Best Colleges of Science in Tamil Nadu

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Science and technology are closely associated with our lives. They are closely linked aspects of society and the studies and developments in both of science and technology are essential for the overall progress of society. Advancement of science and technology make some rare things happens. we often have no idea how science and technology really affect us. We are transported around on the ground, across the water and in the air by vehicles that are the direct result of science and technology. Today’s advance technology make this world automatic. The mechanization of industrial processes has reduced human effort. Household appliances that are in the daily use of the common man are a result of scientific research. Science and technology have indeed proved a boon to human life.


Science college

Science college in Tamil Nadu

A science graduate can go in production, manufacturing, teaching, reaching and many other departments. If you are in food science and technology department then Positions like new product developer, production supervisor, production executive and quality controller are easily available. As new fields of science and technology emerge, so do new career opportunities. The physical, life, earth, applied, and engineering sciences provide stimulating and enriching opportunities for those with vocational/technical training,

Different courses in the field of science:-

  • Biomathematics
  • Chemical & Bi molecular Engineering
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Earth & Space Sciences Economics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Physics
  • Zoology
  • Botany


Tamil Nadu science

Science college

Tamil Nadu is the state which is located at the southern portion of India. The vision of the Government of Tamil Nadu in the realm of Higher  Education is to make institutions of higher education emerge as center of innovation, excellence and development. The major focus is on Quality. The mission is to provide world class quality education. Tamil Nadu has got various colleges and universities. The distance learning Colleges and Universities have provided scope for not only the people of the particular state, rather the students for other states also comes down to Tamil Nadu for acquiring higher education. college diplomas, and advanced degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of science-related jobs will increase at a rate faster than the national average between now and 2016. Environmental scientists, hydrologists and Geo scientists will experience the fastest growth.

Best colleges of Tamil Nadu for science and technology:-

College NameCity, State
Anna University of TechnologyChennai, Tamil Nadu
Anna University of TechnologyCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu
K.C.S.Kasi Nadar College Of Arts & ScienceChennai, Tamil Nadu
Dr. N.G.P Arts & Science CollegeCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu
GGR College of EngineerVellore, Tamil Nadu
Prathyusha Institute of Technology & ManagementThiruvallur, Tamil Nadu
S.R.S College of Engineering and TechnologySalem, Tamil Nadu
Shanmugha Arts Science Technology & Research AcademyThanjavur, Tamil Nadu
Sri Ganesh College of Arts & ScienceSalem, Tamil Nadu
Sri Venkateswara College of EngineeringChennai, Tamil Nadu

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23 Responses to Best Colleges of Science in Tamil Nadu

  1. nirmal says:

    hi sir im in 12th and yet to start college after result little bit confused about top colleges and best course .hlp me

  2. ganesh says:

    Anna university FACULTY eligibility norms for BE CSE,B.TECH -IT ,I m MCA ME(CSE),I NEED CURRENT 2017 NORMS from Anna university

  3. RENUKA DEVI says:

    research oriented courses related with medical proffesion

  4. R.Rajesh kanna says:

    to get admission in madras christian college or stella maris college

  5. surya says:


  6. Rachita Mishra says:

    Tamil Nadu literally “Tamil Country”) is one of the 28 states of India. Its capital is Chennai (formerly known as Madras), the largest city. Here we can choice educational intitute for education.

  7. Gourav Jain says:

    Tamil Nadu has always embraced students coming from outside..
    So, If you are planning to study some where out of your home town this place (Tamil Nadu) can be the best option kept at hand..
    So, all those students who are planning to study science here is a list of the best colleges of science in Tamil Nadu.

  8. Neha S says:

    Want to study in TN?
    But don’t know about the best science colleges there?
    Then here is a list of the best colleges of science in Tamil Nadu..

  9. Sneha Sinha says:

    Tamil Nadu is a great hub for imparting education to students willing to pursue science .The top colleges of science imparting quality education to the student in science is enlisted and proves to be informative to the students wishing to move to Tamil Nadu for future studies ..

  10. Prateek Piley says:

    Science is improving day by day,new technologies are developing everyday, every candidate want to be a part of science and technology.Education of tamil naidu in field of science is quite good,there are different sections of science like physics,biology,zoology,biotechnology it totally depends on you which field you choose,here are the top colleges of tamil naidu which provide best quality education in field of science and help candidates to know more and more about science and its effects

  11. avinash kumar singh says:

    as we know that hw science is important for human being , people should know abt science so for best education ,in tamilnadu various colleges are there, student should go ther to take admission

  12. ishita shukla says:

    The above mentioned colleges will surely help one to choose a good college of science in Tamil nadu. in today’s scenario where science has somewhat lost its charm to engg there is a need of better science colleges.
    THE ANNA UNIVERSITY of science is a good choice . Its RANKED 5th university overall INDIA.THE university conducts it’s own common entranc test .

  13. singh prashant says:

    Human necessity is the mother of all invention and to invent any thing we need practical science..
    The reason to become a part of good college at Tamil Nadu is because their practical approach for every subject not only for science the main objective of these colleges is to give students not only the theoretical knowledge but also make them understand about the practical aspects of their studies . The other most important thing which makes Tamil Nadu a science hub is the policies of state government towards their colleges…
    Their concern for education can easy be judged by this news that on May ,2012 it was announced by the Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa that the government of Tamil Nadu will be spending Rs 100 crore for the development of the colleges in their state.

  14. sumit mukherjee says:

    Science and technology is everything to us in that century. From the alarm clock to the space satellite all are the golden gift of that science and technology. And how can we forget about the computer, the base of the all generation. Now Tamil Nadu is such a state which shouts for that science and technology. The steps taken by the government to make their position so higher in that sector, is admirable. I believe that the name of the colleges given here are some of the best colleges in Tamil Nadu.

  15. Manisha Chawla says:

    As we all know science and technology field is getting developed like anything in this era. It has become a boon for human life. Mostly every person is trying to learn new technologies and making his/her mind technically strong to become a part of this new scenario. Tamil Nadu is the southern state of India ans as it is known to all southern part of our country has the best education , so this list of science colleges in Tamil Nadu is a great help for technology loving students.

  16. diya mukherjee says:

    science and technolgy together gas made life much easier and simpler ang has made great advancements making impossible things possible!!!students intrested in this field can get best guidance by gtting in the best colleges of science in tamil nadu. students can opt among the various branches of science and technolgy. names of best science collegs are listed along with their respective features

  17. Amit Kumar says:

    Here it comes.. yet another informative and reasonably logical article from
    Get all the information about Science colleges in Tamilnadu in a single article. The land of culture is ready on quality education grounds.

  18. Kriti Das says:

    This article can serve as a guide for those seeking admission in science colleges in Tamil Nadu,but I still find to be very subjective.For a student,articles throwing more light on faculties and facilities available will be more helpful,I guess.

  19. Harshita Rathi says:

    This article is very helpful for the persons who dont have any idea about the Institutes in Tamilnadu. They can get the list of top colleges here.

  20. harshita rathi says:

    this article is very useful for the persons who dont know much about the colleges in Tamilnadu. They can get the list of best science colleges from this .

  21. shreya sarkar says:

    there are many colleges in tamilnadu and students often get confused which one to go for..this list is pretty helpful for students pursuing science.

  22. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Science colleges in Tamil Nadu.. pretty informative stuff.

  23. Dinesh says:

    This is a article to give an option to others to choose a best college for their future

    I cant accept with the list of colleges because there are numerous colleges in Tamil Nadu having very high standard

    sorry friend

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