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Sneh Ratna Choudhary 9:15 pm
  • Best Engineering Colleges in Guwahati

    Apr 19, 18 • 35 Views • education, Engineering, Engineering, General, Top CollegesNo Comments

    Engineering is a very popular career chosen by lakhs of Science students every year. There are several colleges coming up and those that have been around for years. Today, we will help you navigate and find the best engineering colleges in Guwahati. BEST

  • How to become a teacher abroad

    Apr 19, 18 • 36 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    Do you want to work as a teacher abroad? If yes, then you should know how you can fulfill your dream. First of all, you need to look for the countries that are facing lack of teachers in various subjects. These countries are also open for teachers from other

  • How to Study In Abroad

    Apr 19, 18 • 19 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    Many students want to study in abroad but due to lack of information or knowledge, they have to skip this plan. It is quite important to know all about the universities and colleges that have seats for an international school and also offer scholarship


    Apr 19, 18 • 15 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    If you have already decided to take TOEFL test, then you should better prepare to get good score. A good book can only make you able to take tests successfully. You will understand the test format, structure and different areas by reading these books. A book

  • TOP International scholarships

    Apr 19, 18 • 16 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    If you are looking for scholarship options then you can get helpful information in this guide.  World’s top universities offer scholarship options to international students. You can fulfill your dream to study at top universities abroad.  You can find

  • MS In Germany

    Apr 19, 18 • 29 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    Are you planning to study masters in Germany? Don’t you have idea about colleges or universities that you should choose for MS in Germany? Getting master’s degree from foreign universities can give the students an edge over the others in the job market as

  • Scope of Study in New Zealand

    Apr 18, 18 • 39 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    Do you want to study in New Zealand? Do you want to know all about jobs in New Zealand for Indians? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This country is a nice option for study, live and works. Many international students choose this place for

  • Best GMAT Books

    Apr 18, 18 • 31 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    Are you wondering how to prepare for GMAT? If yes, then this guide can help. As the GMAT test format has changed, the old preparation guides may not help the students crack the exam. So, students need the latest GMAT syllabus to score high marks in the new

  • Scope of Study in Ireland

    Apr 18, 18 • 23 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    Students opting to study abroad have several choices, but they need to make an informed decision that will help them flourish in their professional life. Man students now opt for Ireland as the destination to complete their studies. The rising number of

  • How to Prepare IELTS Vocabulary

    Apr 18, 18 • 27 Views • education, GeneralNo Comments

    IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This exam is designed to assess the language ability of candidates. In some countries where English language proficiency is must to get admission in universities and colleges qualifying this exam