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  • Combustion And Its Related Numericals

    May 2, 13 • 1964 Views • Engineering Notes, General3 Comments

    COMBUSTION is widely described as the process of burning of fuel and oxidant to produce heat. Oxidants are the substances that cause to combine with Oxygen. The process of combustion includes thermal, hydrodynamic and chemical process. The process starts like

  • Octal To Binary Conversion

    May 1, 13 • 802 Views • General, Notes1 Comment

                                                                    OCTAL TO BINARY CONVERSION The octal system ( or oct for short ) is the base-8 positional numeral system. It uses the digits 0 to …

  • Depth First Search

    Apr 28, 13 • 1475 Views • General4 Comments

    Depth First Search Tree Traversal Traveling from the start node to find the target node, by visiting all the nodes only once with the available path(edge). Before we gonna know about DFS we need to know the basics of a tree stucture A tree is a hierarchical

  • CAT Question Paper – Quantitative Ability Questions

    Apr 25, 13 • 4586 Views • General1 Comment

      CAT Sample Question Paper CAT Sample Questions – Quantitative Ability Questions DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 6: Answer the questions independently of each other. 1.    The total cost of 2 pencils, 5 erasers and 7 sharpeners is Rs.30, while 3


    Apr 22, 13 • 2947 Views • General5 Comments

    ROBERT KENNNEDY COLLEGE             MBA has become a ultimate option for almost all gradutes.  Every graduate wish to pursue their MBA degree from abroad.  Zurich is one of the best places for doing post graduates. Robert kennedy college is one of the

  • INS MATRIC ENTRY Recruitment Exam Model Papers

    Apr 11, 13 • 2694 Views • General5 Comments

    indian navy exam model papers INDIAN NAVY SAILORS MATRIC ENTRY RECRUITMENT SCIENCE 1) Which of the following is a pseudo force? (A)Gravitational force (B)Centrifugal force (C)Electromagnetic force (D)Nuclear force 2) Action reaction forces act simultaneously:

  • Schools in the MARGAO city (GOA)

    Apr 7, 13 • 1766 Views • GeneralNo Comments

    Schools in MARGAO city (GOA) Marmagao or Mormugão is a city and a municipal council in South Goa district in the Indian state of Goa. It is Goa’s main port.It has an average elevation of 2 metres (7 feet). As of 2001 India census, Mormugão had a

  • Sample Paper for Distributed Operating System

    Apr 7, 13 • 3085 Views • General5 Comments

    Distributed Operating System PAPER : CSE-440 Note: Attempt any five questions. 1. What do you mean by Distributed operating system?Write motivation factor of distributed operating system. Ans: A distributed operating system is a software over a


    Apr 7, 13 • 765 Views • General8 Comments

    MADRAS MEDICAL COLLEGE Madras Medical College (M.M.C) is located at Park town in Chennai. This esteemed is guided by the dynamic personalities which work day and night to take the college to the different level. It is headed by the personalities like Dean

  • Telecommunication and its evolution

    Apr 7, 13 • 3465 Views • General, Notes3 Comments

    The World seems to be shrinking thanks to modern telecommunications,which unables us to send messages across the globe in an instant. Telecommunication is the use of technology to send and receive information -such as speech,music,pictures and documents-over