Biology sample paper for AIIMS 2010

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AIIMS Entrance Exam stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam. This exam is conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi for providing admission to undergraduate & postgraduate courses.


Aiims Entrance Exam Paper


Biology sample paper for AIIMS 2010

1. The volatility of an anesthetic agent is directly proportional to lowering the flow in the portal vein. Portal flow is maximally reduced by –

A. ether
B. halothane
C. isoflurane
D. enflurane


2. A young boy has sickle cell trait. Which of the following anaesthesia is contraindicated?
A. IV regional anaesthesia
B. Brachial plexus block by supraclavicular approach
C. Brachia plexus block by infraclavicular approach
D. Brachial plexus block by axillary approach

3. Local anaesthesia causing methemoglobinemia –
A. Procaine
B. Prilocaine
C. Etiodicaine
D. Ropivacaine


4. Extrinsic membranes of larynx are all except:
A. Cricothyroid
B. Thyrohyoid
C. Hyoepiglottie
D. Cricotracheal

5. Paneth cells – true is
A. Rich in rough endoplasmic reticulum
B. High zine content
C. Foamy cytoplasm
D. Numerous lysozyme granules

6. True about prostatic urethra are all except:
A. Trapezoid in cross section
B. Presence of verumontanum
C. Openings of prostatic ducts
D. Contains urethral crest

7. Cranial nerve not carrying parasympathetic fibres
A. Fourth
B. Seventh
C. Third
D. Ninth

8. Middle superior alveolar nerve is a branch of
A. Mandibular division of trigeminal nerve
B. Palatine division of maxillary nerve
C. Anterior nasal division of maxillary nerve
D. None  of these

9. A healthy young athlete is sitting at the edge of the table with knee at 90 degree flexion. He fully extends it. What will happen?
A. Movement of tibial tuberosity towards centre of the patella
B. Movement of tibial tuberosity towards lateral border of patella
C. Movement of tibial tuberosity towards medical border of patella
D. No change in position

10. Coeliac plexus is located
A. Anterolateral & around the aorta
B. Posterolateral & around the aorta
C. Anteromedical to lumbar sympathetic chain
D. Posterolateral to lumbar sympathetic chain

11. Anterior ethmoidal nerve supplies all except:
A. Maxillary sinus
B. Interior of nasal cavity
C. Dural sheath of anterior cranial fossa
D. Ethmoidal air cells

12. Appendix epiploicae present in
A. Appendix
b. Caecum
C. Rectum
D. Sigmoid colon

13. All of the following muscles retract the scapula except:
A. Trapezius
B. Rhomboid major
C. Rhomboid minor
D. Levator scapulae

14. The function of 8th cranial nerve is related to
A. smell
B. taste
C. Touch
D. Balance

15. Pain insensitive structure in brain is:
A. Falx cerebri
B. Dural sheath surrounding vascular sinuses
C. Middle meningeal artery
D. Choroid plexus

16. Which is not supplied by pelvic splanchnic nerves?
A. rectum
B. urinary bladder
C. appendix
D. Uterus


17. Eukaryotic plasma membrane is made up of all except:
A. Carbohydrates
B. Triglycerides
C. Lecithin
D. Cholesterol

18. Acetyl coA can be directly converted to all except:
A. glucose
B. fatty acids
C. cholesterol
D. ketone bodies

19. A 40 yr old woman presents with progressive palmoplantar pigmentation. X-ray spine shows calcification of intervertebral discs. On adding Benedict’s reagent to urine, it gives greenish brown precipitate and blue-black supernatant fluid. What is the diagnosis?
A. phenyketonuria
B. alkaptonuria
C. tyrosinemia type-2
D. argininosuccinic aciduria

20. After overnight fasting, levels of glucose transporters reduced in
A. brain cells
C. adipocytes
D. hepatocytes

21. Splicing activity is a function of:
B. snRNA

22. After digestion by restriction endonucleases DNA strands can be joined again by:
A. DNA polymerase
B. DNA ligase
C. DNA topoisomerase
D. DNA gyrase

23. True about sickle cells are all, except:
A. Single nucleotide change results in change of glutamine to valine
B. Sticky patch is generated as a result of replacement of a non polar residue with a polar residue
C. HbS confers resistance against malaria in heterozygotes
D. RFLP results from a single base change

24. Infection of CNS spreads in inner ear through
A. Cochlear aqueduct
B. Endolymphatic sac
C. Vestibular aqueduct
D. Hyrtle fissure

25. Most common site for CSF rhinorrhoea is:
A. Ethmoidal sinuses
B. Maxillary sinuses
C. Frontal sinuses
D. Tegmen tympani

26. Endolymph in the inner ear:
A. Is a filterate of blood serum
B. Is secreted by stria vascularis
C. Is secreted by basilar membrane
D. Is secreted by hair cells

27. Bell’s palsy patient comes on day 3. treatment given would be:
A. Intratympanic steroids
B. Oral steroids + vitamin B
C. Oral steroids + Acyclovir
D. Vitamin B + vasodilators


1)      B2)      B3)      B4)      A5)      A
6)      A7)      A8)      D9)      B10)   C
11)   D12)   A13)   D14)   D15)   D
16)   C17)   B18)   A19)   B20)   C
21)   B22)   B23)   B24)   A25)   A
26)   B27)   C


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