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This is the sample paper for the English section of CAT exam. In the CAT exam, the English section is the most scoring . Thus, to score well in the CAT exam, it is advisable to gain maximum marks in this section .
1) To make a derogatory remark means to a statement that is:

a) positive
b) mean
c) strange

2) The synonym of TITULAR is:

a) nominal
b) official
c) putative

3) The synonym of Morose is :

a) churlish
b) sullen
c) humble
d) taciturn

4) The synonym of Vicarious is:

a) surrogate
b) second-hand
c) atrocious

5) The synonym of Fuzzy is :

a) Frizzy
b) Fuffy
d) Fleecy

6) The synonym of Jittery is :

a) Fretful
b) Petulant
c) Anxious
d) Testy

7) The synonym of Bastille is :

a) fortress
c) jail
d) fop

8) The antonym of Manikin is :

a) dwarf
c) figure
d) statue

9) The antonym of oblivion is:

a) memory
b) comely
c) comfrey
d) bijou

10) The antonym of Affluence is :

a) poverty
b) influence
c) affinity
d) prosperity

11) Choose the correct analogy :
1) Saturated : Wet

a) acrid : acidic
b) distant : faraway
c) damp: drenched
d) arid : dry

2) Usher : Theater

a) anchor: show
b) driver: truck
c) conductor:train
d) fiancee: girl

3) Pipe : water

a) sofa: furniture
b) fan : air
c) door : look
d) chimney: smoke

4) Stammer : talk

a) anxious : analyse
b) stagger: walk
c) trip : fall
d) walk:run

e) Wheel : spoke

a) tea : sugar
b) pen: cap
c) ladder: rung
d) lever: balance


A) Low – key
a) official
b) secret
c) subdued
d) complicated

B) Stipulation
a) Imitation
b) signal
c) excitement
d) requirement

C) Antithesis
a) fixed dislike
b) musical response
c) lack of feeling
d) direct opposite

D) Disparage
a) seperate
b) Compare
c) refuse
d) belittle

E) Entrenched
a) filled up
b) fortified
c) followed up
d) kept down

F) Amenable
a) religious
b) masculine
c) proud
d) agreeble

G) Affluent
a) Neutral
b) sentiment
c) wealthy
d) handsome

H) Intrepid
a) middle
b) tolerant
c) fearless
d) rude

I) Beset
a) plead
b) assail
c) pertain to
d) deny

J) Glib
a) Dull b) thin c) weak d) fluent

11) Protagonist

a) prophet  b) explorer  c) talented child  d)  leading character

12) Sage

a) A wise man    b) tale    c) era   d) fool

13) Admonish

a) warn     b) escape    c)   worship     d) distribute

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8 Responses to CAT Sample paper English

  1. Patel Devang says:

    MAke complete preparation for Exam here and crack it in just 1 month.

  2. Tapash Mazumder says:

    CAT exam is responsible for getting admissions into the most reputed management colleges like Indian Institute of Management. Nice job done in preparing this sample paper

  3. Rahul Raj says:

    CAT one of the most toughest exam in India needs much more practice….Candidates should practice each and every paper as many as possible which are available to them….this paper will help them to improve their preparation for exam..

  4. Soubarna Biswas says:

    Common Aptitude Test (CAT), an exam for management degree colleges. Management degree is completely different from engineering or medical degree. Though it does not belong to science field, its question paper is relatively tough. Here is a very good sample paper of the CAT exam. Go through thoroughly.

  5. RANJIT SINGH says:

    CAT is an exam which candidates give to take admission in best colleges in India for MBA but its paper is little bit tougher than any other exam for MBA ,so candidates need to do much and much practice.This sample can be be helpful for them.

  6. Sounak Ghosh says:

    CAT is an acronym for common admission test, it is considered as the most toughest exam for MBA admissions or rather you can say the gateway to IIM’s.The english sample paper given will enrich the vocabulary of the students and will be a good preperation for the exam.So habve a look it will surely be very helpful.

  7. Khyati Miglani says:

    CAT is one of the most eminent MBA entrance exam. By clearing this exam one can be eligible to get admission in various government MBA colleges. Here is the sample paper of CAT exam. Just go through it. Try it by yourself.

  8. Ritika says:

    CAT is an exam which tests speed on every section. Solving as many paper as one gets helps in building the speed, this would definitely help to it.

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