All banks that are enclosed within the Second Schedule to the depository financial institution imagesof India Act, 1934 are scheduled  Banks. These banks comprise scheduled  business Banks and scheduled  Co-operative Banks. Scheduled  business Banks in India area unit categorized into 5 completely different teams consistent with their possession and nature of operation. These bank teams are :

  • Banking concern of India and its Associates
  • Nationalised Banks
  • Personal Sector Banks
  • Foreign Banks
  • Regional Rural Banks.

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In the bank group-wise classification, IDBI Bank Ltd. is enclosed in Nationalized Banks. Scheduled  Co-operative Banks encompass scheduled  State Co-operative Banks and scheduled  Urban Cooperative Banks. The Indian industry plays a crucial role within the economic development of the country and is the most dominant phase of the monetary sector. Banks facilitate channel savings to investments and encourage economic growth by allocating savings to investments that have potential to yield higher returns. India’s industry could be a sturdy one and is classed into business banks and co-operative credit institutions. Business banks include :

  • Scheduled  business banks (SCBs)
  • Non-scheduled business banks.

SCBs area unit additional classified into public sector banks (PSBs), personal banks, foreign banks and regional
rural banks (RRBs). Co-operative credit establishments embody the varied co-operative banks. As on Mar, 2012 the Indian industry comprised 87 SCBs, 82 RRBs, 618 Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) and 94,531 rural cooperative credit establishments. As on Dec 2012, the Indian industry comprised one 165 SCBs together with RRBs. Significance of SCBs within the Indian economy. The Indian banking industry’s contribution to gross domestic product has affected together with growth within the Indian economy.

Syllabus for Bank Probationary Officer (PO) Exams :

1. Test of Reasoning/Mental Ability/Aptitude : This section typically tries to check the reasoning talents and mental power of the candidate. Questions are asked mainly from the subsequent categories :

  • Number Series
  • Alphabet Series
  • Test of Direction Sense
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Number Ranking
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Problems on Age Calculation
  • Blood Relations
  • Analogy
  • Decision Making


  • Non Verbal Series
  • Mirror pictures
  • Cubes and Dice
  • Grouping Identical Figures
  • Embedded Figures etc

2. Quantitative Aptitude : This section tests the quantitative and mathematical skills of the candidate. Questions are asked mainly from the following categories :


  •  Number system
  •  HCF, LCM
  •  Simplification
  •  Decimal Fractions
  •  Ratio and Proportion
  •  Unitary Method
  •  Percentage
  •  Time and Distance
  •  Time and Work
  •  Profit and Loss
  •  Average
  •  Simple and Compound  interest
  •  Mensuration (2D and 3D)
  •  Algebra
  •  Data Interpretation

3. English : This section is meant to check the language talents and understanding of English Grammer. Questions are asked mainly from the following categories :


  •  Verb
  •  Adverb
  •  Subject Verb Agreement
  •  Error Correction
  •  Tenses
  •  Sentence Rearrangement
  •  Fill within the Blanks with Articles, Modals etc
  •  Comprehension
  •  Unseen Passages
  •  Vocabulary
  •  Synonyms
  •  Antonyms

4. General Awareness : This section checks whether or not the candidate keep himself upto date with the world around them. Questions are asked mainly from the following categories :


  •  Current Affairs (National and International)
  •  Major Financial/Economic News
  •  Budget and 5 Year Plans
  •  Who’s Who
  •  Sports
  •  Books and Authors
  •  Awards and Honors
  •  Science – Inventions and Discoveries
  •  Abbreviations
  •  Important Days
  •  National and International Organizations
Topic Classes
alphabetical series 5
Coding and decoding 5
Simple mathematical Reasoning 5
odd one out 10
relational ranking 5
time sequence set 5
Series completion and finding missing figures 5
some types of figure images etc 15
                           Quantitative Aptitude
Topic Classes
Number Series 5
HCF , LCM Simplification 5
Ratio Proportions 3
Algebra 1
Percentage and averages 4
Profit and Loss 3
Mensuration(2D 3D) 3
Simple and Compound Interest 3
Time and Work 3
Time and Distance 2
Probability 2
Boats and Streams 1
Unitary Method 5
Professional Knowledge
Topic Classes
Current Affairs 15
Graduation Level Questions 15
Topic Classes
One word Substitution 2
Verb , Adverb 2
Spelling check 5
Error Correction 5
Tenses 5
Sentence Rearrangement 5
Fill in the blanks 5
comprehension 5
Unseen Passages 5
Vocabulary 5
Synonyms 5
Antonyms 5
IBPS IT Officer
Topic Classes
C Programming basics 13
ALU(Arithmetic logical Unit) 2
MS Office 5
Windows OS 5
Data Communication 5
Networking and Security 5
Web Technologies 5
Basics of Hardware 5
Software Engineering 5


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