Specification of Biofuel Technology

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Bio PetrolBio petrol is a  global solution which is produced at commercial level viable for turning some sewage sludge that is the precipitate produced by sewage treatment into some needful oil matter ( Bio fuel ). It helps in saving the earth from the damaged sewage dumping which is polluting  the environment, and also it saves a large sums in disposal. Bio petrol can be defined as the fuel which is having the similarities with petrol, but it is produced by the use of palmitic acid and it is dominant in palm oil. Here the palmitic acid is used to convert into some molecular structure and to gain the molecular formula of  iso-octane (a chemical compound).

Due to rise in petrol price, some environmental issues, and due to the decrease in presence of fossil fuel, biopetrol seems to be the alternative fuel as some kind of the fossil fuel. Biopetrol is an a highly appreciated liquid biofuel and moreover  it is an environment friendly fuel. Due to its renewable and less polluting nature the interest has been arisen to use of vegetable oils to make Bio petrol as against the conventional diesel fuel in petroleum industry. We can see that there are several serious worldwide environmental problems which are the caused by Sewage sludge disposal. Ocean dumping and expensive landfilling are polluting and depleting  the underground water reservoirs and that is very harmful for the sea world species. When sludge is turned into the compost , it causes the production of  heavy metals  and pathogens in the sludge which can pollute the fertilized  land. Most of the hazardous gases are produced because of this cause and due to incineration. Biopetrol technology is very valuable and markable  since  it enables a process which is breakthrough for producing some  usable and to  require synthetic crude oil formed from the sewage sludge. Medors is mainly working and developing a cost-effective and environment friendly “sludge conversion system” which is basically a great need.

Working Principal of Bio FuelThere are so many problems which are usually never-ending , for example, disposal of sewage sludge and its treatment because the disposal of sludge can consume around 30% of the budget that is also a part of  plants for wastewater treatment, also for plant operators, some sludge handling equipment are more vital issue. If we see the globe we can find that in every part of the world there comes a public outcry that to keep the sewage sludge far away from the cities and localities and from the environment of human contact, since it possess more probably the  health risks. Hence Medors have a motto that is  “Earth To Engine” which can be understood as to flourish into Bio petrol.


Since this is a technological process so, It  has  been an issue in this  Bio-Petrol project which is the part of  the sphere of  liquefying carbon-riched solid matter fuels. This liquefication process is common nowadays comprises mainly two stages which are following :

1)      To create the fractions in radicals of different sizes, the process “thermal breakdown” of the molecular structure is usually carried out.
2)      After that Stabilization of  the radicals by recombination is finished. It includes :-

  1. Redistribution or production of hydrogen gas using the raw materials.
  2. By hydrogen, which is introduced or acquired from the outside source ( that is meant as molecular hydrogen or also from the use of  hydrogen-donor atom).

Advantages to use bio fuelADVANTAGES :

1)       It is a cost-effective and efficient method to vanish the sludge disposal.
2)       It solves many environmental problems like pollution and any health issues which are directly in relationship to the sludge disposal, for example, heavy metal leakage.
3)       It converts the the heavy sludge into some needful and usable fuel(petrol).
4)       It produces the synthetic crude oil (petroleum), which can be transferred and stored easily.
5)       It offsets the wastewater treatment which mainly costs with the revenues from crude oil.
6)       Some biopetrol ingredients are used in the production of  these petrochemicals.


Bio Diesel

Bio Gas

Bio Mass

Bio Petrol

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