Best Teaching Course After 12th

Best Teaching Course After 12th

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Teaching is a remarkable profession. Teachers are extremely appreciated and admired in the society. Education represents an essential part of the overall development and accomplishment of a Nation. Teaching as a profession is the most respected jobs and educators play a significant function in educating the society. So incase any aspirant opts to take up teaching as a profession here are Best teaching course after 12th



B.Ed. holds for Bachelor of Education. It is a Degree that prepares one fit to take up teaching as a profession. It is a postgraduate course. But, the Government has resolved to offer integrated programs. This has been done due to the severe deficit of teachers. BA B.Ed. the integrated course has been built as a part of this measure by the Government. The curriculum is a blend of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education Degrees (Dual Degree). Based on the personal decision, one may select a good subject and go for this integrated course!


B.EL.ED.- B.El.Ed.


It Stands for Bachelor of Elementary Education. It is a primary teacher education program. This course has been created to train students and make then competent of taking up the position of a primary school teacher. This program is a mixture of theory and practicum courses.


D.El.Ed. stands for Diploma in Elementary Education. It is a rudimentary teachers training Diploma certificate program. It is a good alternative to B.El.Ed. Course. The course trains students and makes them capable of taking up the role of an elementary school teacher.





Earlier students have to choose B.Ed programs after completing the B.Sc. Course but now this is not a hitch. You can choose B.Sc. + B.Ed. integrated course means more simple course. The both degrees are combined in the same course. This course has 4 years duration. Eligibility criteria include 12th passed with minimum 50% marks. If you are a D.Ed. qualified student, then things may be easier for you. Direct admission is available for such students into 2nd year academic year of B.SC. + B.ED. Integrated course

Once you complete this course, you can go for CTET or further studies. You can be a teacher after cracking CTET or TET.

B.P.ED. (Bachelor of Physical Education)


Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.ED) is an undergraduate degree program that is also known as BPE course. The duration of B.P.ED course is three years and it mainly focuses on physical education. You should have passed 12th with 50% marks in order to fulfil the eligibility criteria. Once you complete this course, you can work as physical education teacher.


DPE ( Diploma in Physical Education)

DPE is an undergraduate diploma certificate course that can be quite useful for those students who want to work as physical education teacher or instructor. The DPE course duration is 2 years and you have to fulfil eligibility critera in order to join this course. You should be 12th Passed with 50% marks. Eligibility criteria may vary as it all depends on the institutes. Once you complete this course you can work as physical education teacher.


These are some popular teaching course after 12th that you can go for. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query.




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