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Career in HR Training/ Learning & Development/ Sales Trainer/ Strategy Trainer

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Career in HR Training/ Learning & Development/ Sales Trainer/ Strategy Trainer

Hello Everyone !!

I Introduce myself as Suneet. What I am going to focus here is the need & role of certified HR trainers & learning & development professionals. One of the questions that we get asked most frequently is “How do I become a trainer?” It’s understandable. Training and development can be a

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Career Guide

fulfilling career.Moreover, new strategies in today’s business environment strongly demands for a professional training & guidance while working for a product / process/ technology/ finance or production.

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In order to become a training and development professional, you often need to have strong knowledge of the domain or in simple words, nature of the business. From here, you can progress to higher levels which, depending on the size of the organization.

Those, they are on the initial stage of their career, they need to be very focused on choosing the subject or area of specialization. Example: One, who choose Human Resource as a subject, have lot of opportunities to switch into trainings as Training & development is sub- subject of HR and a job of HR also includes lot of training & development related activities like induction & orientation/ product training or process training etc.

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Other ways to be into trainings are to get first experienced in your domain like finance, IT, Sales, Business strategy, or whatsoever and than gradually when you become proficient and you have got expertise than you can choose training as a career within or similar function organization.

There are numerous certifications offered by different universities/ institutions, short or long term depending on your interest or industry specific to choose from and becoming the simpler way to resume your career as a certified trainer.

You all are most welcome to talk/ chat with me & I will certainly try to guide you or answer your queries.

Although career in HR sometimes seems to be very rosy for freshers but think of challenging moments when you have to select 1 person for which about 2000 cv’s you have recieved and all seems to be more or less equal at places like Google

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Warm Regards,

Suneet Kumar Pandey

Regional Training Manager

Ceasefire Industries Limited



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