Best Book of Gate Exam For Electronic and Communication engineering

Best book of Gate Exam for Agricultural Engineering

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Best book of Gate Exam for Agricultural Engineering

Get details of Agriculture Engineering Syllabus GATE 2018 Exam. Agriculture Engineering is the prominent engineering field for all those candidates who have keen interest in agriculture. There are several students who focus really hard on their degree course so that they can clear GATE paper ahead. GATE exam is valued paper for which the competition level is high enough and so the candidates need to take care of how they prepare for the exam.

Gate  Syllabus Agricultural Engineering

Best book of Gate Exam for Agricultural Engineering

Gate 2018
Agricultural Engineering Reference Books

General Aptitude :

Verbal Ability :

S. No.Book TitleAuthor
1.Objective English for Competitive ExaminationsHari Mohan Prasad , Uma Rani Sinha
2.How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CATArun Sharma , Meenakshi Upadhyay

Numerical Ability :

S. No.Book TitleAuthor
1.How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CATArun Sharma
2.How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for the CATArun Sharma

Engineering Mathematics :

S. No.Book TitleAuthor
1.Higher Engineering MathematicsB. S. Grewal
2.Higher Engineering MathematicsBandaru Ramana
3.*Advanced Engineering MathematicsErwin Kreyszig
4.Advanced Engineering MathematicsMichael Greenberg

Engineering Mathematics Guide Books :

S. No.Book TitleAuthor
1.GATE Engineering Mathematics : For All StreamsArihant Publications
2.GATE Engineering & Mathematics General Apptitude 2016G. K. Publications
3.Engineering Mathematics GATE 2017Made Easy Publication

Engineering Mathematics Solved Papers Books :

S. No.Book TitleAuthor
1.Gate Paper Mathematics 2016 : Solved Paper 2000-2015G. K. Publications
2.GATE – 2015 Engineering Mathematics : Solved Papers 1993-2014ACE Engineering Publications

Agricultural Engineering :

S. No.Book TitleAuthor
1.Handbook Of Agriculture: Facts And Figures For Farmers, Students And All Interested In FarmingIndian Council Of Agricultural Research
2.Principles of Agricultural Engineering Volume-1T. P. Ojha
3.Tractors and Their Power UnitsJohn B. Liljedahl
4.Soil And Water Conservation EngineeringR Suresh
5.IrrigationA M Michael
6.Irrigation EnginneringN. N. Basak
7.Concepts and Applications in Agricultural EngineeringMahendra Kumar Mohanty , Nikunja Bihari Dash
8.Fundamentals Of Food EngineeringD. G Rao

Gate 2018 Agricultural Engineering Guide Books :

S. No.Book TitleAuthor
1.Question Bank on Agricultural EngineeringShes Nath Rawat, Jagdish S. Nikhade
2.Question Bank on Agriculture for Competitive ExamsN. P. Singh
3.Agricultural Engineering Question BankSawant Balasaheb
4.Question Bank on Agriculture EngineeringP. S. Ujjwal, Sweta Singh, B. R. Singh

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