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CAT Sample Question Paper : –

CAT Sample Question Paper for practice test :


Q1.The number whose 30% is 225 is

a)      67.5
b)      750
c)       1750
d)      157.5

Q2. A man spends 85% of his income. If his saving is 37.50, then his salary should be

a)      250
b)      212.50
c)        318.75
d)       none of these

Q3. A’s salary is 20% lower than B’s salary. By how much B’s salary be higher than that of A?

a)      16.86%
b)       20%
c)        25%
d)       24%

Q4. Which is more favourable for a buyer, a series of successive discount of 30%,25%,5% or 25%,20%,15% ?

a)      30%,25%,5%
b)       25%,20%,15%
c)       both are equally favourable
d)       depends on the price of a product

Q5. Two candidates contested an  election. At the election 10% of people on the voter list did not vote, and 60 votes recorded were rejected as illegal. The majority of the successful candidate was 308 and it was found that he had been supported by 47% of the whole number on the voter’s list. What was the number of legal votes recorded by each candidate?

a)      2914,2606
b)      250,2806
c)      2600,2906
d)       2694,2386

Q6. The length and breadth of a rectangular plot of land are in the ratio 5 : 3. The owner spent Rs. 3000 for surrounding it from all the sides at the rate of Rs. 7.51 m. What is the difference between the length and breadth of the plot?

a)      50m
b)       100m
c)        75m
d)       60m


Q7. Three persons A, B and C finished a piece of work. A worked at it for 5 days, B for 7 days and C for 9 days. The daily wages of A, B and C were in the proportion of 4 : 3 : 2 respectively and their total earning amounted to Rs. 118. What were the daily wages of B?

a)     Rs. 4
b)      Rs. 7
c)       Rs. 6
d)     Rs. 8

Q8. A truck carrying 6 dozen mangoes meets with an accident, as a result of which some mangoes get smashed and others remain intact. Which of the following options cannot be the ratio of smashed mangoes to intact mangoes?

a)        1 : 3
b)       5 : 7
c)        6 : 5
d)       11 : 7

Q9. The amount of work in a factory increased by 150%. By how much is it necessary to increase the number of workers if productivity had gone up by 25%?

a)     100%
b)      50%
c)       75%
d)     125%


Q10. The working efficiency of three persons A, 8 and C is in the ratio 1 : 3 : 5 and their wages in rupees per unit are in the ratio 3 : 5 : 7 per day respectively. A, B and C get Rs. 4,29,300, if they start the work together and finish the work together. How much amount will A get?

a)      Rs. 1,21,500    b) Rs. 1,43,100    c) Rs. 24,300   d) Rs. 2,83,500

Q11. A square is converted into a rectangle by increasing its length by 20 % and decreasing its width by 20%. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

a) Area of rectangle = Area of square
b) Area of rectangle = 96% of Area of square
c) Area of square = 96% of Area of rectangle
d) None of these

Q12. A begins business with Rs. 4200 and is joined by B afterwards with Rs. 7200. When did B join if the profits at the end of the year are divided equally?

a)    5 months hence
b)    7 months hence
c)     8 months hence
d)    None of these

Q13. Amrish borrowed Rs. 900 at 4% p.a. & Rs. 1100 at 5% p.a. for the same duration. He had to pay Rs. 364 in all as interest. The duration for which the money borrowed is

a)    2 years
b)    6 years
c)     4 years
d)    8 years

Q14. The amount obtained on Rs. 8000 at 5% p.a. for 3 years when interest is compounded yearly, is

a)    Rs. 9200
b)    Rs. 9261
c)     Rs. 8750
d)    Rs. 11296

Q15. A, B, C and D enter into a partnership. A subscribes 1/3 of the capital, B 1/4, C 1/5 and D the rest. The share of D in « profit of Rs. 2460 is

a)      Rs. 533
b)      Rs. 492
c)       Rs. 615
d)      Rs. 820

Q16. Ram, Tony and Khilona Singh entered into a partnership. Ram invested Rs. 6400 for 10 months, Tony invested Rs. 8100 for 8 months and Khiiona Singh invested Rs. 9200 for 6 months. The difference in share of Tony and Khilona Singh in a profit of Rs. 35259 is

a)      Rs. 1389.6
b)   Rs. 1686.3
c)   Rs. 153.3
d)   Rs. 1586

Q17. A sum of money is put at C.I. for 2 years at 20%. It would fetch Rs. 48.20 more if the interest were payable half yearly. The sum is

a)      Rs. 2500
b)      Rs. 1000
c)       Rs. 2000
d)      2000

Q18. Mahajan lent out Rs. 9 on the condition that the loan is payable in 10 months by 10 equal installments of Re. 1 each. The rate of interest per annum was

a)      26%
b)      10.66%
c)       12.33%
d)      None of these

Q19. What are the factors of 5450?

a)      8
b)     5
c)      7
d)     9

Q20. What is the unit’s digit of 3439^82^101?

a)      5
b)      8
c)       9
d)      1

Q21.  X=4,Y=5 Then find the difference between y^3-3x and x^3-3y?

a)      5
b)      25
c)       64
d)      34

Q22. Find the common factor of 625,45,360?

a)      1
b)      45
c)       5
d)      3

Q23. We have ab=104, a+b=21, find la-bl?

a)      5
b)      8
c)       11
d)      13

Q24. Triangles ABC and XYZ have equal angles (A=X,B=Y,C=Z). if side AB=5,side XY=7.5 and side BC=4, find side YZ?

a)      5.125
b)      9.375
c)       5
d)      6

Q25. Find s if t=5 and 9^t=27*3(s+2)?

a)      3
b)      4
c)       5
d)      6

Q26. In which year is the electricity produced from ‘other sources’ ,as a percentage of total electricity produced in that year,the highest?

a)      2007
b)      2009
c)       2010
d)      2011

Q27. The highest power of 3 that divides 101112131……………..6869 ?

a)      0
b)      47
c)       2
d)      1

Q28. In how many ways can a committee of five persons be formed from 6 men and 5 women, such that a committee have more men then women?

a)      281
b)      275
c)       265
d)      289

Q29. Find the remainder when [(1!)^3 + (2!)^3 + (3!)^3……………(20!)^3] divided by 1000?

a)      31
b)      41
c)       49
d)      61

Q30. The sum of the squares of lengths of a sides of a triangle is 72. If two of the medians of a triangle are perpendicular to each other, find the sum of squares of lengths of these medians

a)      24
b)      18
c)       27
d)      Cannot be determined


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13 Responses to CAT Sample Question Paper

  1. Ezra Malsawmtluanga says:

    a man spends 85% of his income, if his saving is rs 37.50. find his salary?

  2. ELITMUS Exam Preparation Tips - OurEdu BlogOurEdu Blog | Exam,coaching, schools,college ranking and Job information says:

    […] is similar to CAT exam. CAT sample papers and previous years paper can also be used for […]

  3. Rishu Goel says:

    A good practice paper for the preparation of the CAT exam…

  4. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    When we complete our bachelors degree in any specialzation and after if we want to move in any further education so MBA is the first word which in our mind so if we want to do MBA then we have to clear CAT exam if we want to take an admission in IIM universities and any TOP B-Schools. So in this article their is an sample paper regarding CAT exam and it will be really beneficial for CAT aspiriants.

  5. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    This is really very excellent post of those student who is looking for CAT. As we all know CAT is an India level exam so the pattern wants to know each and every aspirant. So this post helps to solve CAT level aptitude question. And this post helps to enhance practice and enhance knowledge.

  6. Priyanka Baidya says:

    CAT stands for Common Admission Test.
    Those who want to step into the world of management, this sample paper will help them to practice and obtain a good score in the examination and to full-fill their dream and can make a bright future in the world of management.

  7. diya mukherjee says:

    Helps MBA aspirants to learn from basics to simplify methods of calculation in order to save time.

  8. sumit mukherjee says:

    The best thing which covered by such papers, are the most number of variety questions. But adding some reasoning problem with the paper make it the perfect and the best test paper for students.

  9. akash tripathi says:

    Varied collection of questions for CAT . Quite productive for MBA aspirants.

  10. anamika tomar says:

    “Sample Papers” : the best way for the preparetion of any exam.

  11. barun kumar singh says:

    Having an over view of the CAT sample paper the question level was up to the mark as of the Common add test . Though this sample paper can be made better by adding question on English, verballed reasonings and passage question which has an equal importance as that of qualitative aptitude.

    • Urvashi says:

      i think if we practice such type of sample papers daily then we crack the CAT exam.
      this enhance our aptitude,reasoning skills and speed also

    • akash tripathi says:

      Varied collection of questions and upto the level of CAT exam. Quite productive for MBA aspirants.

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