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  1. What is compiler?

Ans:  A compiler is used in c programming for debugging and execution of a program. Compiler as compare to interpreter check the full programs and detects the errors .basically a c programming language need to be executed after compilation

2. What is if else statement?

Ans. If else statement is the condition check statement used in c programming which is used to check for the different condition.


If(condition )

Printf(  )


Print(  )

3. What is break statement?

Break statement is used in c program to terminate from the loop. Break statement generally signifies to come out of the loop and to go to the next loop or at end of program










4. What is interpreter?

Ans. Interpreter is used in c programming to check for errors and execute program. Interpreter as compare to compiler goes through line by line of a program

5.what is declaring the variable?

Ans-Declaring a variable means assigning type of the variables to be used in program. The declaration are of type int, float,char.These are the declaration used which indicates the type of the value used

6.what is pointer?

Ans.- A pointer is the variable use to store the address of the other variable. Basically value in a pointer contain address of other variable so pointer can be used for storing address

7.What is address of the variable?

Ans-Address of the variable means assigning address in the memory location for the value in the variable. Addressing of variable is necessary because it assigns a permanent location for the variables, from where it can be easily searched and used for the program

8.what is int, float and char?

Ans- Int,Float and char is used in declaration of variable.int is used for integer type variable ,float is used for floating type variable and character is used for character type variable.

9.What are arithmetic operators?

Ans- These are the operators used for performing arithmetic operation in c programming. The arithmetic operators used in c programming are +,-,/.

10.what is call by value and call by address?

Ans- Call by value is used for calling the value from one function to the other while call by address is used for calling the address from one function to the other.

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5 Responses to C PROGRAMMING

  1. Aratrika Sengupta says:

    C – more than ABC , this has become one of the mother language in the arena of computer and if you are thinking of learning from the ABC of C , then preferably this article will be quite helpful to you.


    C was initially used for system development work, in particular the programs that make-up the operating system. Why use C? Mainly because it produces code that runs nearly as fast as code written in assembly language.These are basic questions of c language. beginners just try these.

  3. Rishu Goel says:

    “C” language,the basic language for the developers to be learned..Now a days there are many other programming languages but C is the language which should be known by the developers..

  4. Anjali Dreamgirl says:

    These are basic questions of c language. beginners just try these.

  5. sakshi chaudhary says:

    C language is mainly the basic requirement for most of the job interview profile as it is easy to learn and use and if someone is preparing for it, should take help from the post as it contains all the needy stuff that are required for the preparation…like here presents very simple terms like compiler,interpreter if else statements with easy and simple explanation…

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