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Group Discussion on BRAIN DRAIN

Brain drain is large scale migration of people with technical skill and knowledge. Some of the reasons for brain drain are as follows- lack of opportunity and economic depression in their country and rich opportunity and higher standard of living in host countries. It is very serious and burning issue in developing and underdeveloped countries .Good doctors, talented engineers, and other qualified persons migrating so that they may in handsome amount.

Brain Drain

Brain Drain

One important question is that why there is increment in brain drain nowadays? The reasons behind it that there is unemployment in our country .After the completion of their courses and training,  they find there are no jobs for them. After having their completion of education anyone wants to have good job in their hand  and when they fail to get it they search jobs in other developed countries .They get there better condition of job and higher standard of living .there are also some people who after completion of their study in abroad return in their country but remain unsatisfied with the prevailing condition of jobs .There are many MNC’s  who provides good salary with lots of other facilities so people switch over to that as no one want to live pathetic life .all this give rise to emigration of people from developing country like India to developed countries like USA ,Canada, UK. USA is the leading country in absorbing people with great mind .India is fighting with this issue badly  .It is spreading in the whole country like cancer and governmental set up is responsible for this. It can be eradicated only when steps are taken to enhance job opportunity, so that there is no need of migrating to other country .With this India may also become developed as the powerful and intelligent brain remain in the country and work within the country .So there is no need to go to other nations and work there who even don’t understand Indian culture and tradition.

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2 Responses to BRAIN DRAIN

  1. Mitali Panda says:

    This issue is being in discussion for the last 2 decades but hasn’t been solved yet….WHY…??? with the lack of jobs, to meet the price rise, if government is unable to control inflation then why is not the govt. asking the public as well as private sector to rise the salary as with rise in inflation. The cost of a Veg meal in parliament is 10 rs/- but out of it it cost atleast 30 rs/-, if the cost of meal rises to 100 but the salary stays the same,…why does this happens, any1 wold like to secure their future and the offspring future, hence this lead to Brain drain, and is there anything wrong to think for one’s own future?????? PLZ answer

  2. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Brain drain is a vital issue in the developing nations as well as in the undeveloped nations. Unsatisfied persons those who can not grasp the proper career goal, swtich over from their department to another. As a result, a chaos is created by that factors. People are mentally depressed by these situations. Hope the article can help others also to know something more about that crucial issue.

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