Benefits of taking political science as optional subject for the UPSC CSE examination.

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Most people have the query like, what kind of optional subject should they choose for a UPSC examination.

There is no easy or tough optional subject. It all about your interests in the subject and sometimes your background like your graduation.

FirstThing that you should do is to go for General studies for 3 to 4 months. After that look for the notes of the optional subjects available in the market.

Have a look on the previous year question paper of that particular optional subjects. Talk to the people who have taken the particular optional subject to get the Rough idea.

Let’s discuss what are the benefits of taking political science as an optional subject?

If you are from the engineering background then for your arts, polity, anthropology all are at same level.

  • You will be getting around 9 to 10 question from the Indian freedom movement and 16 to 20 question from Indian Polity and governance section. So if you choose political Science as an optional subject you will get the benefit in the preliminary examination.
  • The biggest advantage with political science objective is that you gain broad knowledge of the current things going on. That you can utilize in the general studies section.
  • The essay paper that you will be having in the UPSC CSE examination will definitely have two questions from the political science. After choosing the political science subject as an optional for UPSC CSE examination you would be in the very good position to crack those two questions very well.
  • The Very big advantage of choosing political science as an optional subjectis it relevance and interlinking property.In previous year in the essay paper there was a question from relevance of non alignment movement which is the topic from the international relations. You will have fact, statistics and data prepared for these kind of topics.
  • You can use the knowledge of the political science subject in GS subjects. It becomes the kind of supplement for yourself is it rude Political Science as a optional subject for yourself. See it will reduce your burden. Disadvantage of Political Science as like it syllabus is very huge.
  • Every year people gs2 for the very simple reason most of the topics are covered in the optional subject itself.

Actually in the GS 4 section there is one part of thinkers that you study in the political offset part of the optional subject as well 60 very great advantage review of for the political science as optional for yourself.

  • In the interview of UPSC CSE you will again the advantage because irrespective of what is your optional subject people will discuss few questions from the international relations.

How to write answers when you take Political Science as the optional subject?

Remember The answer of the GS should look different from the political science optional answer.

  • Use scholar views, facts, technical words in the optional subject to score well in political science.
  • You should have to give the views of the constitutional experts in the polity as well to score well in the subject.
  • If you do the section wise analysis then the paper 1 of UPSC CSE examination is mostly static. The pattern has been the same for past few years as well.
  • Polity Part is huge as per the syllabus. But if you prepare well you will get an edge over the others. The basic knowledge of political science will be tested in part an only. In part B there will be polity.

Prepare thought theory ideologies.

Piyush sir notes.

  • If you talk about plateau or Aristotle just top much technical into the answers. Start with the books they have written and their quotations. Write like the political life. Knowledgeable personal. Not the general human being.
  • Analyse previous year question papers and its answer as well. You will get to know whether you are on the right track or not.
  • Incorporate the recent examples as well.

If you use new dimensions, statistics then examiner will also feel likethe aspirant is trying to interconnect things and is knowledgeable.

Cover all the thinkers and thoughts even of the Indian or Western point Do not leave any.

Part b (Indian Government and politics)

  • Basic material for this section is laxmikanth that anyway you have to read it.
  • I will advise you to even follow the DD Basu.
  • Notes of GS score also available that you can use to score good in the political science optional subject.

It is very important to stick to the syllabus only. Because already the syllabus of UPSC CSE is very vast.

You will get one question on the centre state relationship, role of women in the Panchayati Raj. These are the various artist should not miss out.

Make the list of The Scholars and write down their views. This will help you out very much in the UPSC CSE examination.

If you read Indian Express then in that you will get many topics for this. You will have in edition over others if you make your own thoughts in one copy. Because what others are doing if you also do the same you will not get very good marks.

For national movement I suggest you to read Bipin Chandra. There are many perspectives on the national movement those are very important. You can see that every year you will get question from it.

HOW to prepare for Paper 2 with political science as optional

It needs for political science knowledge. That you will gain gradually. India and the world also share many identities from the GS.

Read book Global politics by Andrew Hayward.

Don’t read every book for from cover to cover. How much is important from that book just read that. Do not waste your time.

IGNOU material on political science also very good.

Before you start paper to one thing that I want to advise you is to read the world history from the core heart.

For world history read these topics

  • Unification.
  • Circumstances.
  • Events.
  • World war.

Here you can get the notes of the various optional subjects in the UPSC CSE examination in the PDF format.

I hope this article will be of major useful for you. In case of any doubt, just comment in the comment box. Our team try to answer you in 1 day.


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