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  • Tips to Write a Good Report ( Report Writing )

    Oct 19, 13 • 1526 Views • General, Group DiscussionNo Comments

    Report Writing is an essential skill required for every professionals, any working scholars and for students. An effective report of a project will give you all the information or idea  related to that project. In this section, we will help you to write a

  • General Topics for Group Discussion

    Aug 31, 13 • 100731 Views • Group Discussion15 Comments

    Group Discussion is the activity through which exchange of ideas and related opinion takes place for a particular topic. Now a day’s most of the companies are giving preference to make GD as their first choice before the personnel interviews. The reasons

  • UST Global Current GD Topics

    Aug 16, 13 • 14073 Views • Group Discussion3 Comments

    UST Global provides IT solutions that propel businesses forward, helping CIOs build the future for their organizations. Merging industry-specific expertise with trans-formative thinking, UST Global delivers market-defining solutions to Global thousand

  • Indian Premier League- Has cricket lost its essence?

    May 29, 13 • 6301 Views • Group Discussion3 Comments

    Indian Premier League-  Has cricket lost its essence?  Cricket is just a sport, but it is treated as a religion in India & some adjoining countries. The fact that every cricket match is followed by a huge fraction of the total population of the country

  • Criticism is Good

    May 28, 13 • 4093 Views • Group Discussion3 Comments

    CRITICISM IS GOOD According to me any criticism which is done in a healthy manner and without hurting one’s sentiments is what called as a good criticism. If can get improved or through criticism if some positive changes takes place in someone’s life then


    May 28, 13 • 3510 Views • Group Discussion3 Comments

    Group Discussion on BRAIN DRAIN Brain drain is large scale migration of people with technical skill and knowledge. Some of the reasons for brain drain are as follows- lack of opportunity and economic depression in their country and rich opportunity and higher

  • Central Bureau Of Investigation

    May 27, 13 • 1290 Views • Group Discussion4 Comments

    Central Bureau Of Investigation:How much credible is CBI? With the recent events that had taken place regarding the Railway Minister, Pawan Bansal’s involvement in the bribe; role of CBI has come under scrutiny. We all know they CBI is a central body

  • Factors Influencing Managerial Economics

    May 25, 13 • 6676 Views • Group Discussion7 Comments

    Factors Influencing Managerial Economics What is MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS? Managerial economics is basically applied in decision making. Managers, at an initial, make a particular decision to get a desired surplus or to reach the desired objective.It is the

  • Panic button of India

    May 6, 13 • 11 Views • Group DiscussionNo Comments

    Panic button of India India’s respect for democratic and secular values, by and large, has been the greatest factor for establishing its status as the future global leader. It has also made significant progress in almost all the areas of human activity,

  • Sarabjeet Singh Death- A Medium to Win Public Votes

    May 6, 13 • 4448 Views • Group Discussion6 Comments

    SARABJEET SINGH DEATH- A MEDIUM TO WIN PUBLIC VOTES Finally the story of a typical innocent subject of India “ SARABJEET SINGH ” concluded on 6th may 2013. The unhealthy luck that followed him 23 years past stayed with him until his death, however no