Best Books of Anthropology Optional For UPSC Exam

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Best Books of Anthropology Optional For UPSC Exam

This Article is useful for those students who are going to prepare for UPSC Mains Exam. Because here we’ll provide you all important books of Anthropology Optional book which is important for UPSC exam.

We provide a list which is generally preferred by IAS preparation Student.

Best Books of Anthropology Optional For UPSC Exam

Anthropology is divided into two parts-

Paper 1

  1. Physical anthropology –
    1. prehistory-evolution of man,
    2. biological concepts of man,
    3. genetics and diseases,
    4. race
  2. Social anthropology(sociology related)
    1. family,marriage,religion,kinship etc
  3. Theories
  4. Misc – demography, research methodology etc

Paper 2

  1. Prehistory in India
  2. Indian social system
  3. Indian tribes and their problems

Book list which is useful for you-

  1. P.Nath(preferred) /das for physical anthropology.Nath is very useful for misc topics also
  2. Social anthropology by Majumdar/Madan
  3. Makhan Jha’s book of anthropology theories
  4. Indian anthropology by R.N. Sharma
  5. Indian anthropology by Nadeem Hassan

we’ll also provide you some book list according to the part wise-

Paper I (Part I) 
1. Beattie: Other Cultures
2. Beals & Hoijer: An Introduction to Anthropology
3. Haviland: An Introduction to Anthropology
4. Vaid: Economy and Social Relations
5. U.S. Mishra: An Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology (in Hindi)

Paper I (Part II)
1. Harrison et. al: Human Biology
2. Shukla & Rastogi: Physical Anthropology & Human Genetics
3. Stein & Rowe: An Introduction to Physical Anthropology.
4. Vaid & Pandey: Jaivik Manavshastra (in Hindi)
5. B. Janusch: Origins of Man

For Printed Notes of Anthropology Optional For UPSC Mains Exam

Paper II
1. NCERT: Indian Society, Social Change
2. Bhattacharya, D.K.: An Outline of Indian Prehistory
3. Srinivas: Caste in India & Other Essays
4. Srinivas: Social Change in Modern India
5. Y. Singh: Modernisation of Indian Tradition

For the Anthropology Syllabus for UPSC Exam


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