Best IAS Coaching in Dharwad

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Best IAS Coaching in Dharwad


Dharwad is a beautiful city in Karnataka. Students in Dharwad are very seriously preparing for the IAS exams so that they can serve their people. Most of them know that clearing the IAS exams is not that easy and they would prefer going for IAS coaching in Dharwad. Some students will pick institutes that are available outside the city. However, there are several institutes that students can make use of in the city itself. All they have to do is, know about the institute in detail before joining the course. We are here to help you out in finding the best institutes that are actually best for your IAS preparations. Don’t worry about the preparations or clearing the IAS exams when you have enrolled for IAS coaching in Dharwad.

IAS Exam pattern

IAS exam pattern is quite easy at the Preliminary level. As you move forward, you will definitely feel the heat as more effort is required from you. Dedication level has equal importance on your performance. Keeping yourself motivated is essential because preparations might be tiring at times.

IAS Exam pattern -UPSC Prelims

  • The first phase in the UPSC exams is the Preliminary level in which you have to attend multiple-choice questions.
  • Two papers with 200 marks each will be given. The exam comprises of both English and Hindi as well making it easy for the students who learnt in their native language.
  • General Studies I will necessitate you to write 100 objective questions whereas the General Studies II(CSAT) will let you write only 80 multiple-choice questions.
  • Both subjects have negative marks and you will be attending the exams for two hours.

IAS Exam pattern -UPSC Mains

Nine papers (Compulsory Indian language, English, essay, General Studies I, General Studies II, General Studies III, General Studies IV, Optional I and Optional II) will have to be attended under UPSC Mains. All the subjects consist of 250 marks and the time duration is three hours for each subjects. Students who have acquired more than 33% in the UPSC Prelims will be writing the UPSC Mains exams.

The UPSC Mains optional subjects are given below from which you can choose two.

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
  • Anthropology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Commerce and Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • History
  • Law
  • Management
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Science
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology
  • Statistics

IAS Exam pattern – UPSC final interview

Students who clear UPSC Mains will be attending the final round interview which will test your personality.

Life of an IAS/ IPS officer

It’s a dream job for so many students but only some can have it in their hands. However, it’s just not an easy path either to become an IAS officer or the life of an IAS officer. Both paths incorporate struggles. At the end of the day, there is one guarantee in the life of an IAS officer -JOB SATISFACTION which many people actually get.

Check out the top IAS coaching institutes in Dharwad to commence your UPSC preparations. It is very important to prefer an IAS coaching academy as some tasks like gathering previous years question paper and choosing reliable study materials will be taken care of by them. Moreover, the institutes will comprise of a faculty team who have hands-on experience in teaching several batches of Civil servants.

List of top IAS coaching in Dharwad

First in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

                    Rank 1- Classic IAS coaching in Dharwad

Classic is the best institute which offers several benefits for those who enrol for IAS coaching. If you have already joined Classic IAS, then the faculty members got you covered. Some of the best teaching faculty across the country are roped in here. Moreover, the study materials available in this institute is also helping students.

Address– 2nd Floor, Shankar Plaza, PB Rd, Madihal, Kamanakati, Hosayellapur, Dharwad, Karnataka 580001

Phone Number– 2nd Floor, Shankar Plaza, PB Rd, Madihal, Kamanakati, Hosayellapur, Dharwad, Karnataka 580001

Coaching website

Second in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

                   Rank 2- Gurudev IAS coaching in Dharwad

Gurudev IAS is eminent among the students of Dharwad as the institute provides advanced facilities to help out IAS candidates who require excellent guidance. Gurudev IAS is one institute which has the capabilities to acquire a second place in our ranking. You can visit the institute in person to know more.

Address – 2nd Floor K’ Square Building Near Spandana Hospital, Karnataka 580001

Phone Number- 098860 66442

Coaching website-

Third in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

                  Rank 3- ALS IAS coaching in Dharwad

ALS IAS is one of the best institutes that you can actually choose to study for UPSC. The institute is certainly providing quality education and considered to be an ideal option for IAS candidates. ALS IAS stands out from the crowd by conducting extra-curriculur activities such as cultural programs and sports events to keep the student’s mind fresh.

Address– Bus Stand, Phase Classes, 2nd Floor, Anjuman Complex Opposite to old, Dharwad, Karnataka 580001

Phone Number – 070654 69870

Als Coaching Fee–  GS-Rs. 106000  1 year

Optional Fee -Rs. 30000

Coaching website-

Fourth in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

                  Rank 4- Malnad IAS coaching in Dharwad

One of the finest institutes with world-class infrastructures which makes Malnad IAS, a comfortable place to learn for UPSC exams. The ambience of the institute should be definitely taken into consideration. Totally, Malnad IAS Academy is a home away from home for the students and the institute provides convenience.

Address– Circle, RD Kulkarni Complex, Dharwad – Haliyal Rd, Srinagar, Dharwad, Karnataka 580007

Phone Number– 0836 277 0555

Coaching website-

Ffith in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

                   Rank 5-INSPIRO IAS coaching in Dharwad

Inspiro IAS comprises of the best teaching faculty team and the staffs are so friendly as well. The  INSPIRO IAS coaching institute is quite renowned among the civil services group as they have some professors who impart education without any hindrance. Most of the students prefer this institute to get top-notch coaching from an exceptional team.

teaching staff

Address-Vidyagiri, Dharwad, Karnataka 580004

Phone Number– 095381 11773

Coaching website-

Sixth  in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

                     Rank 6- Silver Line coaching in Dharwad

Silver Line Classes are eminent as well. The institute offers test series which is very similar to the UPSC exams and students can easily practice the mock tests several times before attempting the UPSC exams for real. You should definitely check out Silver Line Classes if you are searching for an institute which provides continuous learning.

Address– Vivekananda Circle, 1st Cross Rd, Near JSS, Saptapur, Dharwad, Karnataka 580004

Phone Number– 090363 05042

Coaching website-

Seventh in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

                  Rank 7- Himalai IAS coaching in Dharwad

Himalai IAS Centre is the  IAS coaching institute trusted by several IAS candidates for study materials. The institute offers study materials which contain precise information about the topics that are mandatory to study.

Address– First Floor, Manyar Building, Old Income Tax Office Road, Vidya Nagar, Hubli, Karnataka 580021

Phone Number– 097403 46715

Coaching website-

Eighth in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

   Rank 8. Chanakya IAS coaching in Dharwad

Chanakya IAS Academy is one of the best coaching institutes in Dharwad. The institute is trusted by thousands of candidates as it’s been several years since it was established. Moreover, the institute has several advantages and seems to be an excellent place to kick-start UPSC preparations.

Address- Saptapur 1st Cross Rd, Jay Nagar, Jayanagar, Dharwad, Karnataka 580001

Phone Number- 0836 277 2009

GS Mains  Fee – 60,000

Optional Subject Fee –  45,000

GS PRELIMS – GS & CSAT – 75,000

GS (Prelims Cum Mains) & Essay Fee- 147,000

Coaching WebSite –

Ninth in the list of IAS coaching in Dharwad is

                        Rank 9- Royale IAS coaching in Dharwad

Royale IAS is one IAS coaching institute that you must check out before joining any course as they offer numerous benefits. Test series is an essential thing for all IAS candidates and Royale IAS never compromises on this. Moreover, the institute also offers instant feedback from the teachers based on the test series. This will definitely help the students to rectify their mistakes then and there.

Address–  1st floor, Mahila Vidya Peeth Complex, Hubli, 21, Hosur, Opp Hosur Depot, Vidya Nagar, Hubli, Karnataka 580021

Phone number– 098802 15199

Coaching Website-

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