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Berlitz Questions are asked during training in different BPO or call centers like that of HCL , you can prepare for those questions from here

  1. How has your day been so far?

Ans: Answer should be always positive like : I got from bed at 6 AM and had to come for interview , so I brushed up my skills by reading news paper and listening to news , which is my hobby as well . Then I took bath and dressed up properly for interviews

2. Dream destination.

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Ans: Any destination which you have not visited so far in life but you should have knowledge of that place (basic knowledge ) as in why you want to visit that place . Like I want to visit Vienna to see through the water city as concept of floating market has always fascinated me.

3. Do you like traveling? What all places you have been to? Describe a place.

Ans : I do not like travelling can be a simple answer but will pose a negative attitude towards learning thus you need to give name of few places which you have visited already in past and take up place you are well acquainted with. Never take up high fi places which you have not visitedTalk about your hobbies.

4. Describe your favorite hobby.

Ans : As in beginning you have described your hobby as news paper reading or listening to news channels , you can say that but for that you should have knowledge of recent news running across media at national or international level else add up some simple hobbies like any game which you play on regular basis

5. Describe the most memorable day of your life.

Ans : This question tells interviewer about you , if you say that Most memorable day of my life was the day I got my 10th result or some thing related to career or If its your first job then it can be the day when you got your offer letter for the job . This means you are some one who is career centrist and if you give answer like , the day my brother was born says that you are family oriented.

6.Describe the most embarrassing day of your life.

Ans : Again this question judges you on your attitude , your most embarrassing day will tell a lot about you and tells your attitude , even answers like “when I lost a cricket match” can be a negative answer , so choose an answer where you can prove that you learnt some thing from your most embarrassing day , It can be like I missed train when I had to reach in marriage ceromany of my friend to whom I had committed

7.Describe your favorite movie.

Ans : Again I would say that Berlitz Questions have been designed in the way that you can not hide your self and a simple question like this is to know what kind of person you are Romantic , violent , Family oriented , Jolly mooed or serious , choose your answer carefully as you may have to describe why

8.Describe you favorite book.

Ans: If it would not have been a BPO interview then i would tricked Berlitz Questions with simple answer “R. D Sharma Mathematics ”  but here I should not say that , so i need to choose a book which i have actually read  , if not then simple answer will be I have never been enthusiastic in reading books as It takes tooooo long to know one story. Even Bhagwat Geeta can be best answer , IF YOU HAVE READ IT

Below are more Berlitz Questions for you to answer which you can answer easily

  1. Indian marriages.
  2. Indian Festivals.
  3. Effects of Internet on youth.
  4. Education system in India.
  5. Status of women in sports.
  6. Are youth brand conscious?
  7. Are people in India health conscious?
  8. School days. Describe your school campus.
  9. College Days. Describe your college campus.
  10. Typical mall in your area / India.
  11. Transport facilities in your area.
  12. Traffic situation in your city.
  13. Describe your hometown.
  14. North Indian food.
  15. Compare your hometown with the city you live in (If different).
  16. Talk about Noida.
  17. Sources of entertainment in your city.
  18. Commonwealth games.
  19. Global Warming.
  20. Pollution.
  21. When I visited India few years ago, I saw kids at the traffic signal selling stuff. Do they still do it??
  22. What is a hill station?
  23. Adventure sports.
  24. Childhood days.
  25. Favorite dish. How to prepare it?
  26. Latest technology.
  27. Best technology.
  28. Upcoming technology.
  1. Again some tricky Berlitz questions
  1. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Ans: A very important Berlitz questions which make interviewer understand what you are seeking from your life and how that get correlated with growth of company

30 What do you look for in a job?

Ans: Here choose your answer with caution , your answer should neither be too much ambitious nor too much de motivated , your answer should be like I want to see my self as Manager or Senior Manager in any process or division.

  1. Talk about your best friend.

Actually whats gets checked is your inclination towards your friends and types and attributes of people around you

  1. What qualities do you look for in a friend

Ans: Here in Berlitz questions during interview from this question an interviewer wants to see what are qualities of your friend which you like , indirectly your likes and dislikes are being checked.

  1. our ideal in life.
  2. If you get a chance to meet your favorite personality or world leader. Who would it be and what would you discuss?
  3. Your daily routine.
  4. If you are given a chance what would you like to change about your past?
  5. Three things you want to change in you.
  6. Any of your family member’s daily routine.
  7. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
  8. How do you celebrate your birthday?
  9. How do you spend your weekend?

Ans: Your English grammar is checked where you need to keep in mind that you you start in present continuous tense then continue your whole explanation in present continuous

  1. How did you spend your weekend?

Ans: Motto of asking this question in berlitz question is to see that for a BPO interview how well your past tense is.

  1. How are you planning to spend you weekend?

Ans: keep in mind that Berlitz questions are very tricky in terms of English Grammar and again when question is being asked about future tense during interview then answer in a BPO interview should be in future tense only

  1. How would I plan my trip to India?
  2. What are the things I need to keep in mind when I visit India?
  3. What is the place you would suggest me to visit? What all things I need to carry while I am packing my bags?
  4. What is the place you suggest me to stay away from and why?
  5. Your favorite subject in school and why?
  6. Your favorite teacher in school and why?
  7. How different is Indian music from Western music?
  8. How is the weather like?
  9. How Delhi has evolved/ has changed in the last few years?
  10. Does music play an important role in a person’s life?
  11. Describe the place where you usually spend your leisure time.
  12. What do you paint? Describe your favorite painting?
  13. Describe your favorite song?
  14. What are the opportunities available for people in your country you do not go for higher education?
  15. What are the facilities available for people in your country who cannot afford education?
  16. Describe an amusement park.
  17. How will your friends describe you?
  18. What is your favorite color and why do you like it?
  19. Medical facilities in your country.
  20. Popular sport in India.
  21. Which dance is most popular in the region you live in?
  22. What is the role of dancing in people’s lives?
  23. Where can you buy books in your city?
  24. What do you like about reality shows? What are the merits and demerits of reality shows?
  25. Voting system in India.
  26. Stock market.
  27. What is your aim in life? How do you hope to achieve it?
  28. What is the effect of brain drain on the economy of a country? Or how is the economy of a country affected when a large number of its skilled or highly qualified people migrate to other countries?
  29. Places to visit in your city / Country.
  30. What is the importance of college in one’s life?
  31. Why Engineering?
  32. Difference between Govt. and Private school?
  33. Plans for the weekend / evening?
  34. Technology Boon or Bane?
  35. Describe yourself as a person?
  36. How would you utilize your knowledge and the information that you gathered during your graduation in your current profile?
  37. Are we getting addicted to technology?
  38. What are the effects of Internet on children? Do you think children should have access to Internet?
  39. If you were not going to wok in call center industry can you name 3 other jobs you think you would do well in?
  40. Divorce rate in India?
  41. Secret behind the success of Indian marriages?
  42. If you have the power to solve one particular problem. Which problem would you address and how would you go about solving that problem?
  43. Do you think violence in video games affect the users?
  44. How are the new malls and old malls?
  45. If you had a choice would you rather pay for things with cash or credit cards or some other way?
  46. How north Indian cuisine is different from south Indian cuisine?
  47. India has different regions which region do you prefer as far as cooking?
  48. Why do some people do not like to cook?
  49. What have you learnt in training?
  50. What improvement do you see in yourself?
  51. What are the challenges of staying alone?
  52. What do you do in you office?
  53. When would you call your day successful or unsuccessful?
  54. Have you ever performed for you college?
  55. Do people in India like/keep pets?
  56. What is the most interesting thing which happened to you last week?
  57. Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards?
  58. Talk about two things you would do if you won five million dollars in a lottery and why.
  59. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a nuclear family (or joint family)?
  60. Have you overcome any of your fears? How?
  61. How do you commute to work?
  62. Talk about three skills you would most like to have. Why? How would they help you?
  63. What impact has modern day living (life style / long work hours etc) had on the family?
  64. “Parents should be strict.” What is your opinion?
  65. What are the similarities between your home town and Delhi \ Noida?
  66. Procedures – to open a new bank a/c, to get admission in the university,
  67. Direction – to the nearest – book store, mall, bank, night club, café,
  68. If you were a national leader, what are the two major reforms that you would bring about?
  69. One life experience which has taught you something?
  70. How would I apply to get a job in HCL?
  71. How do you make a front page of a website?
  72. What precautions are to be taken when dealing with a website and making online transactions?
  73. Challenges of working in a BPO industry and what advice would you like to give to a person who wants to work in this industry?
  74. How you feel working in HCL?
  75. Promotion should be on the basis of performance or tenure?
  76. What you like to read in newspaper and what you watch in news?
  77. Do you think people should attach their personal life with official life?
  78. Differences between the job opportunities Now and then?
  79. What things made you to come to HCL?
  80. Business meetings in HCL?
  81. What would you choose job with good salary or with good designation?
  82. Particular movie you like to watch and what is it about?
  83. How important do you think movies or TV is in people’s lives in enhancing them?
  84. What you have been doing?
  85. How important is to take the time out to charge your battery for the week?
  86. Can you describe how you start your day?
  87. What kind of people get famous in India and what makes them famous (work or Conduct)
  88. Can you tell me about a famous person in India coz he has influenced people positive or negative way?
  89. Qualities of a good Teacher, Manager, Businessman, Employee, Supervisor?
  90. Do you think it’s critical for people to get college education?
  91. How important do you think for children to have music or arts in the school?
  92. Seasons in India?
  93. Which is the best season?
  94. Do you think global warming has affected your country?
  95. Plans after Berlitz?
  96. Do you think the degree is important for a job?
  97. Explain – Life without computers and mobile phones?
  98. Why tourists come to India?
  99. Which technology you use on your daily life?
  100. What would you like to buy in next 5 years? How will you buy that while working in HCL?
  101. Impact of rising petrol prices on Indian people?
  102. If you would be given a chance to do a business which business you would like to do?
  103. Favorite festival and the significance of it?
  104. What is your age and what do you think about your financial future?
  105. Why do people spend their vacations in their country rather than going abroad?
  106. hat are your responsibilities towards your younger siblings?
  107. How do you find Noida?
  108. Directions – from Noida \ Delhi to your hometown?
  109. What are the differences in Northern and Southern India?
  110. What are the things you do with your personal computer?
  111. Favorite Gadget that you would like to buy?
  112. Where do you like to shop from Mall, boutique or Street Markets? Where do you find quality and variety?
  113. Your inspiration?
  114. Which place have you visited recently Explain?
  115. Home remedies that Indians use for diff ailments?
  116. What is the legal age for marriage in India?
  117. What do your batch mates think of you?
  118. Three jobs you would never do?
  119. Which job would you like do – which gives you satisfaction or which offers you more money?
  120. What were you doing from last couple of hours?
  121. What changes have you observed in your city and your country since childhood?
  122. Tell me something about Bollywood movies \ Industry?
  123. Why did you choose a BPO? What are the various career options available?
  124. People in the US get married and get separated very soon – what should be done to change it – your opinion?
  125. Would you add your boss in your face book account?
  126. What is the most popular technology in India?
  127. How do you think technology has helped in business transaction?
  128. What do you do to keep yourself healthy?
  129. Talk about diabetes in your country?
  130. What do you think about people who get married at an early age in India?
  131. Most renowned job in India?
  132. Is it necessary to use slangs or abbreviations in office?
  133. What changes would you make in traffic system?
  134. You like to wear Western or Indian clothes?
  135. What is your dream job?
  136. How do you enjoy at your work place?
  137. Do you like gyming?
  138. Tell us something about latest television shows?
  139. Tell us something about the world leaders?
  140. How does Indian government function?
  141. What does India specialize in?
  142. Tell us something about the import and export business in India?
  143. Tell us something about the latest updates or the current affairs in India?
  144. Retail sector?
  145. Tell us something about the Indian economy?
  146. Tell us something about the Indian currency?
  147. Tell us something about the business choices in India?
  148. Tell us something about the most difficult situation in India and how did it change your life?
  149. When the last time you went for shopping and what exactly you were looking for? Tell us about the online shopping?
  150. Tell us about the most popular shop in India?
  151. Write down the role of customer service as per you?
  152. Have you ever faced difficulty while shopping? Explain?
  153. Do you prefer watching movies at home?
  154. What have you done to become familiar with the city? What are you doing to get familiar with the city?
  155. What are the steps you would have to go through to go to your (dream destination)?
  156. Tell me something about growing up in India and your fav childhood memories?
  157. In India right now how is the entertainment industry doing (fairing) in the economy?
  158. Can you give me detailed instructions on how to download music from the internet?
  159. Describe the room that you are in?
  160. What all would I see outside HCL premises?
  161. Describe your office building?
  162. Describe your Locality \ neighborhood?
  163. Would you raise your children differently than how your parents have raised you?
  164. Instructions to ride (board) a train \ bus \ bike?
  165. Which website is popular in India?
  166. Agriculture in India?
  167. A person who became famous in India (History)?
  168. Why should a person be on time at work?
  169. Pro and cons of distance learning?
  170. What are the things we need to take care of whenever we appear for an interview?
  171. Tell me your diet plan?
  172. When you go to a new place how do you decide what places to see and things to do?
  173. If you were to promote a politician or a movie star in your country how would you do so?
  174. If I come to India and I have to dispose the garbage what material should I throw in the recycle bin?
  175. If you were asked to plan a city what areas should be free from traffic?
  176. What steps have been taken by the Indian government for the under priveliged sections of the society?
  177. If I come to India and if I have to buy a second hand vehicle how would I plan to buy it?
  178. If in case you have to build park what kind of specifications you would put in it?
  179. What kind of people visit a park and what they need to take care of while you are in the park?
  180. In case I come to India what precautions I need to take before meeting my friends father?
  181. What I need to keep in mind while selecting a school for my 7 year old kid?
  182. What precaution would you like me to take if I am taking care of your house?
  183. How would you promote your business?
  184. What sort of gifts people in India gift to other people on their birthdays?
  185. How important is it to gift your boss on his birthday?
  186. What was the best gift you have ever received?
  187. Why do people in India love watching scenic beauty while travelling in a train?
  188. How do you manage your professional and personal life?
  189. Work routine of people in India?
  190. If you are a trainer what suggestion would you like to give to the new joinees?
  191. Why are the buildings in Delhi pink and red in colour?
  192. How do you compare the mode of transportation of Delhi and Noida?
  193. If you violate the traffic rules what would happen? Can you run out of this situation if you bribe?
  194. What all occasions you are suppose to get a ticket?
  195. Alternate fuel for Auto rickshaws and three wheelers?
  196. Do the cops get caught if they take bribe or offer bribe to higher authorities?
  197. How do you plan your day?
  198. Why cricket is a popular game in India?
  199. Why Delhi is called a Mordern City?
  200. How to contact the customer service if the product you bought is not good?
  201. How people in India save money?
  202. What instruction would you give someone who has just started using the credit cards?
  203. We in US receive calls from call center selling there products. Do people in India receive such calls? What do you feel about such calls?
  204. Do people in India prefer to pay online bills?
  205. What impact does US has on Indian financial condition?
  206. How do you download games from the website?
  207. Tell me something about the toughest interview?
  208. How time management concept is important in life and organization?
  209. What are the Pros and Cons of Medical tourism?
  210. Is it right to use your office computer for personal reason after the office hours?
  211. Describe your home town market? Does the market open everyday?
  212. What kind of shops are there?
  213. Is Noida a modern city?
  214. What kind of vegetables are grown in your home town?
  215. Direction from your work place to the nearest city center? (Charleyne)
  216. Difference between indian and Hollywood/american music? (Charleyne)
  217. what changes would you bring to your home town if given a chance? (Charleyne)
  218. Describe Indian Currency? (Christine)
  219. What role does mahatma gandhi play in the  Indian Economy today? (Christine)
  220. Tell me about Mahatma Gandhi? (Christine)
  221. What should I expect from india as a foreigner? (Christine)
  222. What role does your home town or the area/city that you live in play in terms of  Nature and Nurture?(Christine)
  223. What activities your co workers are involved in while traveling in the cab? (Leslie)
  224. You have a younger brother and an elder sister What are the Pros and Cons of being in the middle? (Cecielia)
  225. What is the responsibility of a player towards his fans?
  226. How Indian Culture has affected America?
  227. Indian music in 10 years?
  228. How western music has influenced Indian music?
  229. How would you help your friend in making a resume?
  230. What are the different platforms you play the game? (Stein)
  231. Does your government help the students to go through their college education? Explain? (Stein)
  232. Difference between small city and metropolitan city? (Stein)
  233. What are the changes in your daily routine because of evening shifts? (Stein)
  234. How hard is it to get your dream job in India? (Stein)
  235. Responsibilites of a leader?(Ketty)
  236. Team function in an organization? (Ketty)
  237. Good employee skills? (Ketty)
  238. What do you do on FB besides chatting?(Leslie)
  239. How would you deal with an angry customer? (Leslie)
  240. What do you do after going home from office? (Leslie)
  241. What advice would you like to give to a person who is working for the first time?(Ann)
  242. 2 advantages and disadvantages living in a city like Delhi? (Ann)
  243. City improved in 10 years in public transport? (Ann)
  244. Give instructions to some one to find job in your city?(Ann)
  245. Traffic Rules in India?
  246. When did you first get interested in your hobbies? Was there someone to influence you to develop interest in your hobbies?
  247. What do you do during your meal break?
  248. Pros and Cons of reading a book?
  249. How you can get a driving licence in India?
  250. Good customer Skills?
  251. Fav time of the year?
  252. Compare Indian history with American History? (Cristine)
  253. Natural things in delhi?(Cristine)
  254. How to hire a musician for a band?(Cristine)
  255. Has introduction of mobile phones affected Indian Culture?(Cristine)  Is Western Music good for Indian Music?(Cristine)
  256. How has gaming Evolved With technology?(Cristine)
  257. How do you cultivate Tea?(Cristine)
  258. What is your Govt doing for disposiong garbage especially incases of biodegradable wastes? (Cristine)
  259. How imp is it to be on time for a business meeting? (Jessica)
  260. Are Indians addicted to automobiles?do Indian prefer to take their automobiles every where?(Cristine)
  261. Do we need tro save the wildlife and the natural resources?(Cristine)
  262. How imp. Is for a person to know about the history of his/ her nation?Cristine)
  263. Do people in india like to go to Cyber café?(Jessica)
  264. What are the things which sets you city apart?(Jessica)
  265. Is it good to share personal things with your colleagues?(Jessica)
  266. What will you say abt CCServices?(Jessica)
  267. What CCS you will like to apply if you own a store?(Jessica)
  268. Pros and Cons of video games?(Jessica)
  269. What do you prefer online shopping or going to a mall?(Jessica)
  270. If you are a good athlete then what does the community except from you?(Jessica)
  271. If you were the richest person where will you go to donate money?(Jessica)
  272. Where can we go to pay bills?(Jessica)
  273. From where is the Indian national embulum taken for and what does it signify?(Jessica)
  274. Are people in india over educated and under educated as per their jobs? (Jessica)
  275. How imp is it for a email to be in right phrase for your business?(Jessica)
  276. What all things would you keep in mind if you make a stranger stay in your house?
  277. Would prefer reading an e-book or a physical book
  278. What makes you read a book?
  279. what does your name signify and what relevance it has on Indian culture
  280. How do you handle culture difference?
  281. Pros and Cons of Tourism?
  282. How do you enter the office premises?
  283. Life style before and after joining HCL?
  284. Do you have sequels of movies in India? (Stan)
  285. If you are planning an annual party for your company How would you plan it (Theme,Food, Music etc)?(Stan)
  286. If you are in the tourism board of Noida what would you do to get people interested to come to Noida?(Stan)
  287. Popular ways of exercising and keeping fit? (Cecelia)
  288. What sort of manager would you work best under? (Cecelia)
  289. Enviournmental issue that you would adddress and what would you do? (Cecelia)
  290. What is your motto in life? (Cecelia)
  291. If you are going on a trip four things that you would take and why?(Jessica)
  292. Some of the belifes and customs that you have taken from your parents and some you did not? (John)


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