bride burning and dowry are integral part of India

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As the citizen of India we have certain rights and duties to be followed. But are we doing our duties? Our duty to respect women. If women are respected and holds importance equivalent to men then why Dowry and Bride Burning are practiced in India.

Dowry is adopted by some as a social standard. The family whose son gets more in his marriage as a dowry, he and his family holds upper strata of society. For some, girl is considered as a burden on family so they demand a dowry to bear the extra expenses which they had to meet when she becomes a part of their family.

Similar to the dowry system, bride burning has also been part of India. It mainly occurs due to the dissatisfaction of dowry demands or after the death of her husband women is curse on family and society. But are men burnt on the death of their wives? No. Then why is such an offensive crime done with the women and even when she’s not the reason for her husband’s death.

Although the cases of bride burning are found less now but there is a need to eradicate it from the society. Ones the women are equally valued as men such acts wont be a part of India.

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