Best Teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam

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Best Teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam

Choosing the right coaching institute is very important for the overall development. The IAS optional subject Urdu is one of the preferred subjects to score among UPSC aspirants. With the best guidance and right preparation, the subject can help in increasing scores and grades. The list of Faculty for Urdu are provided below, with detailed information about their coaching along with courses provided and the way of teaching. The Faculty listed here are of top categories for Urdu preparation which candidates can refer to crack the IAS examination. This article discuss about Best Teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam.

Urdu is one of the easiest and scoring subjects. The 2017 topper and Ahmed have also opted for Urdu with an overall second rank in the IAS examination. The subject is easy with no past background required to score or opt for this subject. This subject is also deemed very scoring, mostly if the right approach and strategies are adopted during preparation. In this article, the candidates will be guided with detailed information about the syllabus, faculty, and best coaching institutes to join for Urdu preparation.

List Of Best Teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam

Muhammad Hashim

Muhammad Hashim ranks as the Best Teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam. The candidates who joined sir’s coaching institute have experienced the best guidance along with complete syllabus coverage and conceptual learning. Ritesh sir has friendly behavior and trains candidates with the best options and thorough guidance. The limited batch size with test series is one of the best experiences.

There is no negative point, the candidates can also take or opt for their online coaching classes and can attend lectures along with the provision of digitized study material and virtual classroom programs. The personal guidance and how to crack IAS Urdu in months, Sir has provided the best facility to students to score excellent grades. All the teachers are the Best Teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam


Asim is one of the best faculty members with the best experience in Urdu subject. Sir has years of experience and advanced knowledge and conducts small batch sizes for interactive sessions and through preparation. Sir trains candidates in IAS gurukul coaching institute with regular lectures and test series.  The previous year’s question papers are also discussed along with doubt-solving lectures for every topic. For Urdu optional this is one of them Best Teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam.

Asim sir emphasizes answer writing skills along with full syllabus coverage, The answers are thoroughly checked along with assessment and correction lectures. Many candidates have provided positive reviews about sir for Urdu preparation. If the candidates want to deep dive into the subject then they should definitely join Asim sir’s coaching programs.

Students state that “The course has full mastery of his subject and knows what he is teaching. Gives many examples from current events. Tells us how to stand out and score max in the exam.”

Sir is very approachable, friendly, and practical.

Ambreen Raza

Ambreen Raz is one of the best guidance sources for civil service candidates. Maam has Ph.D. in Urdu from Bundelkhand University and double post-graduation in Urdu . Maam is well versed in the field of Urdu with RAS mains in 2020 and a UPSC interview in 2011. Ambreen Raza has also taught in many prestigious institutes, as well as in Delhi.

With expertise in communication and social knowledge, she is also well acknowledged for special guidance and expertise programs with many interview sessions and Urdu. Maam teaches the candidates with the best impression and helps them score excellent scores, The candidates can opt for online as well as offline sessions as per choice to study under the guidance of Ambreen Raza madam.

Malik Sarmad

Malik Sarmad sir is a technocrat, graduated from NIT Rourkela. In 1998 sir also started teaching Urdu and guided civil service aspirants. The NICE IAS coaching institute is founded under the guidance of Sarmad sir and has provided excellent programs to civil service aspirants. He explains with easy topics and then goes to the advanced level. The complete syllabus is covered under Sarmad sir.

Unlike many professors, Sarmad sir gives equal importance to both papers- paper I and paper II. Interactive sessions along with personal attention are provided to the students. Theories and their application, concepts, and current developments happening around are well covered with answer writing practice and proper feedback sessions as well. Sarmad sir is one of the best faculty for Urdu preparation.

Best IAS Coaching Preparation in India

In India this is also good for providing the information of Best teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam. In India there are many coaching institute in which there are many teachers which are helpful for providing the coaching of optional subjects.

Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Coaching institute of Delhi is also helpful for Providing Urdu optional UPSC Coaching. In Delhi there are many best teachers which provide coaching for Urdu optional for best preparation of UPSC in Delhi.

Best Online UPSC Coaching in India

In India Plutus IAS is one of the best coaching institute which has the best Urdu teachers for preparation of optional coaching. For Urdu optional coaching there are many coaching institute in Delhi for better Preparation of UPSC Exam.

Best Online IAS Coaching in Delhi

If you want to join online with the Best teacher for Urdu Optional for UPSC Exam in Delhi then Plutus IAS is placed at the first position. Their mentors provide their best coaching’s for all the aspirant who is preparing for Urdu optional.

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