Can A Businessman Run The Finance Ministry

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A businessman can’t run the finance ministry. Running a business and running a country is entirely different things. A businessman is one  who is self oriented person that is one who thinks only for his own profit. He couldn’t think for the nation,for the welfare of each and every person of our very own country.

To be a minister it is not important to be a businessman but what is most important is a good mind with ideas for the developement of the nation and would have reached the place after having a great struggle and good knowledge of politics. He should have pretty good knowledge of rules and regulations. An illetrate person can establish his business but not necessary that he can also handle the burden of a country by sitting on the honorable position of finance ministery. An individual should be literate enough to understand the terms included in finance.

Yes,of course one thing between a businessman and finance minister is same i.e. both are goal oriented. They aim to make maximum profit. But the way both these earn profit is totally different. There exists a conflict between rival business groups which can not be ignored either. The main strategy of a businessman to establish his business is to get his opponent out of the market by manipulating all the policies,which wouldn’t work being a minister. Alternatively, you have to keep good relations with all the nations.

So, the points which according to me poses the main hurdles in the way of businessmen to run the finance ministry are:

  1. Being self oriented,he thinks only for his own profit rather welfare of public.
  2. Low understanding of ministry and government.
  3. Lake of knowledge of judicial procedures.

One more very important reason is the “Probability of error” that is when it comes to businessman, if he takes any decision wheather right or wrong,it is his own company which will face the consequences,the losses or the benefits. But on the other hand,when the finance minister takes the decision, he has to take care of the benefits of whole country,there is  less or probably no space for errors,otherwise it will directly effect the whole nation.

By summing up all the above. The way a businessman thinks is totally different  the way a finance minister should. There lies a big difference in the mentality of a businessman and a finance minister which poses the main hurdle in the way of businessman to run the finance ministry. And hence ,according to me a businessman can’t run the finance ministry.

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