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Hacking: A crime and Ethical Hacking - a wonderful scope

Computer Hacker

The ethical hacker is a trusted person who has appointed to provide guard against hacking attempts. Today, there is a worldwide demand for information security professionals these days. Thus, ethical hacking seems to be fruitful for the person that does it. There are a lot of career opportunities in this field of ethical hacking that benefits a person in terms of job or for other higher education.


There are many topics in which the person who tries to do the course of ethical hacking should have keen interest. The main fields involve:

  • Computer Networks
  • C++ or Java
  • UNIX Knowledge
  • Cyber, System, Data Security

Career Opportunities:

As ethical hacking has a wider scope, so it opens a lot of career opportunities. The designations that can be achieved by the person involves:

  • Network Security System Administrator/Manager
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Systems/Applications Security Executive
  • Web security Administrator/Manager
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Data security specialist
  • Computer Forensics Investigator
  • IT Security Administrator/Consultant/ Manager
  • Security Certified Programmer

Beside this, a lot  more better options are available.

Certificates Achieved:      

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certified ethical hacking

The main certificates achieved are:

  • CEH by EC-Council
  • GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA)
  • GIAC certified forensic analyst (GCFA)

Beside this, many other certifications also available.

Admission Criteria:

  • 10+2 required

Future scope:

There are many surveys conducted in order to find out the scope of  ethical hacking course in India. From this, following results are determined.

  • Reputed companies like Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Airtel and Reliance are always in look for good ethical hackers. There is an estimate need of 60,000 ethical hackers.
  • Within a few minutes, a single computer intrusion can cause losses amounting to millions of dollars, thus need of ethical hacker is must to control cyber terrorism
    JAVA language

    JAVA language


  • Computer security is a global issue and it’s the duty of an ethical hacker to make the cyber space safe, Thus, ethical hackers are in great demand.
  • The starting salary of ethical hackers in India range from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4.2 lakh per annum which is a big amount.

All above points shows that there is a lot of  bright scope of ethical hackers in coming time.

Average Salary Associated:

There is a large amount of salary associated with ethical hackers of different designations. The is a list of approximate salary of the ethical hacker:

  • Security Analyst – Rs. 216,000 to 80,0000
  • Information Security Analyst – Rs. 143,000 to 912,000
  • Security Consultant – Rs 123,000 to 928,000
  • CEH- Rs. 175,000 to 1,066,000
  • IT Manager –Rs. 263,000 to 1,531,000

Thus, here is a proof that the ethical hacking has a wider scope and turns the future of the student brighter by its effect.

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17 Responses to Career in Ethical Hacking in India

  1. Deepak rajput says:

    about ethical hacking course full info

  2. Sanjai says:

    I want to become a ethical hacker. please guide me if i learn certified ethical hacking course, is it eligible to join in top companies or whether the experience should be mandatory. If i want to be a hacker in federal government, what are the exams to be prepared and please give full career info in ethical hacking. And what are the designations for ethical hackers in the companies, please kindly give me a brief details about it.

  3. y satish Kumar says:

    I want to become a certified ethical hacker

  4. y satish Kumar says:
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  7. Richard Sarkar says:

    what is the minimum knowledge required for hackers training

  8. Akshata says:

    I have completed my 12th(science) with 71% I wanna be a Hacker can I know which college are available in Belgaum to complete and what I should do further ??
    I even wanna know that whether can I do any other course with hacking like BCA so that it would be an advantage while getting a job so that I will be having double degree ?
    Please do contact soon
    Hoping for the best ,,,,
    Thank you

  9. Lalit says:

    12th pass Hardware And Networking Software Engineering Tally Basic CEH Certificate Ethical Hacker

  10. himanshumalani says:

    i studying at diploma in C.E. (2ND year) i intersted in ethical hacking with cyber security course so plz guide us for me .

  11. Anand Singh says:

    hello sir,
    myself Anand Singh . i am in 3rd year in B.Tech and i completed c,c++,java,php . so please help me to choose the next course that can be help me in future. like ETHICAL HACKING , CLOUD , IOT etc so please help me choose the next course.

  12. rakesh says:

    currently i’m working in wipro as a network administrator,can u plz suggest me should i continue this field / i can switch to embedded domain( already trained)

  13. abhishek verma says:

    sir/madam can you please tell me the ethical hacking as a good area to build our carrier and what is the starting package in this sector to a fresher? and if it is a good so tell me which institute is best for this course?


    i want to learm ethical hacking .i am a electronins to learn ethical hacking and how will the future on ehtical hacking?as a fresher it is possible to get the job inn ethical hacking.

  15. Ajitesh Shukla says:

    With the increasing demand the need of ethical hackers is also increasing. One could dream of a secure career in this field. Learn more through this well described article.

  16. Shivam Srivastava says:

    Ethical hacking is something which needs a consistent practice and lots of intelligence to get into. However there are many institutes which are motivating students to get into this field. With the increasing demand the need of ethical hackers is also increasing. So if one needs to change their field of job, he/she must get into Ethical Hacking.

  17. Sakshi Soni says:

    Ethical hacking is a kind of course whose demand is increasing day by day. Only in India more than 5000 professionals are required. So if you want to become a CEH then go through this article once.

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